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On tonight’s episode of Project Runway, Jesse Tyler Ferguson not only acts as guest judge but also is an integral part of the challenge. The Modern Family actor is on hand to pimp out bowties from his Tie The Knot collection. Shilling his product isn’t completely self-serving. Proceeds from the sale of the neckwear benefit marriage equality. Side note: the episode was filmed before Ferguson married his partner Justin Mikita.

During the runway critique, one particular contestant gets emotional. Not because the judges are ripping apart his design. On the contrary they love it. I do as well. Rather, it’s due to the challenge’s theme. Out of nowhere, Brandon McDonald decides to propose to his boyfriend of 18 years Josh.

Watching judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Ferguson clutching their imaginary pearls is priceless. Total saps 😉 Heidi Klum also gets swept up in the touching moment and offers to become a bridesmaid for the newly-engaged couple. Check out the clip below.

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Hindsight is 20/20 and that couldn’t be more applicable than to fashion choices. There’s nothing worse than looking at old photos and saying WTF was I thinking putting on that heinous thing. It’s even more magnified for celebs because all their fashion missteps are documented on the internet forever. Like US magazine says… stars, they’re just like us 😉

Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed her worst Oscar red carpet moments. If you have a great memory, I’m pretty sure you can figure out what one of her least flattering looks is. Remember back in 2002 when Gwynnie decided to go all goth on us in Alexander McQueen. The raccoon eyes, side braid and the lack of a bra all came together for a God awful look. Paltrow still maintains she likes the dress, but just wishes she had worn less makeup, simple beachy hair and of course… a bra. Find out what her other fashion faux pas is below. PS. It’s not that Ralph Lauren pink dress she wore when she won her Oscar for Shakespeare In Love.

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Project Runway Is Now A Team Sport

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The backstabbing and drama will reach new levels when Project Runway returns for its eleventh season. For the first time in the show’s history, the contestants will be competiting as teams instead of individuals for every challenge. Personally, I think this twist sucks. If you watched Bravo’s lame attempt to duplicate the designing show, you know that The Fashion Show sucked big time. That’s even with the wonderfully snippy Iman as host and head judge.

With that being said, I’m still going to watch it to see Zac Posen’s debut as Michael Kors’ replacement. Based on the newly-released promo, I’m not too optimistic about his addition. I adore Posen but there’s only one short snippet of him in the promo. If his critiques were as hilariously cutting as Kors, I’m sure the network would’ve included a short montage of his best one-liners. Check out the new promo below.

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Michael Kors Bids Auf Wiedersehen To Project Runway

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Say it isn’t so. Michael Kors is my FAVORITE judge on Project Runway. He simply cannot leave. Who else is going to give such memorable one-liners as “Her drag name would be Origami Rose” or “She looks like a pole dancer in Dubai.”? No matter how much I’m in denial, Kors’ departure is a done deal. The designer won’t be a part of Season 11 of Project Runway.

If you think there’s drama behind this, you’ll be disappointed. Reportedly, it was his busy schedule that kept him from signing on as a full-time judge for the next season. Lifetime revealed in a statement that Michael will return to help judge the finale. At least, we’ll have that.

As if Kors leaving wasn’t bad enough, there is another change coming that I’m not excited about in the least. For the first time on Project Runway, the designers will compete as teams and not as individuals. Boo, this is starting to sound like Bravo’s The Fashion Show. Remember their lame attempt to replace Project Runway when Harvey Weinstein moved his show to Lifetime? UGH. Find out who Kors’ replacement is below.

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The hours are counting down and for some of you, you’ve already rang in the New Year. To those of you who have done so, don’t tell us the future. For those of us in the Western Hemisphere who are still awaiting midnight, we have a few drink recipes to share with you if you’re still looking for that last minute addition to your house party.

To warm up your guests, serve them the EFFEN® Savory cocktail. Recently served exclusively at Zac Posen’s Holiday Party, Zac stated that “the EFFEN Savory was a clean and chic cocktail – it was a great way to celebrate in style with my friends and studio family.” The party may have been exclusive (so exclusive we weren’t even invited…) BUT we were fortunate enough to get the recipe to share with you.

To switch up the tradition of toasting champagne when the clock strikes twelve, mix it up by handing out the Basil Hayden’s® Apple Bubbly. It’s the easiest mixed drink you’ll make all night. Plus, it’s garnished with an apple slice. Who doesn’t love that? Check out this delicious recipes below.

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Celebrate National Vodka Day With EFFEN Vodka

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Hands up if you knew it was National Vodka Day today? Certainly not me. I had no idea that it was today, let alone a specific day dedicated to vodka. Thankfully, our friends over at EFFEN Vodka informed us of this very special day. LOL. They sent over three drink recipes that will guarantee you celebrate this day with style and flair. Who doesn’t love a delicious cocktail mid-week right?

Not only, am I a big fan of EFFEN, but the premium vodka brand has won over some big names in the fashion industry. Several world renowned designers including Phillip Lim and Zac Posen have sung the spirit’s praises.

“EFFEN Cucumber Vodka is so smooth.  It’s definitely our new favorite with a Bloody Mary!” – Bespoken

“EFFEN Vodka, tastes as good as it looks in the bottle!” – Phillip Lim

“EFFEN curated a delicious Z’tini cocktail inspired by my collection!” – Zac Posen

Their endorsements have inspired EFFEN Vodka to create three drink recipes in their honor. Check out the tasty libations below. Cheers.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Ann was finally dethroned as Queen Wannabe. After five consecutive first photos, she lost because she was less of a man than Liz. Seriously. How did Liz become the first girl to knock Queen Ann of Tyrantsylvania off the top? Isn’t she the same girl that Mr. Jay has been bitching about all cycle long? How did that happen? Oh right… she got to fugly it up as John Galiano. Gurl, you win ‘cause you’re a man. How’s that for a compliment! Can Ann bounce back? Will this year’s twist be tucks for all the dumbo ears flying around? I’m looking at you Esther! Who will be eliminated tonight?

OMG. Did anyone watch Modern Family tonight? I died. Mitchell in the SpiderMan suit! Epic. Oh… and while we’re off topic… is anyone watching Nikita? I’m loving it. I kinda wish Nikita still had that hot super spy guy tied to her bed. He was hot. Nice undies too. Now back to our regularly scheduled CW crap fest that we can’t live without.

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ANTM Cycle 15: Episode 8 Preview Pics

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How shocked were you that Kendal was eliminated last episode? And more so, how shocking was it that Liz was named top pic. Five weeks in a row for Ann, and then Liz. BWHAHAHA. With only seven models remaining in the competition, one girl will just miss out on the Final Six, but more importantly they won’t make the overseas trip. That’s gotta suck.

The uberly talented Zac Posen pops in for this episode. Not only is he a guest judge, but he comes baring gifts. The girls will be modeling his FALL 2010 collection for a runway show. I’m hoping Liz gets the cut this week, she’s the only one left that irritates me. Sadly I think the dreaded “no personality” will auf either my favorite Jane or Esther.

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