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Stuart Reardon Goes Navy Diving

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

Our Sports Stud post on English professional rugby player Stuart Reardon is one of more popular athletic features ever. Have you seen the number of pins? Clearly, you love the inked jock. How could I not share these Navy Diver promotional pictures with you. That would just be cruel. The Australian men’s swimwear and underwear brand tapped him to show off their fun and fashionable designs. Check out how their product keep his “anchor” at “bay.”

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The first images of Thom Evans as the new face body for D. Hedral surfaced a couple of months. The second batch featuring the 28-year-old former rugby player have been released. Set in a similar desert-like environment, the Scottish stud looks even better with his hair pushed back. God, I sound like Regina George(Rachel McAdams) in Mean Girls.

Can you believe 90210 star Jessica Lowndes gets to have her way with him anytime she wants. The two debuted their brand new relationship at the first weekend of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival. Lucky beyotch. Check out Evans showing off D. Hedral’s seamless underwear below.

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Gregg Homme Releases One Night Stand Part 2

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

The first part of Gregg Homme’s new promo video ended with a cliffhanger. It showed model Philip Fusco receiving a booty call text in the wee hours of the morning. He quickly tidies his apartment and takes a shower to freshen up. And by freshen, I hope it included a certain place ;) Part 1 of One Night Stand ends with him stepping out of the shower.

The underwear company just released the second part. All nice and clean, Fusco opens his underwear drawer to pick the perfect Gregg Homme brief. Obviously, he tries on a couple to find just the right one to entice his late night gentleman caller. The doorbell then rings and… uh oh. Just like Reese Witherspoon, Fusco has a run-in with the law. Watch Part 2 below and find out how the fantasy continues. Hint. It’s a “happy ending.”

watch the video after the jump

For their last promo video, Andrew Christian and his bevy of underwear models found themselves tossed “Overboard” from their sailboat. Luckily, Jon Varak, Corey Lee and the rest of the models washed up on shore of the Florida Keys with three hunky lifeguards there to rescue them. Not just any sandy beach but the Island House Key West gay resort. Can you sense the promotional tie-in? I should probably note the resort is a frequent advertiser on our site. Much love.

The underwear label recently released promotional stills from their video shoot. Now you can see the swimwear *cough* bulges *cough* up close and personal. Check out the photos below. Be sure to share which stud you want to give mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation to in our comments section.

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Just when I thought Gregg Homme’s marketing couldn’t get any hotter, they hire Philip Fusco to front their new ad campaign. The fitness model is too much sexy for one man to have. Life’s just not fair ;)

The underwear brand just unveiled a new video featuring Fusco promoting their new Target collection. It shows Fusco coming home at 4am to his gorgeous apartment. Thinking he’s all settled in for the night, he makes himself a cocktail and undresses to just his Gregg Homme brief. All of a sudden he gets a call from an unknown caller (dirty, dirty, dirty boy). We all know what this means… booty call. Fusco then rushes to get the apartment and himself all tidied up for his one night stand. Check out the clip below.

“Who Gregg Homme is, is left up to the imagination. He is filled with mystery, desire and an exuberant amount of seduction. He exists to trick you, tease you and bring out your innermost fantasies. This creates an intoxicating hunger leaving our customers craving more.“ – Eric Boisvert (Owner & Head Designer)

watch the video after the jump

Underwear brands are a dime a dozen these days and so are shirtless boys parading around in briefs for that matter. That being said, I just had to write a post about ButtWrap. Not only is their name sorta adorable, but their tagline is all kinds of awesome- “Use Your Butt For Something Bigger!” I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. LOL. Maybe something got lost in translation from German. Whatever its intention, it’s catchy and stands out, IMHO.

The styles are pretty American Apparel-like and the photos from the ad campaign need an injection of more sex appeal. See ES Collection as great examples. I’m sure they’ll get better in time. In the end, I admire anyone trying to make it from scratch. ButtWrapBerlin is a team of three friends and former colleagues: Wolfgang and Pinar from Berlin, and Joan from Barcelona who all used to work in the fashion industry. Check out their products and promotional photos below.

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aussiebum Introduces New Underwear Line

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

Fans of furry men be forewarned. You might spontaneously combust after checking out aussiebum’s new ad campaign. The Australian company selected a dark-haired stunner with hair in all the right places to launch their brand new series called “Billy.”

The super-lightweight undies feature nine retro designs that encapsulate the essence of strength and creativity. All I could uncover about the model is that his first name is Andrew. Beyond that is anyone’s guess. If anyone has info, please share with us in the comments section. Enjoy the sexy creative below. The backside shots are beyond sizzling ;)

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Kirill Dowidoff looked sooooooo delicious in their swimwear ad campaign, ES Collection decided to book the Russian model to front another creative. Aptly titled “Fierce,” Dowidoff poses with several animals while posing in jeans, shirts and shorts from the Barcelona-based brand. Of course with a body that doesn’t quit, photographer Joan Crisol had to feature some photos with Kirill showing off his assets.

“This new production was a huge experience and even though we didn’t face any danger we have to admit that being surrounded by these animals imposes” says Joan Crisol, official ES Collection photographer.

Check out ES Collection’s 2013 streetwear ad campaign below. Given how unpredictable working with animals can be, the photos turned out phenomenally. You have to watch the behind the scenes video as well. I gained a whole new respect for Kirill after seeing him trying to get the perfect shot while wrangling his co-stars. That definitely didn’t look easy.

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