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Man Crush: Steven R. McQueen

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

Many apologies for the delay with this week’s Man Crush. Definitely got side-tracked with a few site administrative items I had to take care of yesterday. Hopefully, this week’s selection will make up for the fact I left you hanging for a day. Meet Steven R. McQueen. He comes via a suggestion by one of our readers. McQueen is best known for “The Vampire Diaries” which I don’t watch, so I’m extremely thankful that he was pointed out to me.

The 23-year-old actor is the grandson of iconic film actor Steve McQueen. Only time will tell if he’ll be able to match his family’s legacy. He’s off to a solid start already. In his relatively short career, he’s racked up some notable credits. Along with the aforementioned Diaries, he had a recurring role on “Everwood” and guest spots on “Number3rs“, “Without A Trace” and “CSI: Miami”. His film credits include “Piranha 3D” and Disney’s “Minutemen”.

Just in case you were wonder what the “R” in his name stands for, it’s a shout-out to his stepfather, Canadian NHL hall of famer Luc Robitaille. When I first saw Steven, I could tell there was a bit of something/something in his lineage. Upon further research, I learned his grandmother Neile Adams (wife of Steven McQueen) was born in the Philippines and of Spanish, German, Filipino, Chinese and English descent. That mixed heritage definitely worked out in the genetics department for Steven R. McQueen. See if you agree after perusing through the selection of pictures I’ve picked out below.

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Man Crush: Nick Ayler

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

As mentioned in my Man Crush last week, I typically avoid featuring male models for this feature since I have Model Behavior specifically for that. But since our American readers are celebrating Thanksgiving today and eating too much turkey, I thought I’d pick an extra juicy plump piece of man meat to gawk at today. If not only to serve as a reminder not to eat too much today.

This week’s Man Crush selection is so friggin’ hot I’d gobble, gobble up every ounce of him. Then I would baste him in all my loving and taste his stuffing. If I forgot any other turkey pun, please feel free to insert that here too. Meet 24-year-old male model Nick Ayler. You probably recognize him, if not his body, from ad campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch along with photo shoots for DNA Magazine, Men’s Exercise and Bello.

Aside from modeling, Ayler has also dabbled in acting. He’s appeared in movies like “Holy Rollers” and “Fighting” and television shows “Army Wives” and “Mercy“. In addition, he’s a lover of music and currently developing his DJ skills and released several remixes on his SoundCloud account. I’d definitely hire him for my next party. When asked what words he would use to describe himself, Nick used punctual, determined, ambitious, out-going, and open-minded. I especially like the last one since he has no problem showing off his hot body for us to lust after. Check him out in all his glory in the pictures below.

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Man Crush: Nick Beyeler

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

I thought for this week’s Man Crush, I’d take a break from the acting world. Since our other two weekly features, Model Behavior and Sports Stud highlight hotties from the modeling and sports world respectively, it limits my pool of resources. Some might consider today’s choice an athlete, but he’s much more than that. This guy has more multi-hyphenates than Jessica Simpson, Madonna and Heidi Klum combined. Say “hello” to Nick Beyeler.

According to his official website, Beyeler is a dancer, aerialist, fitness model, martial arts fighter and double twisting World Gymnastic Aerobics Champion. How’s that for a mouthful. Just when I thought I was tired of seeing those silk fabric aerialists, Nick comes along and makes me change my mind. I could watch him wrangle with fabric in mid-air all day, and especially, all night long.

Nick was born on March 29, 1975 in Bern, Switzerland. The 36-year-old won the gold medal at the 2002 World Gymnastic Aerobics Championships in Montpellier, France. Speaking of medals, he showed off his amazing acrobatics at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. In his spare time, he loves to scuba dive, cook spicy foods and play around with all the latest gadgets. Now that you have a few random biographical facts about Nick, you can feel less creepy when drooling over his pics. What are you waiting for, start gawking at his “body” of work below.

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Man Crush: Justin Bruening

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Whenever I see a hot guy while surfing the web, I typically add their name on my Man Crush potential list. That way, when Thursday comes along, I simply scan through the list and select one of the studs to feature for my weekly Man Crush. This week’s choice, Justin Bruening, has been waiting in the wings since last year but been passed over numerous times. After seeing him on this week’s episode of “Ringer“, I will no longer overlook this fine piece of man meat. If you saw the episode, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s like time stood still.

Bruening was born in Chadron, Nebraska on September 24, 1979. Justin was working at his local McDonald’s when he was discovered by a model scout. That led to a gig for Abercrombie & Fitch. Not too shabby for his first modeling job. He modeled for a bit, but then transitioned to acting. His first acting role was for the now-defunct “All My Children“. Not surprisingly he became a hot daytime commodity and was often featured in many publications. Like many daytime actors, Justin wanted to move to primetime. Before landing a role on “Ringer”, Justin also appeared in several shows including “Castle”, “Cold Case” and “Hope & Faith” to name a few. He even starred in the short-lived “Knight Rider” reboot a couple of years ago.

Before we check out his pictures, I thought I’d share a few fun facts about him. Justin auditioned for the role of Superman in “Superman Returns” but lost out to Brandon Routh. Bruening is cute and all, but I don’t buy him as the Man of Steel. For that matter, Routh didn’t make a convincing one either. I guess that’s why he was dumped and that sexy Brit, Henry Cavill, was picked for the new Superman movie. SIGH. Oh well, back to Justin. The 32-year-old has also appeared in Britney Spears’ “Boys” music video. In his spare time, Bruening loves to collect Converse All-Star sneaks. Apparently, he has 16 pairs. For those of you wondering. He’s married and has a daughter. Insert sad face from all the gays. But enough talk, let’s get on with the shirtless pics.

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Man Crush: Josh Dallas

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

If you’re a hopeless romantic, you’re going to love this week’s Man Crush because he’s Prince Charming. Literally. You might recognize Josh Dallas as the gallant hero on ABC’s new fantasy series, “Once Upon A Time“. I wasn’t expecting to like this show, but I find myself looking forward to each episode. I’m not the only one, the show is a breakout hit. ABC is certainly on a role with “Revenge“, “Suburgatory” and “Once Upon A Time“. That being said, they also had “Charlie’s Angels” and “Pan Am” this season.

Born Joshua Paul Dallas in Louisville, Kentucky in 1981, Josh first caught my eye last year during an episode of “Hawaii 5.0“. I was so smitten that I contemplated choosing him as a Man Crush last year. I’m glad I waited, because he’s padded up his resume since then with some very notable jobs. Plus, he looks even hotter now.

Dallas studied at a performing arts school in London, England. Upon graduating, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. After doing that for several years, he decided to move to Hollywood to become a huge star. He’s certainly on his way after landing a lead role on “Once Upon A Time”. Prior to landing this regular gig, his biggest role was playing Fandral in this past summer’s hit film “Thor“. How lucky was he to get to hang with Chris Hemsworth for weeks while filming. Lucky guy.

Fun fact. He played a bomb squad officer in the “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” episode that featured Justin Bieber’s acting debut. Josh’s character was unfortunately killed by one of Bieber’s bombs on the show. Damn you, Bieber.

For all of you wondering, Josh is straight and married. BOO. His wife is British actress Lara Pulver. The couple honeymooned in the Maldives. Lucky beyotch. First of all, being in the Maldives is a dream of mine and to be there with Josh Dallas on a private island is the icing on the cake. Color me extremely jealous. Check out the hotness that is Josh Dallas in the pictures below. He’ll have you swooning too.

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Man Crush: Wilson Bethel

In: Tommy D, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

I know I know, Man Crush is TOTALLY a Donovan thing, and sometimes I can’t even deal with some of his crushes but to each their own I guess, right? HOWEVER, I have seen probably the single most attractive man I have ever seen in my entire life on television the past 4 weeks. He is SO attractive that last night while watching his new show I rewound a scene when he came out of the water like 5 times. I CANNOT HANDLE IT!

His name is Wilson Bethel and he plays WADE on my new fave Monday night show “Hart of Dixie” starring Rachel Bilson. At first viewing of this show I was hooked, and then Wade came into the story and I literally did one of those cartoon eyes popping out of my head things, then I clutched my pearls, then I took a cold shower. I’m not even kidding.

Wilson was a regular on Y&R (The Young & The Restless), and obviously so. He’s pretty much made for a soap opera, however I don’t watch soaps…I have a job. So needless to say I didn’t even know who this stud was until Hart of Dixie (Which got picked up for a full season thank you Jesus). He’s 27, a Pisces and pretty much the man of my dreams. Ok enough chit chatter, I’m going to post pictures of him and try to do the cheesy comment Donovan does on his Man Crushes. Wish me luck!

view shirtless pics of Wilson after the jump

Man Crush: Stephen Amell

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

This week’s Man Crush has been cock-teasing the gays for a long time. Meet Stephen Amell. He’s shown off his sexy body in two gay-themed television shows already. First, he appeared as a spin instructor on “Queer As Folk” and then dropped trou on the gay supernatural soap opera “Dante’s Cove“. Why wouldn’t he? He’s got some tasty assets. Earlier this month, Amell bared all yet again. This time for HBO’s “Hung” where he plays a busboy-turned-prostitute. His character plays a young rival to the show’s lead character Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane).

Stephen is a 30-year-old actor hailing from Toronto, Canada. He’s worked steadily in his native country and even won a Gemini Award (Canada’s Emmys). In the past couple of years, he’s started to make his splash on the US market. He’s guest starred on several primetime shows including “90210″, “CSI” and “NCIS: Los Angeles”. These roles lead to Stephen joining the cast of “The Vampire Diaries” as a werewolf for the show’s second season.

Now you can see him on a regular basis on this season of “Hung“. I gave this show a shot in its first season but was bored. Even Thomas Jane’s hotness couldn’t save it. With Amell on board, I’ll definitely have to give it a second look, and third, and fourth. Check out Amell’s hotness in several pics below. At the end of the post, I added a little surprise for you. You’ll have to keep reading to discover it.

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Men Crush: Zach Nichols & Nick Zano

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!, TV Shows

For this week’s Man Crush you get two for the price of one. Originally I was going to pick Zach Nichols solely, but since he’s relatively new on the pop culture scene there wasn’t enough pics to warrant a post to himself. Nichols is one of the seven roommates on “The Real World: San Diego” 2011 edition. I fell in lust the second he showed off his buff chest on last week’s season premiere. Last night, we got to see his juicy bubble butt in some skimpy underwear. Truly a beautiful sight. Those squats during his college football career at Northern Michigan University most likely attributed to his book shelf behind.

This week’s other Man Crush is Nick Zano. For our longtime readers, you know Zano was crushworthy back in 2009 and made my feature then. I decided to feature him again for several reasons. First, he appeared on one of my favorite new shows this week. To my surprise the 33-year-old popped up on CBS’ hit sitcom “2 Broke Girls“. Hopefully, this will become a regular gig. The other reason I picked him was partly due to his initials NZ. Reversed, they’re the same as this week’s other crush Zach Nichols. LOL. I know it’s a stretch but it’s synergistic, no? Plus, they sorta can pass off as brothers. Don’t you think? Check out both studs below.

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