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This “Shit People Say” video phenomenon, instigated by “Shit Girls Say“, has gotten out of control and I think everyone wants it to stop now. Yes, I’m talking to you, person who is currently editing their own version as I write this.

Now I realize it may seem like I’m just contributing to the problem by writing about this video, but I actually find that this can be a nice wrap up to these videos – at least on our site anyway. Enter in – “Shit Nobody Says“.

Created by Tripp and Tyler, this video is clever, well-edited, and genuinely funny. These are phrases that you shouldn’t find anyone saying. “God, I miss dial-up,” or “Twilight deserves an Oscar.” LOL. So, now that we’ve gone full circle, from Shit (everyone) Says to Shit Nobody Says, let’s agree that these videos should be put to bed. Oh, but watch this one more first. Enjoy!

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WATCH: “Huge Group Of Girls” Music Video

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I just watched this video this weekend with Donovan and died of laughter. Then I came back to life so that I could write about it and share it with you. It was uploaded on January 2, so it’s been circulating for a few days now and is now going viral.

The video is about a “Huge Group of Girls,” as the title implies. You know, the girls that go out together, dance together, get obnoxiously drunk together, text together… and you can’t miss them because they are a “Huge Group of Girls”? LOL. Well, sketch comedy group Last Call Cleveland wrote a song about them (from his album, “Put Their Music In You“) and made a music video is well. The song is so catchy and the video is simply hilarious. Enjoy it below!

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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

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Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to be fearless this year? To take risks? Maybe to remind yourself that what other people think about you is none of your business? If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you with this step, look no further than Angela Trimbur. This gal is a complete and total expression of freedom and fearlessness. I stumbled across this video this morning and had to share it with all of you. I hope it will put a smile on your face.

Three weeks ago, Angela went through a “bum of a breakup” as she puts it in the video’s description. She states that she was feeling mega down and low. Scrolling through her music, she stumbled across “I’m Good, I’m Gone” by the fabulous Lykke Li and thought, the title of the song was quite fitting. Heading to her local laundromat in Echo Park, CA, Angela proceeded to dance for her life between the washing machines. Angela’s favorite stand-out lyric? “Yeah, I know I’ll get it back. Yeah, I know your hands will clap.”

What an inspiration this little video is. We should all dance like nobody’s watching everyday of our lives, don’t you think? Check out this little gem of a video below.

Watch Angela dance in the laundromat after the jump.

Riley Talks Marketing

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You have to love little kids sometimes. They say the most amazing things. A few weeks back, Patrick and I were babysitting his nephew for the evening and the amount of knowledge that came out of that kids mouth astonished me. Now, a new video that has gone viral today has put a little smile on my face.

A little girl named Riley was in a toy store with her father and got a little annoyed at all of the pink toys and princess Barbies being pushed in her face. What if she wanted to buy a superhero toy or a dump truck. Here are a few quotes from the cute little video.

“Some girls like superheroes, some girls like princesses! Some boys like superheroes, some boys like princesses! So why do all the girls have to buy pink stuff and all the boys have to buy different color stuff?”

Watch this little viral video below.

If you haven’t seen a Jenna Marbles video before, get to it! She’s a hilarious web comedian (with two very cute dogs) that says and does the most ridiculous things.

A couple days ago, she released a NSFW music video called, “Bounce That Dick” where she raps some dirty (and funny lyrics). Essentially, the video is in response to all of the songs that tell girls to shake their asses.

Marbles has flipped the script and is now calling all guys saying, “Baby show me what you’re workin’ with and make that dick twirl. Drop your hammer like Thor, and shake it till it’s sore. I want penises galore, in this bitch like Jersey Shore.” LOL. Yeah, you shouldn’t expect this song to be classy. The video was created & directed by Michael Gallagher

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Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of 2011

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As we draw nearer to the end of 2011, the year end lists keep coming out. YouTube has just revealed their annual “YouTube Rewind” where they provide a glimpse at a year in YouTube videos and highlight the Top 10 List of most viewed videos.

This year, YouTube decided to have a special guest host the segment – none other than Rebecca Black of the infamous “Friday” music video and song. Since throwing herself into the spotlight with the viral video, Black seems to have grown up quite a bit and I definitely have to give her props. She looks amazing in the YouTube Rewind and does a great job hosting it.

In addition to the YouTube Rewind (set to Avicii’s “Levels on Android Market” song), I’ve included each of the original videos in the Top 10 list for your viewing pleasure. I’ll only give you one spoiler and that is that Andy Samberg is in two of the videos in the top 10.

Check out the Year End Rewind & the Top 10 List after the jump…

Viral Video: Gay Dad Surprise!

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Okay, there is something ridiculous about a grown adult man crying at a viral video featuring a family that he’s never even met before; however, I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those people. I have this trigger in my gut that cues the waterworks any time I see a video go viral that features a blissful moment in someone’s life. I am a sucker for people making it through on reality competitions, soldiers coming home from war and surprising their friends and families, and don’t even get me started on baby videos.

Naturally, I was once again swept up in the moment when I came across a simple video of a married couple informing one set of parents that they were pregnant with their first child. What makes this video extra-special is that the parents hearing the info for the first time are two gay dads. While it’s not clear, I believe the two dads raised the father-to-be in this video, who in turn filmed their reaction and posted it to his YouTube account.

Naturally, I had to share this video with everyone, and in turn spread the joy.

Check out the viral video after the jump.

The Air Force Is Sexy… And They Know It

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I wish team spirit brought on videos like this more often! May I introduce to you a few of the men (and women) of the USAFA. A few of them got together to create a video in spirit in supporting their football team versus the Army. They chose to do a parody of LMFAO’s hit Sexy And I Know It. The result has gone crazy viral. The video was intended to be shown to the cadet wing to entice team spirit. However, this happened.

Deemed by wing staff as “too inappropriate to play for the cadet wing” this video will live on in our hearts, and as a tribute to banned spirit videos everywhere….

Alas, what can you do? Censorship is a bitch. Thankfully, the video has been making its rounds on the social media sites worldwide for our viewing pleasure. Of course, the video has attracted the attention of the gay male public who have proceeded to comment on the video as such stating things like “Main dude in? the floral pants is a freaking hottie. Deeeeelicious” and the like. Ah the homos. You can always count on them to take it that extra step. Check out the viral video below.

Watch the hilarious video after the jump.

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