2017 Ripped & Stripped Calendar

Eight lads were sent to Dorset for the weekend of a lifetime at a lavish manor. There was only only stipulation. They had to spend the entire duration of the trip naked. Sounds a little creepy and shady, but whatever. If they’re up for it, more power to them.

From swimming to playing tennis and even playing giant Jenga, the boys let it all hang out, leaving nothing to the imagination. All the debauchery was documented for the Ripped & Stripped 2017 calendar and accompanying behind-the-scenes video.

It appears the actual calendar comes with their naughty bits all covered up. However, if you rub the desired area like a scratch and win lottery ticket, all is revealed. Gotta work hard for the goods, right?

Sadly though, the calendar is sold out. However, you can still check out the preview pics and video below. Enjoy and have a safe New Year’s Eve celebration tonight.

2017 Ripped & Stripped Calendar BTS

For more info, head over to the official website.