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A few days ago, a 29-year old from Boston named Robert Jeffrey decided to share a video of him from the summer of 1991 where at 9 years old, he performed to Madonna’s “Vogue” in front of a blue screen background. The video has since gone viral.

That summer, his parents took him to Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire where there was a business in the casino that gave tourists the chance to lip-sync to their favorite pop songs in front of a blue background. Needless to say, little Robert was eager and ready to participate!

Why did he decide to upload the video now? He figured he’d do so in honor of the twentieth anniversary of Madge’s “Truth or Dare” and in celebration of the upcoming film “W.E.“, which she is directing. He introduces the video by saying, “Here is my nine year old self paying tribute to the woman who changed my life and continues to inspire me just as much today as twenty years ago.” Watch the video below. This kid killed it! I’m so glad his parents let him “express himself,” considering what other parents may have done as I mentioned in the “sissy boy” story the other day.

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Man. Instead of feeling like a woman, Shania Twain must feel like clumsy tool. On the heels of announcing a two-year stint in Las Vegas, Twain appeared at the 10th annual CMT Music Awards to present the Male Video of the Year. As she made her way to the stage, the country superstar bailed big time. From the looks of it, she fell down hardcore. Is it wrong, I can’t stop laughing at the thought of it? I love Shania to death, but there’s something about seeing someone bite it hard that’s difficult to resist from chuckling.

The 45-year-old singer recuperated quickly and made it to the platform. Shania tried to laugh it off, but you can tell she was masking the pain and embarrassment. She shouldn’t worry too much, everyone falls down. As they say, it’s how you get back up. My all-time favorite celebrity bail is still Beyonce tumbling down while performing “Ring The Alarm” with her bandmate Michelle Williams coming a close second favorite.

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Chances are if you’re following the Stanley Cup Finals right now and were on Facebook yesterday (do I even need to ask?), you likely saw this hilarious video that went viral yesterday. When I first watched it, there were about 300 views. As I write this, there are now over 80,000 views. Since the Vancouver Canucks won 1-0 last night against the Boston Bruins, I think it’s only appropriate to share the video with all of you who haven’t seen it.

The video starts of with “Greg” introducing himself as a big Boston Bruins fan. He explains that he is in Vancouver and is going to explain why the Vancouver Canucks suck and are never going to win the Stanley Cup.

I don’t want to ruin it for you, so I’ll hold off saying anymore. Just be sure to watch the video until the end.

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Mitchum Wants You To “Love Thy Pits”

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Mitchum wants you to “Love Thy Pits“. The company just unleashed its new global ad campaign to support the launch of Mitchum Advanced Control™ stick/solid antiperspirant and deodorant. The campaign was created by ad agency Mother New York and features three new television spots. The first of which titled “Lies” is currently airing.

The “Love They Pits” manifesto will consist of TV, print and live commercial integration on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. During the show’s telecast two nights ago, Kimmel offered up his own interpretation of the campaign theme and showed his love of pits! And now, for 48 hours straight (an ode to the 48 hours of protection Advanced Control provides), Mitchum’s right and left armpits are offering their perspective on a variety of world events and timely topics, large and small alike. Check out the commercial below.

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Stu Stone puts 10 pounds of melon in a five pound sack in this new viral music video for 2(x)ist underwear. The video starts off with a little homage to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “I Like Big Butts,” except in this case it’s bulges. The video effectively demonstrates the difference a sexy form fitting pair of underwear can make in comparison to an unflattering, saggy pair of briefs.

The video then transitions into a guy version of Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies,” but in this case, undies. It’s called the “Shape Shake (All The Single Undies)“. Now these guys don’t have your typical “model physique,” but that doesn’t matter because in their new undies they look and feel hotter, and definitely increases their confidence. You know these guys are gonna get some. Check out the video below. It’s hilarious. Way to go 2(x)ist!

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A few years ago, Susan Boyle surprised Simon Cowell and the world with her angelic voice. Since then, Boyle has conquered the music charts across the globe. While Bai Shuying may not have the same beautiful vocal prowess as Susan, she has the potential of being an internet sensation like the Scottish songbird.

65-year old grandmother Shuying auditioned for the new season of “China’s Got Talent” and wowed the audience and judges with her talent. Alex sent me the link and told me it was a must watch. I had no idea what he was sending me. Even after watching it for a few seconds, I still had no idea, as there were no subtitles. All of a sudden, the Chinese granny started to bust a move. Shuying was throwing down some serious Michael Jackson moves. All self-taught, I might add too.

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The other day Tyrell wrote about Google Chrome’s new video, “It Gets Better“. On the same day, Google released a second commercial, titled “Dear Sophie“. Just like the anti-bullying message of the first video, the second one is equally as touching and really pulls at the heart strings. If you watch the video and don’t get a lump in your throat or getting a bit misty, you’re made of stone. LOL.

Dear Sophie” chronicles a father’s journey as he creates a virtual scrapbook documenting the momentous milestones in his daughter’s life. He creates an email address (Gmail of course) to which he sends a series of email notes with photos and videos as she gets older. The ad agency was creative enough to incorporate Google Maps in the touching video.

The two videos are part of a series called “The Web Is What You Make It“. Both videos certainly deliver on that message. Google worked in conjunction with ad agency, Bartel Bogle Hearty. The company says more videos are on the way. Reports say both commercials are based on true stories. I’m excited to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves to get me all emotional.

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A video showing the discovery of dead alien in the snow in Russia has gone viral, with over 4 million views so far on YouTube. The question is whether or not it is real? Of course, the obvious choice it’s to say it’s fake, but hey, you never know. Some arguments are that because the video has an establishing shot, and that the alien looks pretty much exactly like what we’ve been told they look like, that it has to be fake. But, there’s more. Apparently, a month ago, hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, plummeting towards earth before it crashed into a wooded area. The event received a lot of coverage and the government and military had gone to the site within hours of it happening, keeping it all very hush, hush. Now, this video is reported to have been taken in the Republic of Buryatia, not far from the crash site.

I’ve always been of the opinion that it is pretty ridiculous to think that we’re the only life form in this incomprehensibly large universe, so chances are, there is such a thing as these little green monsters. I probably think that way also because I watched WAY too much Unsolved Mysteries when I was a kid, and became terrified of aliens. LOL. Have you ever seen the (based on a true story) “Fire In The Sky“? F*ck is that movie ever terrifying.

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