White Party Palm Springs 2017

Spring has sprung and so have the boys/men of White Party Palm Springs 2017 (WPPS2017 for those in the know). An annual event of legendary proportions, this bastion of sun and fun is an infamous escape for those of us in the snowy white tundra of Canadia and for international partiers all over in search of an amazing time.

May is approaching and short of setting an alarm to call your mother on the 14th to tell her you love her, this is the only other event you need to concern yourself with. Starting May 5th and going right through until the wee hours of the 8th, in California, Palm Springs, WPPS2017 has a swath of celebs, DJs, themed events, rides (get your mind of the gutter), and most importantly MEN to keep you thoroughly entertained.

Splash: Dive In!

Friday, May 5th from 12PM – 6PM. Renaissance Pool

Get to this party to learn the lay of the land at at the Renaissance Pool at the weekend’s host: the (wait for it) Renaissance Hotel. Even if you’re not staying at the host hotel all weekend, you will be here A LOT so arriving day one to scope out where the good bar is and finding which chair gets optimal tanning sun is key. The first event of the weekend is when everyone looks their absolute best as well so it’s good to show off all that starving and protein binging tout suite. It’ll be the most relaxed point of your weekend as well so just think of it as pre-craziness R&R. Consider bringing a waterproof camera for hilarious underwater shots- my best friend and I still laugh at the videos we took of each other at this huge pool space. DJ Phil B will be in charge of music and you’ll be in and out of the water all afternoon as you start to narrow down exactly who you’ll be talking to come that night.

Papa Party

Friday, May 5th from 10PM – 5AM. Renaissance Event Center

Can I just say Eliad Cohen and you’ll attend? The event promoters undertitle this event as: “Leather, Sweat, & Sex”. First of all, that they remembered to include an oxford comma is MAYBE the hottest thing I can think of. Second, even I, in all my anti-porn star ranting can agree that Mr. Cohen is one gorgeous fucking man. Can only imagine what he has planned in terms of entertaining the crowd, but given his experience, you know it’s going to be better than a juggling act. DJs Tomo Woodland and Isaac Escalante are playing you into the late hours of this hot event and you couldn’t be in better hands. Having been to an all night before where Isaac DJ’d, I know that this deep and dark event is the perfect match. Personally, I’m excited that they’ve taken the first night in such a sexy direction: let’s be honest about what we’re here for and revel in it. But, don’t go blowing your entire wad too early: this is just day one!

Splash: Addicted to Boys

Saturday, May 6th from 10AM – 7PM. Renaissance Pool

I think we’ve all seen our fair share of hot Addicted brand speedos around the water, and this is your chance to meet the men of the brand up close and very personally. Take two at the pool party is a full out affair with the Addicted models doing a runway show of the latest swimwear line. Rejuvenate and rediscover light and the sun post last night’s debaucherous fun at the pool as DJ Bret Law and DJ/Producer duo Grind & Toy: enjoy their music or just stare at these studs, it’s going to be a hot party. Take a look at the WPPS page for some fashion inspiration or just to get excited about how many insanely handsome men you’ll be introduced to.

Restorative Yoga Class

Saturday, May 6th at 10:30AM. Convention Center East Lawn

It can’t all be booze and buns… well, actually, this will definitely have some good buns. Returning to the event lineup is yoga with Yogi Master Francisco Ramos. Featuring warrior yoga, you’ll get exercise in stretching and strength training… you’ll need both given upcoming events so consider dropping by! Complimentary and right at the host hotel there’s no reason not to get limber: check out the video of last year’s group!

White Party

Saturday, May 6th from 10PM – 5AM. Palm Springs Convention Center

White Party goes Military this year and I couldn’t be happier. Often times I’m stretched to reason buying a white pair of jeans to fit in colour wise, but this is the perfect excuse to match fetish with sexy- all in white. One of the biggest events of the damn year in the USofA, the White Party brings together huge DJs and even bigger performance talent all to one giant stage. Maya Simantov of “Everybody Needs a Man” will be giving a special performance, and if you don’t know that song, you’ve never been to a party in your damn life, I feel fully confident to say that right now. You will probably hear 10,000 men chanting that hook as you sway to and fro in your prim, white, military frocks! Don’t miss DJs Dan Slater, Suri, and Aron who take over this night and keep you going until 5AM.

Climax: Afterhours

Saturday (night), May 6th (7th) from 4AM – 8AM. Renaissance Event Center

Flying in some international talent, WPPS2017 is hosting DJ Tom Stephan of London, England for his WP debut so you should be there to say hey to him 😉 . Yet another gorgeous DJ, he’ll make sure that you finally get to act out a couple of the fantasies you’ve had brewing up since that first pool party. The afterhours are what separate the boys from the men: and I like men, so I can’t recommend this event enough. Smiles, sweat, and sexy men are the three constants of this event and you’ll have them all in spades this year- I guarantee it.

Splash: One Day in Heaven

Sunday, May 7th from 10PM – 4PM. Renaissance Pool

Have you been to Heaven nightclub in London? Go if you haven’t. If you can’t book a trip there in the next couple weeks, then make god damn sure you attend this pool party. Touting all new lighting, amenities, and stages at the Renaissance Pool, WPPS is hoping to transport you to the iconic UK hotspot and I am excited to see what they have in store. Favourite, DJ Wayne G is leading this final poolside event so do not miss out.


Sunday, May 7th from 3PM – 10PM. White Party Park

Appreciating that the Saturday night White Party is “the” party, I have to argue that this is THE party. In the big ol’ backyard of the Renaissance, this event TAKES OVER Palm Springs. With its gigantic ferris wheel and fireworks display, you are able to see (and hear) this event for MILES: and lucky them cause it’s a freakin’ show and a half. This outdoor event sports everything from guys in skimpy underwear and nothing else to full on drag and costumes that have been worked on for months. I have friends from LA who drive in for this event alone just to take part in this epic afternoon. DJ Abel and Dj Ralphi Rosario will not disappoint and will have you dancing for hours on end. The performances are always brilliant and this year will be entertained by the one and only Belinda Carlisle. You party from sun up to sun down and get to experience desert beauty at its best. I can’t say enough good things about this afternoon party so please just go and trust me you’ll love it.

Closing Party: Showboys

Sunday, May 8th from 10PM – 8AM. Renaissance Event Center

Have you heard of WE Party?? If not check out their website to understand what you’re in store for come this final event. If you HAVE heard of them, you’ll know that this is going to be one for the ages. Direct from Madrid, this company is taking over the closing party with DJ Binomio and DJ Danny Verde. This final chance to dance up your weekend crush will bring in all new and WE Party unique staging, lighting, and production. It’ll be like stepping into a european circuit without having to get your passport stamped. Save up some energy for this one as it goes until 8AM and trust me- this event will stay busy until that final minute. See you there!

Thanks to Jeffrey Sanker for setting up yet another brilliant weekend of talent and fun: you do not want to miss it.

Tickets and event details can be found here at their website. ENJOY!!