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It’s only been out for a few days and already, its spawned it’s first parody. The original video I am referring to is Sh*t Girls Say which in turn could really be translated into what a lot of us homos say. Patrick could count a few that we’ve noticed each other say around the house. Now, comedian Jeffrey Self has created his own rendition titled Sh*t Gay Guys Say and just like the original, these quotes (while some stereotypical) are pretty bang on. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

  • “We had a share together in the Pines…”
  • “You guys have any wigs?”
  • “… which is why I’ll never go to Hamburger Mary’s again on a Monday.”
  • “Have you gotten your Oprah’s Life Class journal yet?”

And the list goes on. While I don’t think that this video has the LOL factor of it’s predecessor, it still pokes fun at some classic homo lines or variations of them. Check out the video below for yourself.

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Sabrina & Salem: Together Again

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Ah, I miss episodes of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. I used to live for new episodes of the series on Friday nights. Plus, I am a sucker for anything Melissa Joan Hart really. But come on, this show was awesome. Talking cats, magic and a closet that took you places. The best. Unfortunately, the show ended in 2003 but in a new video from Funny or Die, Sabrina and her cat Salem are reunited for a little Mexican dinner date. The result is absolutely hilarious.

Salem and Sabrina are sitting at a table and catching up as Salem is explaining his new career ventures when the restaurants waiter comes up to the table expressing how much he loved the show and how pretty he thinks Melissa Joan Hart is. Then switching gears, Salem brings up the idea that the two of them just practice some magic together. Reluctantly, Melissa agrees and the result is crazy… literally. Watch the video below.

Watch Sabrina & Salem’s reunion after the jump.

Merry Christmas From The HMS Ocean

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I love Christmas for a few reasons but none make me smile more than a good holiday-themed YouTube video. Every Christmas season, a few videos make their rounds on social network sites to be shared to spread cheer throughout the world. This morning when I woke up, I was treated to this little delight in my news feed and after watching it twice, couldn’t help but share it with you guys.

Lip syncing to Mariah Carey’s original All I Want For Christmas, the members of the HMS Ocean give us a lip dub like no other. Where we have previously seen one or two service men or women goof around in front of the camera, this video tries to get the whole ship involved including some superior officers. The video has some hilarious moments, some of which I tried to capture in the photo above.

After hearing that troops would be returning home for the holidays, a few team members got together to create a holiday DVD to celebrate the occasion. The result is something we all should share. I wish all of these men and women who served our country a safe return home and Merry Christmas. Now, check out the great video below.

Watch their hilarious lip dub after the jump.

“Don’t Say Gay”

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The video itself may be a year old, but it’s message is still pretty relevant. What was intended to be a Grade 8 project last year turned into a viral video this week when it was featured on Buzzfeed, AOL and The Huffington Post. Today, it kept popping into my Facebook feed so I thought I should watch it and check it out. I’m glad I did because not only is it hilarious, but it has a good message. Here is what the YouTube user, Grant V aka playahata646 said about the video.

In 8th grade we had a PSA project. ( Public Service Announcement) Don’t Say Gay. I chose a funny way to present it. Subscribe! And thanks to my little brother for being the star!

While it doesn’t have the production quality of some of the other PSAs out there, it’s message is still pretty relevant. The misuse of the word gay has been a tender topic for some for a long time. Patrick even wrote an article last year about the word fag and asked you if using it empowered gays by “taking it back.” What do you think? Check out the clever PSA and sound off below.

Watch the PSA after the jump.

Earlier today, Tyrell wrote about a faux Siri commercial that Ellen Degeneres did, where Siri recognizes Ellen’s voice and becomes completely starstruck and ineffective at helping Ellen accomplish her tasks.

Today, I came across another hilarious video (by CollegeHumor) that I simply could not wait to show you. The following video shows Siri getting caught in the middle of an intense argument between a husband and wife. The argument starts off with, “Tell my wife I’m going to be 30 minutes late.” The wife responds, “Tell my husband I’m not surprised.” It’s all downhill from there and Siri is caught in the middle.

With the Apple commercial music playing in the background, Siri tries to provide solutions to help resolve the argument, but things only get worse. The video is “laugh out loud” funny for sure.

Watch the hilarious video after the jump…

It was another crazy Black Friday in the U.S., as shoppers swarmed into stores to get their insane deals, hopefully getting out alive. Stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy were invaded by psycho shoppers that stopped at nothing to get what they came for.

Last year, Donovan, Brian, Tyrell, and myself went down to Seattle for Black Friday to see what all the hype was about, stopping at the Outlets for the midnight madness. Personally, I didn’t buy anything that evening (who wants to wait in line that long!?), but found a much more calm (and successful) shopping experience when we hit up the University Village for their deals the next day. I should note that Black Friday doesn’t exist in Canada (that’s what Boxing Day is for us), but it seems like they’re trying to make it happen here, as many stores are having their own Black Friday specials regardless.

Anyway, one of the crazy sought after deals at Walmart in the U.S. was a $2.00 waffle maker. People (some of which really didn’t need to be eating any more waffles) where madly trying to grab as many as they could. Luckily, there were no casualties. The same can’t be said for other Walmart locations where people were pepper sprayed and others were arrested. Check out some of the videos below.

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It’s Time To End Marriage Discrimination

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In Australia, they have this law called the Commonwealth Marriage Act. This disallows same sex partners from getting married. An Australian group called Get Up! are working hard at getting that amended. Along with a petition to sign, they have created a new video simply titled It’s Time to help bring awareness to the subject. The video has gone viral not only in Australia but all across the globe.

In the clip, we watch as two men meet for the first time, go on a few dates, meet friends and family, fall in love, move in together, go through hardships and the like. In the end, we watch as “Paul” takes to his knee to propose to his man. Here in Canada, gay marriage has been legal since 2005 and sometimes, I think it’s easy to take it for granted. Watch the video and sign the petition to support the amendment. As the video says, it’s time.

Check out the video after the jump.

Prison Break: Octopus Style

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You can definitely file this under, WTF?! Have you ever seen an octopus walk on land? Right, it sounds like the beginning of really bad magic trick or practical joke. However, a new video that is going insanely viral proves that yes, octopuses can take a stroll on land. I’m not the only one out there that had no idea this was possible right? I thought for sure they wouldn’t be able to breathe. Apparently, octopuses climbing out of the water is pretty common.

Octopuses in captivity actually escape their watery enclosures with alarming frequency. While on the move, they have been discovered on carpets, along bookshelves, in a teapot, and inside the aquarium tanks of other fish–upon whom they have usually been dining.

The video you can check out below was captured by a family checking out the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. At the two minute mark, we can watch as the octopus spits out a crab and leaves on the land to continue on his way. It’s absolutely remarkable. Nature is so interesting. Who needs National Geographic when you can watch these candidly captured videos on YouTube. Watch the amazing wonder below.

Check out the octopus’ escape after the jump.

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