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Stu Stone puts 10 pounds of melon in a five pound sack in this new viral music video for 2(x)ist underwear. The video starts off with a little homage to Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “I Like Big Butts,” except in this case it’s bulges. The video effectively demonstrates the difference a sexy form fitting pair of underwear can make in comparison to an unflattering, saggy pair of briefs.

The video then transitions into a guy version of Beyonce’s “All The Single Ladies,” but in this case, undies. It’s called the “Shape Shake (All The Single Undies)“. Now these guys don’t have your typical “model physique,” but that doesn’t matter because in their new undies they look and feel hotter, and definitely increases their confidence. You know these guys are gonna get some. Check out the video below. It’s hilarious. Way to go 2(x)ist!

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A few years ago, Susan Boyle surprised Simon Cowell and the world with her angelic voice. Since then, Boyle has conquered the music charts across the globe. While Bai Shuying may not have the same beautiful vocal prowess as Susan, she has the potential of being an internet sensation like the Scottish songbird.

65-year old grandmother Shuying auditioned for the new season of “China’s Got Talent” and wowed the audience and judges with her talent. Alex sent me the link and told me it was a must watch. I had no idea what he was sending me. Even after watching it for a few seconds, I still had no idea, as there were no subtitles. All of a sudden, the Chinese granny started to bust a move. Shuying was throwing down some serious Michael Jackson moves. All self-taught, I might add too.

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The other day Tyrell wrote about Google Chrome’s new video, “It Gets Better“. On the same day, Google released a second commercial, titled “Dear Sophie“. Just like the anti-bullying message of the first video, the second one is equally as touching and really pulls at the heart strings. If you watch the video and don’t get a lump in your throat or getting a bit misty, you’re made of stone. LOL.

Dear Sophie” chronicles a father’s journey as he creates a virtual scrapbook documenting the momentous milestones in his daughter’s life. He creates an email address (Gmail of course) to which he sends a series of email notes with photos and videos as she gets older. The ad agency was creative enough to incorporate Google Maps in the touching video.

The two videos are part of a series called “The Web Is What You Make It“. Both videos certainly deliver on that message. Google worked in conjunction with ad agency, Bartel Bogle Hearty. The company says more videos are on the way. Reports say both commercials are based on true stories. I’m excited to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves to get me all emotional.

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A video showing the discovery of dead alien in the snow in Russia has gone viral, with over 4 million views so far on YouTube. The question is whether or not it is real? Of course, the obvious choice it’s to say it’s fake, but hey, you never know. Some arguments are that because the video has an establishing shot, and that the alien looks pretty much exactly like what we’ve been told they look like, that it has to be fake. But, there’s more. Apparently, a month ago, hundreds of villagers saw a huge object, glowing pink and blue, plummeting towards earth before it crashed into a wooded area. The event received a lot of coverage and the government and military had gone to the site within hours of it happening, keeping it all very hush, hush. Now, this video is reported to have been taken in the Republic of Buryatia, not far from the crash site.

I’ve always been of the opinion that it is pretty ridiculous to think that we’re the only life form in this incomprehensibly large universe, so chances are, there is such a thing as these little green monsters. I probably think that way also because I watched WAY too much Unsolved Mysteries when I was a kid, and became terrified of aliens. LOL. Have you ever seen the (based on a true story) “Fire In The Sky“? F*ck is that movie ever terrifying.

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Bruno Is Anything But Lazy In New Music Video

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One of my favorite albums from last year was Doo-Wops & Hooligans by Bruno Mars. The unique style of the album brought a fresh sound to my iPod and I really appreciated it. The first single Just The Way You Are blew up the charts and was even covered on the hit show Glee. His second single Grenade became an instant hit as well climbing the charts and becoming one of the most talked about songs for 2011.

Now, Bruno’s third single from the album The Lazy Song is about to do the same and this new music video is really going to help. In fashion of the song, this real simple, stand alone, steady shot of a music video seems lazy but is truly anything but. Bruno’s team of Apes keep the video really entertaining and the simple choreography is really effective. I have to say that this is probably one of my favorite music videos of all time and definitely has viral potential.

Check out “The Lazy Song” here.

Sarah Silverman Makes Out With A Unicorn

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Unicorns are making money this year! First they appear in Kesha‘s “Blow” video, and now one is featured in a viral ad for Juicy Fruit, featuring Sarah Silverman. The video tells the love story of Sarah Silverman and this unicorn, while Aerosmith’s “Angel” plays in the background. Like every relationship, they have their ups and downs. In one arguments, Sarah says “I have horse like features, but I’m a person!”

The video is titled Serenading Unicorn Serenades Sarah Silverman. After Silverman sees a shady text on the Unicorn’s bedazzled phone, the Unicorn must win her love and trust back. So intense. Remember when Juicy Fruit was simply “The taste that’s gonna move ya?” They are sure trying something different.

The video is just under 4 minutes long, which in my experience is how long a stick of Juicy Fruit lasts. So pop one in your mouth and enjoy the video below!

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Jenna Marbles: Crazy & Effing Hilarious!

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I was first introduced to YouTube star Jenna Marbles (or Jenna Mourey) about a year ago when I saw her video tutorial on “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking“. In that video, she starts off Plain Jane with no makeup on, then slowly evolves into hot hoochie mama, with hilarious commentary along the way. I’m sure you must have seen it, but if not, I’ve included it later in the post.

She’s continued to keep making videos & vlogs since then (often with her two adorable dogs Mr. Marbles & Kermit), and yesterday I happened to stumble upon two more “laugh out loud” videos of hers I just had to share with you. The first one is “Things To Do Instead Of Cleaning Your Room”. I have no words to even explain this one. Let’s just say, she’ll do just about anything to avoid cleaning her room. In the second video, she gives you a helpful tip on “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To“. Also, as I mentioned, I’ve included the makeup video that has had the most hits out of all them. If you aren’t a big YouTube “subscriber,” You can follow her on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

I just love her type of humor. She actually reminds me a lot of Sarah Hyland, the funny lady behind the viral “La Sarah” video.

Watch some of my favorite Jenna Marbles videos after the jump…

Can You Out Dance Kylie?

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When I first saw this, I immediately knew I had to write about it. It totally reminded me of one of my good friends from Seattle. He knows who he is, and for the sake of his anonymity let’s call him Stan (LOL). At New Years, I had a few Seattle friends come visit and stay at Hotel Bridon (Brian & my place). Prior to going out each night, we’d all play a few rounds of Kinect Dance Central for Xbox 360 while getting our predrink/prefunk on. Just like singing, our dancing became more fluid as we became more intoxicated. Anyway. The Seattle boys instantly got hooked on the game and a few of them bought the game when they returned home.

I should probably mention that when we first played, my Seattle friend “Stan” was probably the most enthusiastic about the game, but sadly was the most stiff. I ain’t throwing shade, I said it to his face and he knows how I feel. Anyway, a few weeks later when I visited Seattle, his skills madly improved and I complimented his newly developed dance moves. I’ll give credit where credit is due, which brings me to this video.

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