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Willam is back with another track – this time with the help of Latrice Royale. The two Drag Race alum are accompanied by countless Andrew Christian underwear models as they sing, “Thick Thighs make the d*ck rise.” Willam adds, “It’s a meal, not a snack… can I get a holla back?!”

The song has a pretty catchy beat and of course has the hilarious lyrics we’ve come to expect with these videos. Check it out below (warning: it will get stuck in your head).

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Max’s Underpants is quickly becoming my favorite YouTube web series. A weekly dose of model Max Emerson is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

The 26-year-old underwear sensation is back to share more tips with aspiring underwear models. It was all about camouflaging visible penis lines previously. This time, it’s about working with straight models. Like how not to get a boner when your genitalia is rubbing up on them and other insightful tidbits.

Check out the latest episode below which features the not-so-straight openly-gay Colby Melvin and Willam Belli.

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Why on earth would anyone want to camouflage a penis line? That’s almost sacrilegious. But apparently underwear industry standards dictate otherwise.

Instagram star and fashion model Max Emerson says a visible shaft or hint of a scrotum is a big no no in the male modeling industry. With the assistance of RuPaul alum Willam Belli, they demonstrate how the experts hid their manhood in skimpy underwear.

The video is the first of seven episodes of Emerson’s new web series, Max’s Underpants. Check out the premiere below and watch Belli fondling Emerson. Lucky bitch 😉

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Willam Teaches Porn Stars How To Bottom

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If anyone is qualified to give bottoming tips, it’s Willam Belli. Doesn’t the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum just scream power bottom? I’m sure she’s had her hole on several poles 😉

In a video to promote their upcoming porn title, Next Door Buddies teams up with Willam to show their stable of boys the ins and outs of bottoming. The clip starts out with Belli singing about the joys of the sexual act and then it segues into a classroom setting. If you want to bypass the music video portion, go directly to the 2:25 mark. Watch Jaxon Colt, Brandon Bronco, Cole Christiansen, Slate Steele, Dante Martin & Austin Storm “take in” all of Willam’s wisdom. If you want to see the full uncensored version, it’ll be live on September 12 on their website.

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Yes, I’m aware what date it is. Yes I know when TO Pride was. But after waking up in a wheelbarrow in Tijuana it took me a while to find my way home. But actually Toronto Pride was a little like that this year.

I was thinking of calling this “Toronto Pride 2013: Sea of Tears” after Willam didn’t show for the weekend, but then it really did feel like the Pride that “Never Ended” because he did in fact show up the weekend after. Okay, let’s back track.

Pride Thursday I didn’t get a chance to go to the Green Space at the 519 and see Jinkx Monsoon perform. The crowd apparently was unreal, the show great, but being a little disappointed I bucked up and moved on because it was Pride, and this was the Pride when everything just worked out for me as you’ll see. I had a great time at Fly later that Thursday for Prism’s College party, and if you’re not a circuit queen, this is the Prism party to go to next year. Every age and shape shows and has a great time, the music is dece, it’s a Thursday and there’s still a great party, so there’s that. And the great thing is Shangela killed it on stage. Went to meet a friend for a cocktail upstairs though, and lo-and-behold there was Jinkx sittin’ pretty anyways, so got to have a bevvy with her after missing the show and she was an absolute dream and a truly lovely person. Nic – 1. Highlight of the night was having Shangela throw, literally throw me her phone in a panic and yell the password at me, and then tell me to bolt for the balcony to film her on stage because no one had been assigned to. I’ve never been so panicked! She may be 4 feet tall, but she gets what she wants with that voice! The footage was gotten.

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Homorazzi Toronto Pride 2013 Picks

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Pride week has kicked off here in Toronto this week and Church-Wellesley Village and beyond is on fire right now. Just driving or walking down the streets, you can feel the frequency the city is vibrating at. Although I’m sure we’ll be stopping in for a beer at Woody’s and a drink at Crew’s this week here and there, here’s a little pick of what’s different and going on around the city. Whether you’re staying central, or partying West, these should be a blast and make it feel like Pride.

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