Social Networking Wars

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So first there was MySpace and Friendster, then Facebook, then Twitter…how do we keep up? Do you do them all is it one or the other? In my opinion, Facebook obliterated the rest, but here is a cartoon mock of the war between each of the Social Networking sites. It’s actually quite funny…and true…


Happy Canada Day, Everyone! And with the 4th of July coming, I thought I’d write about MY top 5 reasons for celebrating being Canadian or American in 2009. All joking aside in my lists, I think citizens of either countries have a lot to be grateful for and should take their respective days to reflect and celebrate – safely of course!

Top 5 Reasons To Celebrate 4th of July This Year

5. Back from Iraq. On June 30th (yesterday), the deadline for withdrawal of American combat troops, Iraquis celebrated with a parade, declaring National Sovereignty Day. Needless to say, military families in the United States are celebrating the return of their loved ones, just in time for the 4th of July. One of the final chapters in the war in Iraq comes to an end.

4. Miss America is no longer Miss America. The anti-gay wedding witch, Carrie Prejean was was sent away with her broom when her crown was stripped away from her about a month ago for not doing her job. She had created a lot of controversy about her public opposition to gay marriage, in response to a question asked by Perez Hilton. Speaking of Perez Hilton…

Click here to check out the other reasons along with reasons to celebrate Canada Day

Ignorance at its Finest

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I came across this Fox News clip today and had to share it. The video pretty much speaks for itself, so I don’t have too much to add other than that I believe that most Canadians should find this offensive, as well as all Americans who have their heads screwed on properly. A joke is a joke, but these people take it way beyond humor and really give us a taste of the ol’ US of A at its worst. They are an embarrassment to their profession and country. Way to propagate the stereotype of the ignorant, American bully, Fox News.

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