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Thinking about moving? Is one criteria a decent-sized LGBT community? If so, you might want to consider heading to Fort Lauderdale. The Floridian city has the biggest growing gay and lesbian population in the US between 2000 and 2010. I’ve visited Fort Lauderdale and I can understand why people are migrating there. It’s gorgeous, sunny and has a vibrant gay community, plus, it’s close to Miami.

If you’re wondering how the city beat out major metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, there are a couple of theories. One is a cheaper housing market and the other is proximity to another major LGBT-friendly city. That line of thinking explains how Portland and Long Beach landed in the Top 3. Check out the rest of the Top 10 below.

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While AskMen.com isn’t exactly the be-all-end-all of polls and stats as far as the American man is considered, they do have a pretty good site and a high readership so I’m willing to give them some credit as they boldly proclaim the results of an extensive poll of over half a million of their readers, titling Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show”: The Most Influential Man. Running 14 years (god, I remember when it started; I am old), this once-college-campus gossiped about comedic news show has become a ratings bonanza, but more importantly it has garnered the trust of throngs of TV-viewers. To me, that’s the most important thing.

In a time where dozens of the world’s countries control the votes, the information released to and the lives of their people; where America itself is slowly becoming brainwashed by an ever-more watched, right wing controlled, propaganda machine AKA FOX News, it’s not just a breath of fresh air but a boon that’s maintaining the sanity of a nation in turmoil. It may sound a bit hyperbolic, but truly this man has changed the face of news in the US and set new standards for other programs to aspire to. And, it’s for that that this once stand up comedian and writer of basal skits has captured the attention of millions.

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A well known and respected Washington, DC couple, Bob Davis and Henry Schalizki (both 89 years old) got married by Rev. John Detaeye over the weekend after being together for 64 years! They met in Rhode Island in 1942. In an interview they joked, “It was a long engagement,” and “we wanted to make sure.” Bob Davis is a retired WGMS Radio Announcer and Henry is from H.A. Gill & Son Realtors. They talked about their experience up to the current date and the progression of human rights.

One thing that I found really interesting is that Henry said that the two of them have never ever gone to a gay bar. They have had no interest – they said they had each other and their circle of friends, and that’s all they needed.

One of their secrets to longevity is “I’m always right and he gets his way.” Hilarious. You should watch the video of their interview and snippets of the ceremony. My eyes started to water a little when they put the rings on each others fingers and held each other’s hands, and were pronounced to be married after over sixty years together, surviving through decades and decades of the fight for equality and even just being in a relationship. They are two incredible people and I myself want more gay couples like this to look up to. It’s really touching and very encouraging.

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Well Monday night hundreds rallied on the Eve of the decision on whether or not Washington DC would pass marriage equality into law. And all were overjoyed on Tuesday when in a whopping 11-2 vote, it was passed! Some council members even said “I do” instead of “Aye” which just makes me smile as big as I can possibly smile. It’s about time some positive light and a little sense of humor at the ridiculous circumstances under which so many states have lost was shed on this issue. Hopefully some of the doom and gloom continues to be over.

So already organizations like the National Marriage Organization have a gone a little apeshit and started email and phone calling and hiring town criers to go rooftop to scream about how the people should have voted and not the government. They will continue to try to overturn the issue I’m sure. But right now, in Washington DC, MARRIAGE IS EQUALLY OURS.

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Time for another update on Gay Marriage Rights and Anti-Hate Laws!

The Washington DC Council is set to vote tomorrow on a bill that, if passed, recognize same-sex marriages from other jurisdictions. The Council will go into session tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM (eastern) to vote on Bill 18-10 which includes a provision recognizing same-sex marriages entered into outside of D.C.- it’s expected that a vote will occur by noon, at which time the bill will be transmitted to Mayor Fenty.

The HRC will be monitoring the vote tomorrow and will report on breaking details as soon as they become available.

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Washington DC - CapitolAnd so begins the first, long-awaited posting from Jake, AKA Ginger Snaps….

As of Wednesday, it will have been exactly eight weeks since I left my lifetime home of Seattle to seek out adventure and new professional opportunities. And while my time here has been brief, I have some bits of wisdom acquired from the locals to impart upon you all…

Transplantation and Acclimation: Tips for Surviving Gay DC

No One is Ever Going to Meet You Anywhere Outside the NW

For those of you who aren’t in the know, DC is divided into four geographic quadrants, NW, NE, SW and SE. The gaybourhoods, Dupont Circle, Logan Circle and the U Street Corridor are all located in the NW, as are most of the bars. But occasionally, a random friend will invite you out to a new hot club in the NE or a chill lounge on the East Hill. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fall for it. Essentially, it’s like someone saying to come out to Kitsilano (sorry Saleem) for a rockin good time. These offers will only bring you lame times with sketchy Metro rides.

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