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This is one of those pranks that you almost feel guilty for laughing at, but I’m sharing it with you anyway. An 8-year-old boy named Kenyan was playing around on his family’s iPad and I guess was checking out the cars on eBay. He panicked and shut the iPad off when he thought he purchased a Mustang for $50,000 – LOL. He figured by shutting it off, he’d be in the clear. Picture being just a kid and thinking you accidentally almost bought a car – a big difference between that and spilling your juice on the couch.

When his mom, Paula Papen came into the room, she asked him why he bought a $50,000 car and he explained that he had tried to exit out of it and that it purchased the car by accident, so he shut the iPad down to try to prevent it from going through. She said there was no way to cancel it and he is devastated that he has caused his family such grief. His mom doesn’t get mad at him though, she just says he made a mistake. She then breaks the news that he didn’t by a car and he couldn’t be more relieved.

In response to some of the criticism his mom received for the prank via comments on the video, Paula responded by saying “Trust me,? my son is fine, no permanent damage… And if there is, we know some really good therapists.” Watch the video below.

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YouTube’s 10 Most Watched Videos of 2012

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In order to rank on YouTube’s Most Watched Videos list for 2012, your video would’ve had to clock in at least 30,000,000 million views. That’s a whole lot of people watching. The following ten clips proved they could go viral better than all the rest. The top video scored a whopping 971,000,000+ views and was only released in July. To put that into perspective, that’s more than 10% of the world’s population. I’m pretty sure you know what the No. 1 is, but I’m certain you don’t know all the other nine clips.

I spend quite a bit of time in front of the computer and I’ve only seen half of the videos. Surprisingly, only one “Call Me Maybe” lip dub made it. Instead some chick playing a violin in cold weather, something about some KONY dude (I was vacationing in Australia that entire month), and some crazy guy jumping from space made the cut ;) Check out the Top 10 list below and see if you were part of each sensation or out of the loop.

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I can’t believe this happened AND I can’t believe it was caught on camera! Just a regular day at a park in Montreal, Canada…until it wasn’t.

While the father attends to his two kids, a guy nearby is filming a golden eagle (one of the best known birds of prey in North America) that is flying above the park. “Wow,” he says as he watches it fly. Suddenly, the bird then makes a u-turn and speeds down towards the grass in the park. The guy with the camera follows along until he realizes the eagle just lay his claws into the infant’s coat and is proceeding to take off with the prey. “Oh sh*t,” he shouts as he begins to run over. The dad then takes notice and starts shouting and running towards the eagle himself.

It’s so terrifying! I remember being in an area where eagles where flying around and I wouldn’t let my chihuahua/dachschund dogs run around freely because I was cautious of the eagles. I think I made the right decision considering this bird had no probably picking up an infant! These birds are known for taking on some larger animals. Watch the insane video below. Thankfully the child was safe in the end.

*UPDATE: The video has apparently been proven to be fake. I’ve included a second video that has been uploaded to prove it.

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Not too long ago, I shared with you probably the scariest prank I had ever scene, with a scary ghost girl terrorizing people trapped in an elevator. Well, the same Brazilian show hosted by Silvio Santos has done it again. This one is even scarier and the people absolutely lose their sh*t.

A crew of men load a coffin into an elevator, while unsuspecting people wait patiently to head up to their floor. Running back to get some flowers, the crew “accidentally” don’t make it into the elevator and the prank victims end up traveling in the elevator by themselves…with a random coffin. Partway through, the elevator gets stuck and shortly after, the corpse falls halfway out of the coffin. If that wasn’t bad enough, he wakes up moments later and scares the people half to death.

This show has absolutely pushed the boundaries on pranks and have likely scarred all of these people for life. LOL. Enjoy the video below!

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It’s kind of a tongue twister, but that’s the latest video response that originated about a month ago with unique approach to getting the message about marriage equality across: “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends“. Following that first video came the response from straight men, and more recently, “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends.” Now, the straight women have something to say.

In this video, the girlfriends of the straight homophobes speak up and say how “f*cking awesome” it would be for them to marry the gays that have said they would marry them. “The ladies that want fairytale weddings would actually get it, to a degree they never could have imagined,” says one woman. She later adds, “My dad wanted me to tell that he doesn’t hate you because you de-virginized me. He knows you didn’t de-virginize me.” LOL. Watch & enjoy the new video below.

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A new video from FatAwesome (a comedy group from Boston) tackles what it would be like if your friends acted like your pets and it has almost 4 million views already.

In the video, one guy plays the owner, another the dog, and the third guy plays the cat. From their behaviour when the owner comes home, to when he’s cooking in the kitchen, or just relaxing on the couch, they pretty much nailed it. Being a dog owner myself, I totally saw my dogs in what was shown in this video. I loved one part when the owner just gets home and the dog is so excited and runs over to him and says, “Ah! What’s up man! It’s so good to see you! I know I saw you this morning but it seems like it’s been forever.” It’s also hilarious to to see the huge contrast between the dog and the cat behavior as well.

Enjoy the cute and funny video below.

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Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends

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Remember the “Shit Girls Say” phase the internet went through, with new videos coming out every single day. Well, now there’s something new to fill that void.

It all started with a video called “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends,” a humerous video outlining a unique argument for marriage equality. Then came the retort, where Straight Men Respond to the aforementioned threat made by gay men. Now, a new video has come out and it’s absolutely hilarious. This one is called “Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends“.

In the video, the lesbians explain while they’d be the best wives ever. Some of their reasons are that they love sports, they aren’t into shopping, and well, they know other lesbians and sometimes they love to makeout and take their clothes off. “Scared of that spider in the bedroom? CRUSHED IT!,” the women say in the video. LOL.

Check out the video below if you want a good laugh. I wonder what the next take on these mixed up marriage videos will be. Any guesses?

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A series of videos where a little boy lip-dubs his dad’s coworker’s voice is in the process of going viral on YouTube. A video editor named Benjamin Barak asked a coworker to record a few funny skits that he took the audio from and dubbed over footage of his son lip-dubbing the dialogue. His son’s actual name is Maximus Thor and the end result of this project is hilarious.

There are four videos so far that include: Happy Meal, Gym, Star Wars, and Nazi Gold. Here’s an example of what to expect, from some of what is lip-dubbed in Happy Meal: “So, Banjo was driving me over to a big play date at Samantha’s house, and I’m like ‘Banjo, pull into Mickey-D’s, I wanna grub up before I see my lady.‘ Pull in. Walk our asses up to the counter, and I’m like, ‘Gimme the chicken nuggets. Happy Meal’…” With what happens next, the boy is not impressed with the woman at the counter. Wanna know what happened next?

Find out why these videos are going viral by checking them out for yourself below.

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