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Man Crush: Colton Haynes

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After a few weeks of choosing beefy men as my weekly crush, I was in the mood for a little “chicken”. Ironically enough, this week’s crush worked as the Red Robin Mascot in high school. This week’s hottie is definitely legal but a little on the twinky side. I’m sure all you twink lovers will be loving Colton Haynes.

The Kansas born looker first started his modeling career at the age of 15. When Bruce Weber shot him for an Abercrombie & Fitch layout, his career skyrocketed. He was featured in campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Kira Plastinina, JC Penny and even appeared in various fashion shows for a couple of episodes of “The Hills“.

Like most models, the 21-year-old caught the acting bug and began working on his craft. His first foray into acting was an uncredited appearance in the blockbuster “Transformers“. Soon after, he began to book guest starring roles in “Privileged“, “Pushing Daisies” and “Melrose Place“. Eeks, looks like he might be the kiss of death. All those shows have all been canceled. Hopefully he’ll have better luck with his new gig.

Colton has a lead role in ABC’s new summer vampire offering “The Gates“. He plays Brett Crezski, a jock who also is a werewolf- of course he is. Lately all these hot guys I’m attracted to, are werewolves (Taylor Lautner & Joe Manganiello). I guess I have a type.

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Man Crush: Matthew Bomer

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Wavy dark-haired wet dream Matthew Bomer won my online crush heart this week. The star of USA’s “White Collar” can pass for Tom Welling’s brother, but better… he might be playing for our team. People have questioned his sexuality ever since the gays began to notice him. In an interview for Details (January 2010), he neither confirmed nor denied reports about his sexual orientation. Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“I don’t care about that at all. I’m completely happy and fulfilled in my personal life.” He declined to elaborate further, stating, “I have a network and a show riding on my shoulders”.

We all know what means. HO-MO. Love it. The Texan native with the sparkling dreamy eyes got his first break on daytime TV. After Carnegie Mellon University (School of Drama), he moved to NYC and landed a role on “All My Children” and on “Guiding Light“, shortly thereafter. He made the leap to primetime starring as Eliza Dushku’s love interest in “Tru Calling“.

With his dark all-American looks, you’d think he’d perfect to play a super hero. Well, Brett Ratner thought so. Bomer was Ratner’s first pick to play Clark Kent/Superman in “Superman Returns“, but when Ratner left the project, Bryan Singer went with Brandon Routh instead. Shame on you Singer. Perhaps if you had Bomer, the movie wouldn’t have been such a disappointment.

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Man Crush: Joe Manganiello

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Season Three of “True Blood” is only a few days away, so I thought I’d crush on one of the new cast members being added this year. Italian-Sicilian Joe Manganiello joins the Bon Temps natives as Alcide Herveaux. HOOOOOOOOOWL. The 6’5″ hottie packed on some serious muscle to play, much like Taylor Lautner, to play Alcide the werewolf. And boy does it show. YUMMY.

Last year, Adam wrote a silly post about the actor so I felt the talented actor deserved a true write-up. The 33-year-old thespian is a Pittsburgh native who graduated from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.

His first acting gig out of drama school was “Flash Thompson” in Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire and James Franco. Talk about a lucky break. Since then he’s appeared in numerous TV shows like “E.R.”, all the CSI shows, and a regular role in the CW’s “One Tree Hill” as Owen Morello. Heck he even appeared in a Taco Bell commercial promoting their new “Tortada“. A hottie after my own heart.

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With the third installment of The Twilight Saga hitting theaters soon, I thought I’d highlight one of the new cast members sure to cause a bit of dramz amongst the hardcore “Twihards“. Forget “Team Edward” versus “Team Jacob“, this summer a new team will be born- “Team Riley“.

Australian actor, Xavier Samuel, will make his debut as Riley in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse“. Riley is a young vampire approximately Bella’s age. He was changed by Victoria to help her lead an army of newborn vampires against the Cullens.

While Samuel has appeared in various Australian films and television shows, “Eclipse” will mark the 26-year-old’s first exposure to North American audiences. You can’t have a bigger coming out party than that, can you? According to the rumor mill, Xavier beat out Channing Tatum (Step Up) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter franchise) to play the new heartthrob vamp.

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Man Crush: Captain America

In: Donovan, Movies

Instead of a brooding actor, Brazilian male model, or superstar athlete, I thought I’d take a different route for my weekly crush this week. Even though it’s just a cartoon rendering, you have to admit Chris Evans as Captain America is pretty damn fiiiiiiiiine.

Captain America: The First Avenger” isn’t scheduled to come out until 2011, but illustrations have surfaced on the web on how the new-and-improved Captain America will look like. The Marvel Comics character is already hunky on its own, but when you throw wet dream Chris Evans to the mix, it’s one big superhero fantasy.

Below is the official film synopsis from IMDB.com

Based on the Marvel Comics character from World War II. A brave, yet mild-mannered young soldier named Steve Rogers, volunteers to undergo a series of experiments for a US army Super Soldier program. The military succeeds in transforming him into a human weapon, but quickly decide that their Super Soldier is far too expensive a creation to risk in combat. So, they decide to put him to use as an army celebrity and parade him across Europe to boost morale by performing in USO shows for American troops. He is even given a costume that bear the colors of Old Glory for the stage. Then, when a Nazi plot reveals itself Rogers must rise up and and become the First Avenger, in order to save his country. Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and he earns his way into the hearts and souls of every American, bringing hope and justice to a war-weary nation. Later, during a mission to Germany to stop his archenemy – The Red Skull, from launching rockets at the allies, Captain America sacrifices himself and winds up frozen in ice for almost six decades! Revived, Steve Rogers now must join forces with new heroes and become an Avenger of the modern age.

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Man Crush: Josh Hopkins

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Josh Hopkins has been on the scene for a while, but is certainly got my attention as Courteney Cox’s love interest in Cougar Town. That’s where I first took notice (well actually, it was my roommate that made me watch the show, and he that was also drooling over Hopkins every time he entered a scene – especially the shirtless ones. Hopkins plays Grayson Ellis, Cox’s neighbor and friend. They cross the lines to become friends with benefits after hooking up once…and have now recently decided to give the relationship thing a shot. Hopkins will be the big 4-0 in September – looking incredible for his age!

His first big show was opposite Ally McBeal where he played Raymond Millbury. He has since done his rounds on several shows including: Cold Case, Brothers & Sisters, CSI Miami, Private Practice, and of course more prominently in Cougar Town.

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Man Crush: Ryan Kesler “Hot on Ice”

In: Donovan, Sports & Health

Since its playoff time for the National Hockey League (NHL), I thought I’d highlight one of the most crush-worthy players out there. This week’s choice for my crush is Vancouver Canucks center, Ryan Kesler. The 6’2″ stud was drafted in the first round by Vancouver and has played for the Canucks his entire NHL career. That fact won’t be changing anytime soon, as he recently extended his stay with the team til 2015-2016 season for a reported $30 million big ones. Yowza.

Even though he plays for Vancouver, the American born hockey player nearly crushed the hearts of millions of Canadians when he almost led the US Olympic Hockey team in upsetting the Canadian home team for the gold medal. I’m sure if that had happened, things might’ve been awkward near his Vancouver Kitsilano home. The 25-year-old lives there with his wife, Angela, and daughter, Makayla Rylan (adorable name). During the off-season, Kesler heads back to his hometown of Livonia, Michigan with his familia.

After his disheartening loss at the Olympics, Ryan received a call the next day that most athletes would die for. He was chosen as the cover athlete for Nintendo Wii’s “NHL 2K11″. Here’s what he had to say about the honor:

I was pretty disheartened after we lost in the gold medal game, and to get the call the next day and to be asked if I wanted to be on the cover, it was a nice pick-me-up. It’s always been a dream.” – Ryan Kesler

With narrowly missing a gold medal at the Olympics, hopefully he’ll do one better at the playoffs and carry the Canucks to their first ever Stanley Cup. GO CANUCKS GO.

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During my recent trip to England and Ireland, I mentioned to Topher that I was going to start watching “The Tudors” when I returned home to learn more about Henry VIII. Yes, it was a ridiculous statement. In my defense, 1. I was drunk and 2. everywhere we went, someone would mention “The Tudors” filmed there. Literally everywhere we went, we were exposed to a great deal of artifacts and history regarding the monarchy.

True to my word, I began looking into “The Tudors”. Immediately, I thought to myself, “Why haven’t I been watching this show?”. There’s hot men all over the place. The hottest one of them all is Henry Cavill, who plays Charles Brandon (1st Duke of Suffolk) on the period television drama. The 26-year-old Brit oozes more royal sexiness than Prince Harry and William combined times infinity.

If it weren’t for a unfortunate series of events, the whole world would be screaming “H. Cav” instead of “R Patz”. Cavill was Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer’s first choice to play Edward Cullen. Unfortunately for Cavill by the time pre-production was over and filming began, he was too old to play the teenage vampire. This misfortune would be part of a string of bad luck that would lead “Empire Magazine” to dud him as the “most unlucky man in Hollywood“. He was up for numerous high-profile gigs, including James Bond, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Superman/Clark Kent but didn’t score any of them.

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