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This past weekend, Adam and I attended the 24th Annual White Party in Palm Springs, put on by Jeffrey Sanker. Aside from the amazing weather and sexy boys, one of things I love most about White Party are all of the amazing artists that perform. On Sunday night, an artist named K. Rose performed and I was not prepared for what I was about to see.

K. Rose is currently with Epidemic Music (super-producers of Cool & Dre). The singer/dancer performed her two singles, “Sleep When I’m Dead” and “A Voi E A Me’ (You and I),” as well as a teaser for an upcoming single called “Boo-G-Girl.” Her songs are hot, her dance moves are sick, and she’s definitely has the look. Seeing her perform, I felt like she was the total package and I literally got chills as if I was witnessing a star being born. I even looked around and noticed people’s jaws dropped and one guy beside me kept repeating, “Oh. My. God….” LOL.

Check out the music videos for her two singles, as well as my video footage from her performance at White Party so you can get an idea of how full out she was. I had the opportunity to meet her backstage after and she was so sweet. Enjoy!

Music videos & White Party performance after the jump…

White Party Palm Springs 2013 was everything we wanted. Period.

Patrick and I attended WPPS (as the “kids” in the know quickly informed me is what White Party Palm Springs is referred to as) over this past Easter long weekend and barely survived we had that much fun. Stepping from 55 Fahrenheit and overcast in Vancouver to blue skies and 85-90 degrees in beautiful Palm Springs, California, we knew things were on track the second we got off our plane. Patrick had been working his contacts and even I got into the mix setting up meet and greets, interview and events for our 5 day trip and the payoff was one hell of a time. WPPS is an annual event that takes place in the desert town of Palm Springs and attracts tens of thousands of gay men (sorry ladies, while you’re certainly allowed you will by FAR be in the minority) with its promise of perfect weather, lavish events and exciting performances: and this year had them all in spades. We took our time getting in a day early and staying a day late to fully prepare and decompress after the bang out weekend and boy were our bodies and minds happier for it. No matter what the liver damage or how many shirts we sweat through- it was worth it.

While I won’t give away the details of the performances before the click through- yes, you’re going to have to actually read my review to get to the highs and see the Avicii “I Could Be the One” music video remake that Patrick has been diligently working at this past week of filming to prepare for- I will mention the bigger names and sights to wet your appetite. I had my arms around a 9 foot tall draggin’ Willam who took one look at my Harley Davidson shirt and said: “Bitch, you a queen- you ain’t go no Haaaaarley!”; Patrick is currently sporting a profile picture with the new love of his life Carmen Electra; I may have offered to sleep with Icona Pop‘s impossibly beautiful Aino Jawo; and, Patrick has discovered the newest and greatest thing to come out of the LA music scene. And, that was only the beginning…

Click through to read the WPPS 2013 review and see Patrick and My Avicii Video Remake

In addition to the already announced lineup of performers for Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party 2013 in Palms Springs next weekend, this week some surprise additions were added and another has joined the pack. Earlier this week, it was announced that Carly Rae Jepsen would be performing at the Sunday night T-Dance. Then, we learned that Girls Gone Wild founder, Joe Francis would be hosting the T-Dance and celebrating his 40th birthday party, inviting all of his celebrity friends including the Kardashian sisters! Now, yet another performer has been added to the list.

Vassey has been added to the lineup, headlining the Sunday night party and surely performing her hit “We Are Young,” remixed by Dave Aude. The song has made it to #1 on the Billboard charts and recently celebrated the victory at The Abbey in West Hollywood. So exciting to have so many great acts and fun people at the event and I can’t wait for Adam and I to get there! We’ll have a video montage of our experience so see what it’s like and join us next year if you can’t make it this year.

Check out Vassey’s #1 hit below and hope to see you on Easter weekend in Palms Springs! If you see us, come say hi!

Listen to some of her hits after the jump…

I was SO not expecting this but I’m not gonna lie, I’m excited. Keeping Up With The Kardashians and the spinoffs have been guilty pleasures of mine over the last couple years so it would be fun to meet them if I get the opportunity.

The announcement was made this week that Joe Francis, creator of Girls Gone Wild and Guys Gone Wild, is celebrating his 40th Birthday at the Sunday T-Dance and has been asked to host the event by his friends Jeffrey Sanker and The Abbey founder David Cooley. He’s inviting some of his celebrity friends which include Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian. I wonder who else will be there! With the “fourth sister,” Kris Jenner make her way to White Party? LOL. It’s going to be one hell of a 40th Birthday Party, that’s for sure.

From how they worded the announcement, I’m not certain that this is the official second surprise that they had yet to announce, but it very well could be. Earlier this week, it was announced that Carly Rae Jepsen was performing and that there was one surprise still in store. Are YOU going to White Party? If so, Adam and I will see you there!

YES! I have already been beyond excited about going to Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party in Palm Springs at the end of the month. Now I’m even more excited!

On Sunday, White Party teased Facebook fans that today there would be two surprise announcements. Carly Rae Jepsen is the first of the two surprises and I can’t wait to see what the second one will be! Jepsen will be performing at the Sunday T-Dance which is such a blast! Last year, Melanie Omaro and Neon Hitch performed at that party. There’s no doubt the gays will be going crazy for Carly at this party. Such a great choice for the event. The other performers at the Sunday T-Dance included Carmen Electra, Icona Pop, and Willam, Detox, and Vicki Vox.

No Carly Rae Jepsen for the boy scouts, but DEFINITELY for the gays! Can’t wait! If you missed my post on all of the other acts this year, you can check it out here. Stay tuned for the second surprise act which will be announced later today!

Wow – time flies so fast! Last year, Homorazzi attended Jeffrey Sanker’s White Party 2012 in Palm Springs and it’s already time for Round 2! This year I’m going down with fellow cast member Adam and we are going to get ourselves into all sorts of trouble – girls gone wild! This year the dates of the party are March 29 – March 31.

Having gone before, I know how much fun it is and can’t wait to have even more fun this year. There’s a whole bunch of awesome performers and DJs lined up and the ambassador for the event is the sexy Jaymes Vaughan, while the Queen of White Party will be Adriana De Moura.

We’ve got my shorts and shades ready and we’re ready to hit the pool parties and dance the night away. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the Andrew Christian models, who have been teasing us with White Party videos, will be there as well. Check out the many reasons you should be there too by checking out the list below. I’ve also included a video of our experience last year at the end of the post.

Top 10 reasons & our video from last year after the jump…

The Andrew Christian models are back with another sexy video and this one is up there with some of their naughtiest. The boys hop aboard a colorful bus that is bound for White Party 2013 in Palms Springs, put on by Jeffrey Sanker. As the video begins, the question is asked: “What would do you to get on to the White Party bus?”

The models are wearing nothing but AC underwear as they get on board – the bus driver included. When the bus won’t start, the driver has to hot-wire it and he does so successfully. While on the road, the guys go wild in the back and are doing anything but staying in their seats. When they stop for gas, they decide to take the hot gas station attendant with them. Fittingly, the song playing in the background is a remix of “Yummy Boyz” by Meital Dohan which features lyrics like “Tasty and Yummy” and “These boys are hot & horny“. Perfect fit, right?

Hop aboard the White Party bus with the AC boys by checking out the video below. For many of our readers, you have the day off so you many not have to worry about the “Not Safe For Work” factor. For the rest of you, you’ve been warned.

The very NSFW video after the jump…

Homorazzi had a blast at White Party Palm Springs in 2012 and we can’t wait to do it again this year! Jeffrey Sanker has announced that they will be crowning The Real Housewives Of Miami star Adriana De Moura as Queen of White Party 2013. The Brazilian bombshell will be performing an extravagantly produced sexy samba version of her song, “Feel the Rush,” the theme from season two of the Real Housewives show.

This year, White Party will also be anointing The Amazing Race runner-up & Chippendales star Jaymes Vaughan as Official 2013 Ambassador. “We are also very excited to have incredibly talented Jaymes Vaughan serving as our first-ever official White Party Ambassador,” says Sanker. The title of “Dame of White Party 2013” will go to the diva Madame. The “turbaned temptress” of countless TV shows, from Laugh-In to Hollywood Squares, will bring her biting wit to White Party for the very first time – introducing a whole new generation of boys to her sassy (puppetry) style – me being one of them! “I can’t wait to bestow unto her the title of ‘DAME!,’” says Sanker.

The three celebrities will host and provide some fun commentary for the White Carpet VIP arrivals at the White Party 2013 on Saturday night, March 30 at the Palm Springs Convention Center. I can’t wait to find out who will be headlining the event! Mary J. Blige performed at the event last year and it was such a blast! Tickets are on sale (click here) and there are many more big announcements to come. Hope to see you there.

Event schedule overview & Adriana’s song after the jump…

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