James Bond Escorts The Queen To The Opening Ceremonies

After so much anticipation, the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games have finally taking place marking the beginning of the competitions in London. The ceremonies took place in the evening in London and I watched it live here Friday afternoon in Vancouver by way of an online stream (I heard this wasn’t available in the U.S. unfortunately).

The ceremonies kicked off with the sexy David Beckham riding in a speedboat to the stadium, delivering the torch to the big event and an eagerly awaiting worldwide audience. How surreal that must have been! I reminded me of when Wayne Gretzky did that at the Winter Games in 2010. Shortly after, we see a pre-taped video of James Bond (Daniel Craig) escorting The Queen to the games. It was brilliant. After picking her up at the castle (with a special cameo by the two corgis) , they take a helicopter through London before parachuting into the stadium. The audience is then introduced to Her Majesty.

I am a little biased because I participated in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies and that it was in my home city, but I found the ceremonies a little boring. I found it a little too Storybook/TV/Movie-heavy. There were obviously parts I loved and it was of course well done, but it wasn’t what I expected. Anyway, I LOVED the James Bond & Queen intro and of course Beckham on the boat so rewatch those segments below should you desire!

James Bond & The Queen – Opening Ceremonies

David Beckham – Opening Ceremonies

  • Jay

    Those two segments you included are the only parts I enjoyed, I thought most of the other parts of the opening ceremony to be boring and underwhelming.

  • JC

    It was very English, which I thought was a wonderful tribute to the UK.

    As well, the singing of Abide with Me was very moving.

  • CT

    You’re right, this was one of the most boring Opening Ceremonies I could think of, and it definately didn’t come close to topping the Beijing one, with its 2,008 drummers. Plus the lightning of the Torch was pretty lackluster. I’m sure the Brazilians will put on a great show in 2016, its home to Carnivale.