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Over the past three weeks, I’ve watched some phenomenal shows, stayed at luxurious hotels and met a lot of amazing people on my coast-to-coast travels. Spending my last night on the road, watching Kelly Rowland up and personal was the perfect way to end an unforgettable and successful business trip. As you all know, Miss Rowland is and will always be my favorite ex-Destiny’s Child member. So when I found out she was performing in West Hollywood, I knew I had to make it happen for me and the rest of the Homorazzi crew.

After a trip already filled with Estelle, Kelly Clarkson, and Rihanna run-ins, I couldn’t believe my luck that Kelly Rowland was going to perform at such an intimate setting and with a bunch of gays. HOLLER. Rowland along with UK sensation, Luciana, were on tap to perform for Hype Fridays at Ultra Suede / Factory in WeHo. LA party promoter, Paul Nicholls, was responsible for this wicked lineup.

To say the club was packed would be a huge understatement. It was jam-packed with Kelly and Luciana fans. By the time Kelly took stage, I was able to work SLASH sweet talk my way to the front of the stage. WERK. Shortly after 1am, Kelly strutted her sexy hot self on stage. I have to admit, I was expecting a slew of new material from Kelly to test run. Instead, we were treated to my favorite hits from her including “Commander” and “When Loves Takes Over“. But what surprised me the most, was she started her set with her huge hit with Nelly, “Dilemma“. I had died and gone to Kelly Rowland heaven. Gotta love an old school flashback.

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This new song from David Guetta and Akon was just released yesterday and it is definitely going to be a huge summer hit!  The music video and the full version have both already been posted on YouTube and you can check them out below.  The song is great but the music video is kind of just meh for me, maybe it has to do with all of the half naked women dancing around in it.   This is the fifth track on David’s upcoming album One Love set to be released on August 24th, 2009 and it follows in the footsteps of the smash hit “When Love Takes Over”, which features Kelly Rowland.  The song came about randomly when they were both at a gig in Swindon for Radio 1. “Guetta and Akon looked at each other after the gig and said, ‘Instead of going out and getting drunk lets hire a studio right now, we made the track Sexy Bitch right there and then’. The result is a turbo-charged chart and dancefloor stormer with Akon’s distinctive vocals.”

Music Video:

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Scotty’s Podcast: When Love Takes Over – Pride Mix 2009

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[Editor’s Note: For this Sunday Submission, we here at Homorazzi HAD to have our great friend Scott from S-Dot tell us how in the hell he created such a rawsome mix… here’s what he had to say!]

When music is your obsession [as it is mine], you have soundtracks for every hour of each day, every weekend excursion, every special moment.. You will fall in love with terrible movies just for the music, or become overwhelmingly frustrated with the DJ at the bar when his/her song selection just sucks! Well, now it is my turn to take control!

My first podcast and mix “When Love Takes Over :: Pride Mix 2009” is something that I am truly excited about. It has just the right amount of old and new and just the right amount of swing to keep you moving through the weekend. Though I prefer a sound a little more on the lounge-y side, Pride is about an anthem and a club beat! Uplifting and bangin’ off the walls! A song selection for coming together and celebrating with our friends and families, showing the world that we’re here, we don’t care what you think, and that we will drink and be Mary ;). For me, there is no better place to celebrate than on a dance floor. Grab your girls and your Cha Cha Heels, let love truly take over, and shake, jump, groove, and sing the hell out of your
Pride weekend.

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