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Vancouverites take notice. The dawning of a new era takes place this Saturday night. Homorazzi’s own Tommy D & Matt along with a couple of their friends are launching a new night at Oasis Ultra Lounge. Fabulously called monroe, the weekly event promises the best in pop music, 90’s, 2000’s, RnB and hip hop. I’m down with a good circuit track, but every once in a while papa has to let loose to some songs with actual lyrics.

The first week features DJ Robyn Graves on deck with Jaylene Tyme pulling hosting duties. The action kicks off at 10pm. Cover is only $5 with $5 drink specials all night long. For more info, head to their Facebook event.

As we celebrate being canucks up here in my beautiful home of Vancouver next weekend, what better way to enjoy the sun (yes, I checked the weather report and placed a call- I know people) than to dance your ass off at the biggest venue we gays get to enjoy on a semi-regular basis: Club 560 for its upcoming Canada Day party Reach Around. Not only is this one of Vancouver’s most recent gay haunts, but Club 560 is definitely up there on the luxury charts with three huge floors, couch areas and black leather as far as the eye can see. I’ve never had anything but the best of times at these events as there’s always different people, music and scenery to check out as you bounce from level to level until you find the one that fits you best (okay, now I’m just talking about guys haha).

As a statutory holiday weekend, you have NO excuse not to join myself and the Vancouver boys at this one and use Sunday and into Monday to recover because you are gonna get druuuuunk and have some good times at this puppy. As a newer event to our hamlet, I can tell you that the crowd will be a perfect mix of age, body types, styles and groups (and by that I mean everything from paper twinks to muscle daddies… great now I’m hard again). This one isn’t a “one type of guy” only party and doesn’t exclude anyone: come one and all and find the hottest maple syrup lover you can get your hands on… eh!

Click through to read the details for this new event!

Hands down, Hustla @ the Cobalt is my favorite night of the month. It’s the place I can twerk, booty drop and show off all my old school moves. Love Vancouver, but it’s definitely lacking in R&B and hip-hop nights. Imagine my surprise (and excitement) when I heard that Hustla was happening twice in June. Holla. Why the double header? The crew is bringing in Wendy Ho direct from LA.

Who is Wendy Ho? She’s a rapper, singer comedienne and overall a HO. Join the baddest bitch host in town, Peach Cobblah, and DJ Jef Leppard on Saturday night as they introduce you to one of their comic faves. The crew was kind enough to give us a pair of tickets to giveaway. If you’re in town Saturday, June 22, enter your name below and keep your fingers crossed. For more info about the event, check the FB event.

Contest Closed: Saturday @ 12pm, Winner will be contacted by email by 2pm.

Contest is now closed

To learn more about Wendy Ho, watch a few of her videos below.
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The Science of Sexuality

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I recently had the pleasure of checking out the newest exhibit at Telus World of Science titled The Science of Sexuality. I went because I wanted to know how homo-friendly the exhibit was or if it was a going to be a hetero-hypocrisy. I’m pleased to say that I did see and read quite a bit about the gay and lesbian communities. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything on our transgender friends. My Science World rep Jo-Ann said because of this Science World worked with a board of advisers to find a way to make the exhibit more inclusive and added these fun speech bubbles everywhere.

watch my video after the jump

Well Christ, if everyone is doing it I may as well get fitted for one myself: harness anyone?

Kink takes form in the Priape Leather Fetish Ball this coming June 22, 2013 at the very modern and Red Room Ultrabar– gotta love a change of venue once in a while! Bears, babes and bottoms alike all know that I have a penchant for the more extreme ends of the spectrum, so a fetish event to kick of Vancouver’s REAL start to summer (yup, late June… it’s that bad here) is exactly what the doctor ordered and I’m sure the party will have it all. Demanding fetish wear from its attendees (no lookie-loos allowed in order to make the scene as comfortable and charged as possible), you will find rubber, sports kits, uniforms and LEATHER of all kinds at this night so make sure to wear what gets ya hard cause SOMEone there will be into it.

Attracting a huge mix of ages, interests and scenes- I’m told by the organizers- this one is selling strong and is a must attend for anyone NOT just looking to dance in a tankini next to the same ol’ scene queens to a Taylor Swift song until 2am. I’m looking most forward to experiencing a group of gays that might not populate the typical clubs on a weekend night and finding out what makes them tick (…”tick” is slang for “have a huge erection“, right?).

Click through to read the rest of my review and get the details on the party itself

For all of you that don’t know, I’m en route to Toronto. My Vancouver life has currently come to an end after a decade in the beautiful city that I’ve called home, and it’s time for broader horizons and greener pastures and blah blah blah. So I kissed some babies and shook some hands (in reality I bawled my eyes out for 48 hours off and on), and after 9 goodbye parties and some scathing Facebook updates on how I was never actually leaving and everyone was hungover and broke, I left.

Three of us sold all of our worldly belongings, save our clothing, packed a Ford Explorer I had purchased for a steal and named Beryl, and with two of my best friends and a cat (yup, his name is Bruce and he’s lovely) in tow, we were off yesterday morning with one goal in mind: first stop, Boise, Idaho.

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A couple months ago, I joined CrossFit 604here in Vancouver and it was the best thing I ever did. I can honestly say CrossFit is now my favorite fitness related activity that I’ve ever done. People have said to me, “Oh you’re part of the cult,” which is hilarious. The reason why it people think that is because people are so freaking excited about what they are doing and can accomplish. I now know first hand and in CrossFit I have pushed myself further physically than in any other fitness related activity I’ve ever done.

1. The Challenge

You know when you go to the gym and the odd time you leave and you think to yourself, “Man that was an amazing workout…” Well, that’s literally how I feel every morning I finish CrossFit. You push yourself further than you would at the gym and the workouts really push you to your limit… to the point where you realize that it’s a mind game. Your mind wants you to quit, but your body can keep going.

2. The Variety

Every day is different and you don’t have to worry about “chest day” or “legs day” and things like that which is what I hated about the gym. I would get bored of my routines so quickly. Prior to CrossFit, I was also doing elite bootcamps with WestCoast Fitness, and those were 10x better than going to the gym (for me) and actually incorporate some CrossFit into their workouts. There just came a point where I couldn’t do CrossFit and bootcamp or my body would die. If CrossFit doesn’t appeal to you and you want to go to a good bootcamp class a few times a week, I’d recommend West Coast Fitness (that is if you are in Vancouver of course).

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Sexy ladies that can sing, dance, and kick some ass! The True Heroines is an original episodic sci-fi musical dramedy produced for the web and it explores the lives of three seemingly “normal” suburban 1950’s housewives that happen to have superpowers (invisibility, super speed and super strength). Together, they evade the evil corporation that gave them these powers, while having regular flashbacks to their former lives as cabaret dancers. Full of song and dance, the series is bursting with action, excitement and humor – all wrapped up in a very sexy package. Did I mention there are sexy milk men?

I’ve seen their live shows before and they are amazing. The show brings together a very talented group of singers, dancers and actors that can certainly put on a sexy and entertaining show. The ‘core’ True Heroines are three triple-threat beauties with extensive experience in dance, singing and acting. They are: Fiona Vroom (Supernatural, Tower Prep), Jovanna Huguet (Package Deal, Mr.Young) and Paula Giroday (Once Upon a Time, Fringe). I’m definitely looking forward to the screening of where the first 6 episodes of Season 1 will be screened along with the live performance. Honestly, this is a must-see act.

More on the the web series, the live show, and some pictures from their rehearsal this past weekend that I had the opportunity to check out.

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