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It’s only fitting that a Greek god be front and center for Attitude magazine’s Summer Style edition. After all, who else could complement the majestic Mediterranean Sea than Georgios Parashos? His first name practically says it all… “gorgeous.” I’m sure that’s not how you pronounce it, but in my mind (and argument’s sake) it does ;)

Parashos shows of a selection of underwear for photographer Cameron McNee. The photo shoot and fashion film are in conjunction with British retailer Selfridges. I absolutely love that store. Check out Georgios channeling his inner seamen on a luxurious yacht below. God, I miss Greece.

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Andrew Christian underwear videos are getting so racy, the only day I feel comfortable posting them is on Saturdays. If they get any hotter, I probably can’t share them anymore. Oh well, I’ll just have to enjoy them privately ;)

If you thought the underwear brand’s previous car wash video was hot, this one is off the chains hot. This time around, the AC boys partake in watery fun in Miami with the help of Island House and Manhunt.net. Gotta love Andrew Christian for monetizing their clips with product placement. Much respect. Check out Alex Sanchez, Antonio Biaggi, Diego Vena, Javier Morales, Pablo Hernandez and others clean a car with their ample assets.

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ES Collection has Kirill Dowidoff. Not to be outdone. C-IN2 underwear has an equally studly underwear model of their own in the form of Mike Stalker. I sense a future Who’d You Rather battle between them soon. Prior to showing off his juicy bubble butt and rock hard abs, Stalker was a former Fordham University soccer player. That explains that toned physique.

For their latest promo vid, C-IN2 puts that physique to good use. The clip follows Mike during his morning routine which includes a sweaty workout and hammering??? Symbolism much? The vid takes an unexpected turn when a female guest arrives. Before you know it, Mike gets all up on her (lucky bitch). But wait… out of nowhere another person comes in and it’s another guy. Did someone call for a threesome. This just got interesting!!! Check out the Rick Day-directed visual below. In my next life, I want to come back as Day. That guy gets to photograph all the hottest guys.

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Kirill Dowidoff must be generating solid business for ES Collection. Once again, the Spanish swimwear and underwear brand has tapped the Russian model to show off their designs. I’m sure even if his photos didn’t translate to revenue dollars, they still would use him. The guy is damn HOT. Definitely one of my favorite Model Behavior studs I’ve ever featured on Homorazzi.

Joined by fellow Ruskie Vladimir, the two goof around in the kitchen. I’m sure food isn’t the only thing being buttered and stuffed in the kitchen. I don’t enjoy cooking all that much, but I might have to consider changing my stance on that if I had Kirill as my cooking buddy to prepare delicious meals. Given how tasty both men are, it’s only fitting the name of ES Collection’s new offering is Gourmet. Check out the promo images below. For more naughty bun-revealing pics, click on the link provided at the end of the post.

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With all the bookings Tomas Skoloudik lands, it’s hard to imagine he once did porn. After seeing his bulge, it’s not surprising the Czech model worked his pole for the camera back in the day. Too bad he didn’t film one now. With his facial scruff and buffer body, he’s far more attractive to me now. If you don’t think so, check out his latest editorial.

Tetu magazine taps the 27-year-old top model to star in an underwear spread photographed by Dean Isidro. Skoloudik wears boxers, briefs, t-shirts and other lounging fare for the French publication. It’s definitely one of my favorite shoots from Tomas. Check it out below.

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Stuart Reardon Goes Navy Diving

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Our Sports Stud post on English professional rugby player Stuart Reardon is one of more popular athletic features ever. Have you seen the number of pins? Clearly, you love the inked jock. How could I not share these Navy Diver promotional pictures with you. That would just be cruel. The Australian men’s swimwear and underwear brand tapped him to show off their fun and fashionable designs. Check out how their product keep his “anchor” at “bay.”

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The first images of Thom Evans as the new face body for D. Hedral surfaced a couple of months. The second batch featuring the 28-year-old former rugby player have been released. Set in a similar desert-like environment, the Scottish stud looks even better with his hair pushed back. God, I sound like Regina George(Rachel McAdams) in Mean Girls.

Can you believe 90210 star Jessica Lowndes gets to have her way with him anytime she wants. The two debuted their brand new relationship at the first weekend of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival. Lucky beyotch. Check out Evans showing off D. Hedral’s seamless underwear below.

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Gregg Homme Releases One Night Stand Part 2

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The first part of Gregg Homme’s new promo video ended with a cliffhanger. It showed model Philip Fusco receiving a booty call text in the wee hours of the morning. He quickly tidies his apartment and takes a shower to freshen up. And by freshen, I hope it included a certain place ;) Part 1 of One Night Stand ends with him stepping out of the shower.

The underwear company just released the second part. All nice and clean, Fusco opens his underwear drawer to pick the perfect Gregg Homme brief. Obviously, he tries on a couple to find just the right one to entice his late night gentleman caller. The doorbell then rings and… uh oh. Just like Reese Witherspoon, Fusco has a run-in with the law. Watch Part 2 below and find out how the fantasy continues. Hint. It’s a “happy ending.”

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