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Zendaya Quits Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic

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Just two weeks after revealing Zendaya Coleman had been tapped to play Aaliyah in an upcoming biopic, Lifetime Network confirms their leading lady has quit the project. The moment Zendaya was attached to Aaliyah: Princess of R&B, controversy surrounded the production. Some fans felt Coleman wasn’t “black enough.” The bi-racial actress responded to critics by speaking to TMZ.

“A lot of people say I’m not black enough. Half black is just enough. ?It doesn’t matter what color you are, it’s about how you portray the character. For those that don’t know, Angela Bassett and Tina Turner, they look nothing alike but she was that character so I think that’s what it’s all about.”

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Lifetime Picks Zendaya To Star In Aaliyah Biopic

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Whitney Houston isn’t the only R&B singer’s life Lifetime plans on telling in an upcoming biopic. The network announced today Aaliyah’s short-lived career is also heading to the small screen.

Based off Christopher Farley’s bestselling biography Aaliyah: More Than a Woman, the project is tentatively titled Aaliyah: Princess of R&B. Surprisingly, it’s the first biopic about the 22-year-old phenom who tragically died in a plane crash in the 90s.

While an ANTM model was tapped to play Houston, a singer-actress has been plucked to play the “Try Again” singer. Zendaya Coleman, star of Disney Channel’s Shake It Up!, will put her acting and singing skills on display for the role. Coleman also appeared on the 16th season of Dancing With The Stars where she just missed winning and placed runner-up to Kellie Pickler. Lifetime plans to air the original movie sometime this Fall. Read the official press release below. Be sure to also check out my five favorite Aaliyah tracks here.

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Zendaya Debuts ‘My Baby’ Music Video

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As far as Disney stars of this generation go, Zendaya is my favorite. She proved with her debut single, “Replay,” that she’s not satisfied going the safe bubble gum pop route. The 17-year-old singer has some serious swagger and isn’t afraid to show it. The track became a Top 40 hit and even higher on the dance charts. Her follow-up shows a different side but is equally as infectious.

“I want to do rhythmic pop, it’s not necessarily your average pop song. It has some kind of urban edge, some kind of more hip-hop-ish tones to it that kind of edge it up and do something a little different so it’s not just your stereotypical pop music.” – Zendaya

Even though she’s previously denied it, it appears “My Baby” is her official second single off her self-titled debut LP. Why else would she debut a music video? The Stephen Garnett-directed clip features cameos from Too Short and Christina Milian and shows a grittier side of the promising pop star. Check out the clip below.

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I’ve been playing the Ralphi Rosario dance remix of “Replay” nonstop the second I heard it. It’s probably my most-played track whenever I’m on the treadmill. Can’t get enough of it. Sadly, I haven’t heard it on the dance floor (yet). If it does, I’m definitely throwing down some of the dance moves Zendaya executes in her just-released music video. She’s giving me early Ciara and even Janet Jackson “Pleasure Principle” era.

Mark my words, this chick is going to be the next crossover Disney superstar following Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus’ footsteps. With her day job officially kaput (Shake It Up was canceled), expect Zendaya to forge ahead with her recording career full force. Check out the swaggerific clip below.

watch the music video

The second I heard Zendaya’s debut effort, “Replay,” I’ve been hooked. It’s been on repeat nonstop since. No lie. I love the fact the Disney star went with a slick jam with an infectious electro-R&B beat instead of a bubblegum pop ditty like her Nickelodeon counterpart, Victoria Justice.

The only thing that could make “Replay” hotter is a sexy dance remix. The 16-year-old delivers not just one, but several. A remix package available July 23 features remixes by Ralphi Rosario, Jason Nevins, It’s The Kue, Belanger, Riddler and Jump Smokers. The Rosario and Jump Smokers remixes are beyond sick and my favorites of the bunch. Definitely club anthems in the making.

In addition to the remixes, she debuted an official lyric video for “Replay.” Zendaya went retro and used old mixtapes as the canvas for the song’s lyrics. I can’t wait for the music video to drop which she filmed last month. She enlisted award-winning director Colin Tilley (Justin Timberlake, Usher) and choreographer Ian Eastwood for the visual. I have no doubt it’s going to be a hot one. In the meantime, check out the wicked dance remixes and lyric clip below.

check out the remixes and lyric video after the jump

Prior to her stint on Dancing With The Stars, I had no clue who the eff Zendaya was. Most likely due to the fact I’m not a tween with a subscription to the Disney Channel. But since she was paired up with my favorite DWTS pro, Val Chmerkovskiy, I thought I’d give her a chance. Unlike her Disney buddies on the reality competition, I actually quite liked her and she quickly waltzed into my heart with her kickass performances. After hearing her debut single, I’m officially a fan or as they like to call themselves… a zswagger.

Zendaya is the latest Disney pop princess torchbearer. Unlike her predecessors, her first single is much grittier and urban than I would’ve expected. While I love Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez now, their first tracks were way too bubblegum pop for my liking.

As the lyrics state, “Replay” is so good, I have to put it on replay. Produced by Mick Shuultz and written by Tiffany Fred and Paul “Phamous” Shelton, “Replay” is a slick pop jam with an infectious electro-R&B beat and supremely catchy chorus. I can’t wait to see what else Zendaya has in store for us on her debut album. Can’t wait for the music video to drop. This hot track deserves an epic clip. Check it out below.

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Since I recapped the premiere of Dancing With The Stars Season 16, I thought I’d bookend the season by quickly discussing the finale. Another reason I wanted to write this post was to publicly pat myself on the back for doing a pretty good job with my pre-season predictions.

With exception to Dorothy Hamill (how was I supposed to know she’d injure herself week two?), I correctly guessed the first five eliminations. In addition, two of Season 16′s finalists were in my predicted Final 3. My track record with DWTS was a million times better than American Idol this season and I don’t even recap the dancing competition. Enough stroking my ego, let’s get to the results.

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DWTS Season 16: Week 1 Performances

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After watching the season premiere of Dancing With The Stars, I feel content with the predictions I made prior to the first telecast. Most of the celebrities performed as I thought they would with a couple notable exceptions. Both Andy Dick and Wynonna Judd impressed and entertained with their debut performances. That said, I still think they’re going to be eliminated within the first five weeks.

The stars had to dance either a cha cha cha, a foxtrot or a contemporary on the first night. With no results show until Tuesday, March 26, all of them get a second chance to impress viewers next Monday. Check out all the performances below and find out which ones were my three favorites and worst pick.

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