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Man Crush: Joshua Bowman

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The new Fall television is in full swing with shows debuting every day. I love sampling all the new shows at least once so I can give them a fair shot. This year, however, there seems to be quite a few that I enjoy. Even though some of them don’t like look they’re going to survive *cough* “The Playboy Club“, others seem to have caught on. One of them, surprisingly, is “Revenge“. I’m obsessed with this show and look forward to it each week. It’s campy, soapy and sexy. All the right ingredients for an addicting nighttime drama.

A big part of the sexy quotient is provided courtesy of one if it’s studly stars. Picking just one was definitely a difficult feat. Since this week’s Model Behavior feature was Tobias Sorensen, I thought I’d pick “Revenge’s” Joshua Bowman as my Man Crush pick since his middle name is Tobias. How synergistic is that?

Bowman is a 23-year-old actor from England. Earlier this year, he was selected as one of the Stars of Tomorrow by Screen International. A wise decision on their part, if I do say so myself. Prior to scoring a leading role on “Revenge”, Joshua was seen in ABC Family’s “Make It Or Break It“. There, he played a bisexual teen named Max. Let’s hope he incorporated a bit of the method acting, he learned while attending Lee Strasberg Institute in New York, on and off set.

Later this year, he can be seen in the feature film “So Undercover” with Miley Cyrus, with whom he was romantically linked to. Speaking of which, he’s also been rumored to have dated his “Make It or Break it” co-star Cassie Scerbo and the late Amy Winehouse. He was seen cavorting on the Caribbean beaches with the singer back in 2009. Curious to find out what kind of milkshake he has that seems to bring all the girls to his yard? Check out the pics below and discover for yourself.

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Man Crush: Steve Jones

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In honor of “The X Factor” finally premiering on Fox, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Man Crush to the show’s delicious host. He’s been called the British Ryan Seacrest, but I think that’s a disservice to him. Steve Jones is much more than that and a thousand times hotter. Plus he has a sexy accent- Welsh one at that. Jones was originally tapped to co-host the show along with Nicole Scherzinger, but became sole host when Scherzinger replaced Cheryl Cole on the judging panel. Speaking of which, I sorta dug Cole on the panel. She’s adorable and I had no problems understanding her Geordie accent. So much for those rumors that her accent did her in. But enough about them, let’s get to know Jones more.

He was born Stephen Ashton Jones (how British is that name) in Rhondda Wales in 1977. With his bone structure, it was only natural he began his career as a model and appeared in magazines like Esquire. It didn’t take long before he transitioned into presenting. His first big gig was working on a show called “The Pop Factory Awards”. He entranced viewers so much, Channel 4 (a popular station) snatched him up and immediately put him to work. This experience led to bigger things and eventually landed him on BBC.

Jones is such a celebrity in his homeland, that he’s often the subject of gossip fodder. His potential love interests regularly dominate tabloid headlines. He’s been linked to Paris Hilton, Natalia Imbruglia and Pamela Anderson to name a few. He’s definitely known to love the ladies and vice versa. Who can blame them? Check out a few shirtless pics of him below and you’ll see why. He’s definitely the X in “The X Factor“.

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Man Crush: Chris Zylka

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Surprise, surprise. I’m actually on time with this week’s Man Crush. After last week’s trio crush, I had every intention of not picking another guy to feature from a new upcoming fall show. That is until I saw twunky (beefy older twink) Chris Zylka. He recently did a photo shoot for V Man Magazine that made me take notice. Since, technically the new Fall television season doesn’t start til next week, I can squeeze one more hottie as part of my Fall preview.

The 26-year-old will appearing on a recurring basis on the CW’s “The Secret Circle“. Prior to this, he’s appeared on several shows including “Cougar Town”, “Hannah Montana” and “90210” which marked his debut. Zylka grew up in Ohio where he attended the University of Toledo. You might be wondering what his ethnic heritage is (he’s Russian) considering his unique last name. Funny enough, he was born Chris Settlemire but took on his mother’s maiden name. In his spare time, Chris loves to play the guitar, paint, play football, basketball, baseball, go to the gym, walk his dog and tweet. I love how the latter is now a hobby. LOL.

Besides appearing on television, he’s appeared on the big screen as well. Apparently he has a thing for for 3D animal horror movies. Chris appeared in both “Shark Night 3D” and “Piranha 3DD“. Thankfully, he won’t be making a hat trick of those movies. He’s set to appear as Flash Thompson in the upcoming superhero reboot, “The Amazing Spider-Man” starring Andrew Garfield. If you’re looking to see him in some homo-erotic situations, check out “Kaboom“- a science fiction story centered on the sexual awakening of a group of college students. He plays Thor who is often shirtless and tries to self gratify himself. Now that you’ve gotten to know him, check out a few visuals of him below.

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Whoopsies, I’m late with my Man Crush again this week. For some reason I had a really difficult time picking a hottie this week. I tried to keep my theme of selecting studs who are starring in new shows from the upcoming television season. When I found a delicious guy that would deem worthy of my Man Crush honors, I was unable to find enough pictures to warrant a post on them. Hottie after hottie, I came across this same problem.

In the end, I decided to do a trinity of studs to serve up to you this week. Just think of it as three times the hotness. So, to end my Fall television preview in grand fashion via my Man Crush feature, I picked the hottest guys that were in contention this week. I present to you Ramon Rodriguez who’ll be the fourth “angel” on ABC’s “Charlie’s Angels” reboot. Joining him are “Grimm’s” David Giuntoli and Mark Delkin of “Good Christian Belles”. All these guys are worthy of your online affection. Get to know them below.

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Man Crush: Dillon Casey

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Sorry for the delay for this week’s Man Crush. I’m still a tad jet lagged from my Euro vacay and completely lost track of what day it was. Hopefully, the quality of this week’s stud makes up for the tardiness. After taking a week hiatus from featuring Fall television’s new hotties, I’m back on track highlighting the studs gracing our TVs this upcoming season. This week’s selection is 27-year-old Dillon Casey.

If you’re a fan of “Vampire Diaries” or “Being Erica“, you might recognize this Canadian actor. Some of you will definitely remember him from his scorching love scene with John Barrowman in that hot episode of “Torchwood“. Swoooon. If you missed that scene, check out Patrick’s previous post discussing it.

Later this month, Dillon will make his way to one of my favorite shows from last season. Casey joins the cast of CW’s “Nikita” on a recurring basis. He’ll play Sean Pierce, an Army Special Ops officer assigned to retrieve the mysterious black box. Hopefully, his scenes will require him to drop trou and show off his sexy body. It’s the CW. Teen girls want their eye candy too. LOL. Check out a few pics of Dillon below that I found online.

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Man Crush: Haris Giakoumatos

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As you know by now, I’m having the time of my life in Europe with Brian. I honestly don’t want to go back home. Our trip is so jam-packed visiting several countries, I didn’t have enough slots in my Model Behavior series to fit a representative from Greece. Thankfully, I have my other weekly feature where I can highlight a Greek god. Problem solved. So I’m taking a break from featuring studs from the upcoming Fall television season for one week. It’d be a shame not to share this juicy man meat.

Haris Giakoumatos is a model, actor and wait for it… a water polo player. Not just your average one either, he’s a water polo champion. I couldn’t find too much information about him besides the fact he was born in Halandri, Greece on February 2, 1982. His first film was “A Sea Apart” and his favorite music is Ksulina spa8ia (whatever that is). I’m sure a majority of you check out these posts more for the pics rather than the biographical info. For those who do, I’m sorry. I hope his hotness will make up for the lack of background knowledge. Check out Haris’ pics below.

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Man Crush: Jason O’Mara

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For this week’s Man’s Crush, I will be taking the place of Donovan who is busy vacationing in Europe. Lucky guy right? To follow his lead, I have chosen another male hottie from the line-up of newbies joining our small screen this fall. This time around we’re featuring Jason O’Mara who will be starring in FOX’s new show Terra Nova which to me seems like a cross between ABC’s Lost and the film Jurassic Park.

Jason was actually born and raised in Ireland and only became an American citizen in January of ’09. Jason originally had plans to be a professional rugby player but an injury forced him to take his focus another direction. Jason attended Trinity College, Dublin and graduated with a degree in drama. One moving across the pond, Jason began guest starring on many primetime shows ultimately landing his latest gig with FOX.

On Terra Nova, Jason plays Jim Shannon, characterized as a devoted father with a complicated past. The show takes place in 2149 when the human race is about to become extinct due to poor air quality. In an effort to save the human race, scientists have a developed a time machine to take humans back to prehistoric Earth and form a human colony known as Terra Nova. It sounds great and I can’t wait to check out when it airs on September 26th.

Check out some sexy photos of Mr. O’Mara after the jump…

Man Crush: Mike Vogel

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Since the new television season is only a few weeks away, I thought I’d use my weekly Man Crush series to highlight some of Fall TV’s potential stars. This week I’m picking a hottie from one of the new shows I’m looking most forward to seeing. “Pan Am” is one of two new shows debuting set in the 60s trying to replicate “Mad Men’s” success. NBC has the “Playboy Club“, and ABC has this drama following the lives of flight attendants and pilots. This week’s Man Crush was added late to the series when he replaced Generation Kill‘s Jonah Lotan who was cut for creative reasons. Win for me, since I’ve had a crush on Mike Vogel for many years now.

The fact that Vogel hasn’t reach super stardom yet astounds me. He’s got the looks and talent, but just hasn’t found that breakthrough role. Hopefully “Pam Am” will do the trick. You might recognize this blond stud from his previous roles in “Poseidon“, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants“, “Cloverfield” or “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre“. If you watched “Blue Valentine” you probably can’t forget his sex scene with Michelle Williams.

Before landing his first role, Vogel paid his bills from modeling gigs. It was actually a Levi’s campaign that led him to being cast in the television series “Grounded For Life”. Last season he starred in CBS’s failed drama “Miami Medical“. He returns to network television this season with hopes of yielding better results. Vogel is married with two kids and two pugs. Can’t get more white picket fence than that. A perfect choice to star in a show set in simpler times.

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