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Behind The Cast: My First Owie

In: Behind The Cast, Tommy D

It’s been about 6 months since the beginning, and for the first time I had my first injury. Maybe I’m being just a baby but actually…OW! It happened a couple weeks ago, I don’t remember what we were doing (probably tits and biceps) and all of a sudden, my elbows completely gave out. I couldn’t lift anything else, and I couldn’t even straighten my arms. It was even difficult to tweet right after about how much pain I was in because my arms were shaking so much. (BTW- I got my proper twitter name @TommyD follow me…tweet me…twitterwhore!) I had no idea what the problem was, but it was excruciation. There is a proper name for it, but I’m not gym-y enough to remember it. I was actually a bit worried, but then I stretched it out, popped 2 advil, and let it fix itself. Within and hour it was fine, but that was it for the week. No more exercises to do with my arms. Which meant it was dreaded legs  the next time. Blah.

Why do we all hate to work out our legs? Really…almost every single person I talk to says that working out their legs are their least favorite? Why is that? I have a theory; wanna hear it? Too bad you will anyway.

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Fitness Tip: Bent Over…Rows

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In this week’s Fitness Tip, Mike shows you how to bend over… I mean, he shares with you a couple variations of Rows…, and the proper technique in doing them. The bent over row is a great exercise for the back for increasing strength and size.

It’s especially important to do these exercises properly to avoid injury.

Wanna see the exercises in action?

Video demonstration of this week’s tip after the jump…

As always, it’s important to focus on your core, as it helps you with all of your other exercises and one of your most important muscles – it also is good for vanity reason ;) When doing core exercises, maintain your core stability by drawing your belly button up and into your spine, which is different from flexing your abs.

The two exercises Mike focuses on in this video are:

  • Plank Weight Transfer
  • Walking Plank

Wanna see the exercises in action?

Video demonstration of this week’s tip after the jump…

Britney would have had an easier time shaving her head if she had used the Philips 180 Pivoting Clipper head. It allows you to cut your own hair – even in hard to reach spots because you can adjust for it. It’s the first-ever clipper designed specifically for self haircuts.


  • Contour following comb adjusts to every curve to give fast and comfortable results.
  • Self-sharpening stainless steel blades ensure a precise and even result every time.
  • Select and lock your desired length within a versatile range of possible lengths (10 integrated length settings up to 21mm).
  • Create any style you want with the precision detail trimmer.
  • 180° pivoting clipper head for maximum reach in all areas.
  • Easy grip for total control.
  • Extra powerful battery for easily cutting all hair types.
  • Operates on a rechargeable battery (8 hour charge) for up to 60 minutes of cordless operation for maximum freedom of movement. Can also be used corded.
  • Watch me shave my head after the jump…

Behind The Cast: I’m Back!

In: Behind The Cast, Tommy D

Hey Homorazzi readers…it’s ME! Back from the dead! Well not really dead but I pretty much had absolutely zero time to do anything except Pride for the month of July, and then rest and recoup and film fest and The Odyssey closing all of August. I took a look back at when my last BTC entry was and it was at the end of June. WAHH WAHH TO ME! SO what the hell happened?

Well, I got skinnier, then I got fat again. I drank for pretty much a full month, and spent 3 week eating whatever the hell I wanted, and not sleeping, and being stressed out. I still kept working out three times a week…but sadly I went up about 6 pound. #FAIL.

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A local Vancouver-based charity is about to celebrate a huge achievement; successfully changing (and saving) lives for 20 years! If you haven’t heard of A Loving Spoonful, the following excerpt from their website ( should help;

‘A Loving Spoonful is a volunteer-driven, non-partisan Society that provides free, nutritious meals to people living with HIV/AIDS in Greater Vancouver.

Every week, all year round for over 19 years, our volunteers deliver approximately 1200 frozen meals and over 250 snack packs to men, women and children who are primarily homebound with AIDS. Our average meal cost is only $3.55. A Loving Spoonful is the constant support of over 250 adults and children living with HIV/AIDS throughout the Greater Vancouver area.’

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Last night, Myself, Donovan, Brian, Jonny, and his boyfriend Kodie (both pictured above with Cyndi Lauper), went to the PNE here in Vancouver to check out Cyndi Lauper’s Memphis Blues concert. The place was full, a mixture of fans, young and old came out to see her in her crazy bright red mop-like hair.

This lady is still as amazing as she’s ever been. Her voice was absolutely phenominal and sided from all the uplifting blues music she performed, she also treated us with “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” “Time After Time,” and “True Colors”. She even talked about The Apprentice and the reason why she did the show was to draw attention to equality and equal rights for gays, through the “Give A Damn Campaign,” she pioneered. The crowd of course cheered to this.

But that was not the most memorable moment of the concert for me. When she stopped the concert midway through a song…that was unforgettable.

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In this week’s Fitness Tip, Mike talks to you about Pushups, Dumbbells & Balls. Essential, we’re taking regular pushups and taking them to the next level.

Pushups already engage your triceps & chest, among other muscles, but the following exercises (as demonstrated in the video to follow) will get you using other muscles and pushing yourself even more.

  • Pushup Rows with Dumbbells
  • Pushups with Hands on Medicine Balls
  • Pushups with Feet on Medicine Balls

Video demonstration of this week’s tip after the jump…

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