‘2016: The Movie’ Is A Frightening Parody Of The Year’s Events

Almost universally, people agree this year has sucked major balls. I can’t recall a time when the general masses have looked forward so much to the new year, as they do right now. 2016 can’t go away any faster.

YouTube user Friend Dog Studios brilliantly filmed a parody titled “2016: The Movie.” The clip brilliantly recaps some of the year’s most terrifying moments including Brexit, Harambe getting shot, smartphones blowing up, celebrity deaths and the most frightening of them all… Donald Trump. Somehow, even the mannequin challenge worked its way in. Surprisingly though, those killer clowns are nowhere to be found.

Check out the trailer below which begins with a couple innocently ringing in 2016 unaware of the horror the year will bring. The clip also includes the creepiest rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” ever!!!

2016: The Movie (Trailer)