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Vancouver welcomes a brand new burger joint today and it’s definitely worth checking out. Max’s Burgers is the brainchild of Chef Connor Butler (Connor Butler Restaurant, C, Pearl on the Rock) and Redpath Foods, the team that has brought you Max’s Deli and Stuart’s Bakery for decades.

Located just off Cambie Street at 8th Avenue, Max’s Burgers is a great alternative to the fast food chains and Vancouver mainstays like Cactus Club and Milestones in the area. Moderately priced between $9 and $13, you can treat yourself to a gourmet burger in a casual dining/fast food setting.

Whether you’re a beef lover, seafood connoisseur or vegetarian, Max’s Burgers offers a burger for everyone’s taste palette. All of which are served with fresh Kennebec fries, onion rings and yam fries – all fried in yummy tallow.  As if that wasn’t enough deliciousness for your taste buds, be sure to order one of their grownup milkshakes *cough* alcoholic beverages *cough* to help that burger go down even more smoothly. Don’t fret concerned parents, they also some virgin ones as well for the kiddies.

Prior to opening its doors to the public Monday, January 23rd, Brian and I were invited to sample some of Chef Connor’s “perfect burgers” for a media event. Spending three hours nibbling on burgers and sipping on cocktails probably wasn’t the best idea for our new diets, but boy was it worth it. The positive side of our culinary evening is we now get to recommend our favorites to you. Read and see what we liked below.

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For those who love stand-up comedy, you’re going to love this. From February 16 til the 26th, the Vancouver ComedyFest takes place and will undoubtedly have the entire city laughing in stitches. This year’s lineup boasts an AH-MAZING slew of international names from Carol Burnett, David Hasselhoff, Margaret Cho and the incomparable Betty White. I, personally can’t wait to see them all live, especially Miss Golden Girl herself.

We were able to get our hands on a few tickets and decided to share the wealth. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be holding contests to give a pair of tickets to a couple of the shows. Spoiler alert. One of them will be for Betty White. Today, we have two tickets to Margaret Cho’s show at the Center for Performing Arts, Sunday February 19th. I’ve seen the hilarious Cho before live and she’s a riot. Margaret was most recently seen competing on “Dancing With The Stars” with her professional partner Louis Van Amstel. In addition to recording comedy albums, Cho stars in Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva“, now entering its third season.

All you have to do to enter is simply give us your name, email address and why you should win the tickets. At the end of the entry period, we will pick one lucky winner at random. They’ll receive two tickets to Cho’s show on Sunday February 19th. If you don’t consider yourself to be a lucky individual, scroll down to the end of this post and we’ve got some limited holiday-priced ticket and hotel packages for Vancouver ComedyFest 2012.

  • Prize: (2) Tickets to Margaret Cho’s Show on Sunday February 19 @ The Center for Performing Arts.
  • Contest Start Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2011
  • Contest End Date: Monday, January 2, 2012 @ 10am PST

*Only US and Canadian entries allowed. Travel and hotel not included.


Congrats to Rob L. for winning the tickets.

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Concert Review: Prince

In: Donovan, Music

His royal highness Prince Rogers Nelson, simply better known as Prince, brought his signature Minneapolis funk sound to town and gave a show that I won’t soon forget. The now 53-year-old musician proved he’s still got it and tore it up with a mixture of his classic hits, cover songs and amazing medleys. Given that the evening started out the wrong foot (started almost an hour late), Prince quickly got the crowd revved up and partied like it was 1999. Before you knew it, waiting outside in a serpent-like queue was nothing but a distant memory.

When I first heard that Prince was bringing his well-reviewed tour to Canada, I knew I had to go. Not that I was a huge Prince fan or anything, but his long list of hits played heavily during my childhood. I never thought I’d actually have a chance to see him live so I knew I had to seize this opportunity given he was playing, literally across the street.

From what I read about Prince’s previous stops, he liked to mix things up. From the setlists, to the number of encores, Prince definitely keeps his fans and band on their toes. Gotta hand it to his extremely-talented backup band, the New Power Generation, for working it out and being ready to play whatever suited the audience. A few of those female singers had me testifying all night long. Amen.

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Dear hot and funny friend of Homorazzi Ryan Steele, and equally sexified power lesbian Amy Goodmurphy are having their comedic Toronto debut (pronounced day-boo btw) at the The Flying Beaver Pubaret this Sunday people, and if you’re not there, you’re a square, and if you’re a square you might as well just disappear. DISAPPEAR.

Seriously these two are funny. Oh what you’re not familiar? UGH. Ryan Steele is only the Vancouver master of YouTube Comedy and if you haven’t been to his channel then you’re doing something far less interesting than, for example, watching his new video on a Saved By The Bell classic! Other highlights include the epically viewed Busy Drag Queen, Bait Bus, Busy Drag Queen 2, Moms Over Miami, OH GOD just go to the channel and surf away. It’s just all good. And he’s super friggin’ hot, like, ridiculous cook lamb burgers off his abs and take a big bite hot so, why wouldn’t you want to watch him?

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Theatre Review: La Cage aux Folles

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This past week Alasdair and I were fortunate enough to see the opening night performance of La Cage aux Folles at the Vancouver Playhouse in Vancouver. The Vancouver Playhouse was yet another venue within the Vancouver arts scene that I had yet to see a performance at, so I was extremely excited to get the opportunity. The theatre was the perfect setting, as it’s attached to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, yet not as grand and bordering on the campier side of venues. If you know the story of La Cage, then I guarantee you thought to yourself, how perfect. La Cage aux Folles is playing now until December 24th, Christmas Eve, and there are still some tickets available so if you’re interested I recommend you get them soon before you miss your chance!

I personally wasn’t up to speed on the story behind La Cage, or its spin off feature film, The Birdcage starring Nathan Lane, so Alasdair quickly filled me in on the highlights (and I don’t mean the hair). After scanning through the program I was ridiculously ecstatic to see a number of local drag queens had been cast in the starring roles, typically played by touring actors. Some of the familiar faces included Peach Cobblah playing Hanna, Kiki Lawhore playing Phaedra, and Iona Whipp playing Derma. Granted, the other three queens were equally fabulous in their performances as well. If you’re a local Vancouverite I guarantee you’d recognize a face or two in the production as well! It really made for a genuine, hometown feeling of a show, which is exactly what the doctor ordered to kick off the 49th season of the Vancouver Playhouse schedule!

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Photograph by Laura Nguyen

The gay community is pretty amazing at coming together as one to support each other. Think about how many online campaigns there that everyone participates in, regardless of their location. We can all connect with each other in many ways, considering most of us grew up in a society that made us feel ashamed of who we are. But how did we get to where we our now in our very own community? Who paved the way? I’m not so sure myself, but I’m looking forward to finding out!

A Vancouver art and culture magazine called Sad Mag will be launching its Queer History issue on Thursday, November 3. This special double issue of the magazine commemorates Vancouver’s queer history from 1960 to today, in step with the City of Vancouver’s celebration of 125 years since incorporation.

“No history of Vancouver would be complete without a look at the rich and varied history of gay and lesbian communities here,” says Sad Mag’s Creative Director, Brandon Gaukel. “Not only have our queer communities been a force of creative and artistic production in the city, but they’ve also had a huge impact on the day-to-day lived culture in Vancouver.”

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This guy has some serious issues with drinking. That being said, Vancouver’s Granville Street is full of drunk idiots looking for trouble on the weekend so he went to the right place. Last week, Transformers star, Shia LaBeouf got into it with some guy inside a bar called Cinema Public House here in Vancouver. When security kicked them both outside, they got into it and the man tore off his shirt and started punched LaBeouf in the face. Based on his reputation, I’m sure this was provoked and LaBeouf may have been stirring things up after having too much to drink. Who knows.

After friends break up the fight, the guy takes off and LaBeouf wants to go after him. His friends tell him, “You gotta lay low right now!” That’s what makes me thing this is just another night of trouble for him and his friends are trying to keep him in line. Fights are so stupid.

LaBeouf has been in town filming “The Company You Keep” and has apparently been a regular at the venue while here filming. If he needs to lay low right now, he should not be getting plastered and not be on Granville Street where trouble awaits. The only thing LaBeouf should be transforming is his drinking problem and his reputation. Watch the video footage obtained by TMZ below.

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Remember the June 15th Vancouver Stanley Cup Riots that made headlines worldwide? People looting, destroying property, beating people up, etc.? Well a spa chain in Vancouver now wants to offer the guilty parties involved a $50 Calm Down & De-Stress gift certificate to use at their facilities, should they meet a few requirements first…

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