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The dawn of a new era for The View is here. Gone are Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar. Stepping in to join the three ring circus is blond funny lady Jenny McCarthy. ABC just released the first promo pics for the daytime talk show’s upcoming 17th season featuring its new addition. Judging by first impression, it appears she fits in just perfectly.

Already, she’s fooling around with Sherri Shepherd and poking fun at Barbara Walters. Why there isn’t a photo of Whoopi with Jenny is interesting? Are they already not getting along? Probably not the case, but it is interesting why a promo photo with just the two of them is missing. McCarthy makes her debut as an official host on September 9. Check out the promo photos below.

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Technically, the 30th anniversary of Cyndi Lauper’s iconic hit “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” isn’t until September 6th. That’s when the single was officially released thirty years ago. Fans of the pop classic decided to get a jump on things and film a lip dub, most likely to celebrate Lauper’s first Tony Award nomination for Kinky Boots. The musical’s signature boots prominently pop up in the homage as famous and not-so-famous individuals lip sync to the track.

A few of the notable people appearing in the video are Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Kelly Ripa, Katie Couric, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford. In other words, pretty much any woman who’s had a daytime talk show. Other “girls” having fun include the cast of Kinky Boots, Chicago, Annie, The Lion King and other Broadway hits. The most surprising cameo is from RHONY’s Luann De Lesseps. How in the world did she snag a spot in the clip. Check out the video below.

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Who’s Leaving The View?

In: Donovan, TV Shows

I’m truly flabbergasted. I never expected this from this woman. is reporting that one of the ladies is leaving when her contract expires in August. When the site talked to this co-host, she revealed she was leaving to focus on other projects. ABC released a statement stating this woman was instrumental in the success of The View and said the following.

“We wish her all the best in this next chapter, and are thrilled that we have her for the remainder of the season.” – ABC

With Barbara Walters reportedly scaling back her involvement on the show, and this co-host leaving, the panel is definitely going to look quite differently when the ABC daytime talk show returns for a 17th season in September. Find out who’s leaving below.

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Attention all Trekkies and blooper-lovers: The Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray has just been released, and included in its special features is a brand-new gag reel that has never been released before and it’s absolutely hilarious.

With Whoopi Goldberg (who plays Guinan) forgetting her lines, Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) in some sexy poses, Worf (Michael Dorn) continuously messing up his lines, and countless scenes where the cast can’t help but burst into laughter.

The new Blu-Ray also includes brand-new documentaries featuring all new cast and crew interviews, original episodic promos, TNG 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion, deleted scenes, and more. Watch the Season 2 outtakes below. I’ve also included the Season 1 gag reel, although it’s not in HD like Season 2 is.

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Which “View” Chatter Is Heading To “Glee”?

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Looks like someone from ABC’s daytime chat fest is heading over to Lima, Ohio. According to, one of the ladies will not only guest star on “Glee” but will yield tremendous power on the future of a couple of characters. She will be deciding the fate of two senior’s post graduation plans to attend a certain school.

The character named Carmen Tibideaux is a professor at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts aka NYADA. Carmen heads over to Ohio to judge Kurt and Rachel’s auditions to enter the esteemed school. Reports say that this “View” chatter will appear in a minimum of three episodes during May sweeps. Have any idea, who’ll it be?

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Movie Review: The Color Purple

In: Dan, Movies

A few months ago I reviewed the novel, The Color Purple by Alice Walker, and was incredibly moved by the tale. The book and movie set was a Christmas gift from fellow cast member, Alex, and I vowed to read and watch both and witness the magic that he has consistently preached every time we were together in the same room. I’ll admit, I was dragging my heels on the movie as I loved the book to an unnatural obsession and have been recommending it myself to anyone who will listen, and I was worried about Steven Spielberg’s ability to adapt this fantastic piece of literature for the big screen. With that said, Alex assured me that the movie stayed incredibly true to the original novel’s storyline, and that our home girl Oprah Winfrey’s performance would shatter all preconceived ideas around her abilities as an actress.

May I be the first to say this, Alex, you were one hundred per cent correct. Oprah’s performance was simply the tip of the iceberg for this movie! Whoopi Goldberg had her breakout, Golden Globe-winning performance in the 1985 Oscar® nominated film, directed by Steven Spielberg. The cast was pieced together to create the incredible ensemble, and I truly believe each actor perfectly embodied their characters. As previously mentioned, Oprah Winfrey tackled her first feature film acting role in this film, portraying Sofia, married to Harpo (her name backwards – as if the fate wasn’t predetermined for this role). If you’ve read the book, then you’re well aware of how extremely poignant and demanding this character is to the storyline, and Oprah Winfrey nailed it! I couldn’t believe her ability to transcend and grow with her character and she aged through the years. There is one scene near the end of the film with nearly the entire cast seated around the dining room table to share what would end up being one of their last meals together, and Oprah absolutely stole the scene. I completely agree with her Academy Award® nomination for this portrayal.

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Not that I take pleasure in other people’s misery, but watching Paris Hilton get a dose of “reality” is an exception to that rule. The Hilton heiress hasn’t had a great few months. From her drug possession arrest in Vegas to her being kicked out of Japan, the former “Simple Life” reality star has been forced to eat a healthy portion of humble pie. It hasn’t been easy for her to watch former BFF, Kim Kardashian, take her crown as the most popular former amateur sex tape star turned useless reality star.

Hilton created and perfected the art form that is “famous for being famous“. I’ve never really gotten the fascination with her, and glad people are starting to tire of her. Hopefully, Kardashian’s fans soon follow suit. One can only hope. Last week, Hilton was on talk show circuit, heavily promoting her new reality show on Oxygen, “The World According To Paris“. One of the stops included a public beat down from a few ladies on “The View”. I’ll get to that later.

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If you ever had any trepidation about James Franco and Anne Hathaway co-hosting the 83rd Academy Awards, you can squash them immediately. As the countdown to this year’s telecast kicks into high gear, ABC released two video clips promoting Hollywood’s biggest night. Franco and Hathaway step in for Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin who did an excellent job hosting last year’s show. As a side note, Hathaway is the first woman to host the ceremonies since Ellen DeGeneres did in 2006. Whoopi Goldberg being the other female to hold the big job.

Besides breathing some much needed youth to the show, judging by the promos the dynamic duo will be serving a healthy dose of hilarity. Their chemistry is undeniably deliciously captivating. In the first promo, the two train for any unexpected incidents that might occur on live TV, including a wardrobe malfunction. In the second clip, the two flub their lines. Watch both videos below.

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