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Michael Jackson “Hollywood Tonight” Music Video

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The song “Hollywood Tonight” is one of the better tracks on MJ’s latest (and last?) album. The accompanying video, directed by Wayne Isham, has just been released. The storyline is very “Burlesque” or any other Hollywood dream type movie for that matter, as it follows a young woman (Sofia Boutella) to Hollywood where she strives to make her dreams come true.

She arrives in Hollywood, stars auditioning but doesn’t get the part. She struggles working as a waitress, and low and behold she eventually gets a big part and becomes paparazzi worthy. She takes a stroll, moonwalking across the crosswalk, and finds herself walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She pays a visit to MJ’s star, and breaks out into Jackson inspired dance moves outside Pantages Theatre while in her Jackson inspired outfit. She is an amazing dancer! I’m sure it wasn’t a stretch to play someone living her dream, when she landing this role of a lifetime as the sole lead in Michael Jackson’s music video.

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Britney Spears: Top 10 Music Videos

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In the spirit of the upcoming release of the Britney Spears new album “Femme Fatale,” I’ve decided to revisit and update a list I first created a couple years ago, reviewing her music videos and compiling a list of Britney’s Top 10 Music Videos of all time. She’s had her ups and downs, but Britney is back on top of the world again, proving she’s here to stay. Excluding the Mickey Mouse Club, Britney’s career goes back to 1998 when her first video was made and the former teen star is turning 30 this year and is the mother of two.

In the past few years, she toured the world, bringing the Circus from city to city, and recently broke records with her latest single “Hold It Against Me” with its visual masterpiece music video directed by Jonas Akerlund.

Here are Britney’s Top Ten Music Videos of all time…

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