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Just in time for the weekend, Andrew Christian has delivered a new video where the boys create a messy muscle masterpiece, inspired by Kat Graham’s “Put Your Graffiti On Me“. Two things I love combined in one video, titled “Tag Me“.

In this video, the boys sit down in a painting class to paint a nude model (Brandon Wertz). When his sexiness is too much to handle, the boys decide to make the model the canvas. With familiar drool-worthy models like Quinn Christopher Jaxon and Stephen Dehler, alongside other hotties that include Jose Valdivia, Ivan Velasquez, and Johnathan Myers, they’ll take you on a journey from painting to panting. Oh, and yes… there is also an uncensored version ;)

Get the idea? Enjoy the video below and have a great weekend.

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The Andrew Christian models are back at it again. Their last video really pushed the boundaries and as much as I love to see their bare booties, I’m glad this one isn’t as extreme so that we aren’t crossing the line with what we post as well. It’s not bad when there is a censored and uncensored version, but last time both versions were SO naughty… with a capital N.

In this new video, the boys take turns shaking their booties for the camera, almost like a “dance off“… except in this case it would be an “ass-off“. The song playing in the background is called “Punch That Kitty” by Glamorous Monique and Gordy Cox. I’m so glad that Jason Medina (shown above), one of my top three favorite AC models is in this video as well.

If you want to pick up a pair of what the boys are wearing, you can find that on the AC website here. Check out the video below. Enjoy!

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Gregg Homme Underwear’s Sexy Proposition

In: Donovan, Totally GAY!

A couple of weeks ago, Gregg Homme revealed the “Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer… Ever!” for their new campaign. The final product has seen the light of day and simply put… HOLY FRIGGIN’ HOT. You may not be a fan of their provocative underwear, but Gregg Homme sure knows how to film a seductive clip. If sex truly sells, I expect the company to completely sell out.

Once again, they’ve used model Thierry Pepin as the centerpiece of their campaign. Wearing nothing but skimpy white tighties which show off his low hangers, Pepin is unwittingly the object of a peeping Tom. Or is he… In an interesting turn of events, Thierry notices him and motions the voyeuristic neighbor to “come” on over. What follows is a passionate and erotic session in a red-lit room? If you don’t get turned on, you’re probably on the wrong site ;) Check out the steamy clip below.

watch the video after the jump

I swear, 2012 is the year of the underwear campaign videos. They’ve been popular before, but thanks to Andrew Christian (in my opinion), everyone’s had to kick it up a notch in terms frequency and uniqueness.

In this new video by aussieBum, the brand has Xander (the hot model) walking in slow motion through a field in the outback, on a “Journey” somewhere, which happens to be the name of this latest design that is available in “Hipster” & “Brief” in various vibrant colors.

The text that appears on the screen to spell out their ideology with this theme is as follows: “It’s your life. It’s your journey. Inspired by yours/ours/everyones… Journey“. Enjoy the video below!

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French men’s underwear and swimwear brand, Hom has just released a sexy new campaign that features 8 famous Olympic swimmers from France. They include: Frederick Bousquet, Romain Magula, Grégory Mallet, Maxime Bussière, Florent Manaudou, Camille Lacourt, Dorian Gandin, and Fabien Gilot.

I’ve also included the behind the scenes video of the photo shoot shot by famed photographer François Rousseau. The video shows the eight guys hanging out together in their undies, pouring water on each other and soaking up each other’s hotness… or something like that.

Given that they’ are all Olympic athletes, their bodies are fantastic. Also, given that their from France, they’re not afraid to get touchy with each others, as evident by the picture above. Enjoy the behind the scenes video and get a good look at all of the swimmers in one of the ads below.

Watch the video after the jump…

Not too long ago, I wrote about the extremely sexy Todd Sanfield‘s new book called Hotel | Motel by photographer Kevin McDermott. Now, two worlds have collided with the sexy Benjamin Godfre endorsing and literally stripping down for Todd Sanfield’s underwear line.

In the following video, Godfre is in Todd Sanfield Underwear and talking to the camera through a mirror as someone else films (It looks like he’s in a hotel room). He lists the reasons why he likes the underwear and why he’ll be wearing them all the time now. That being said, towards the end, he mentions that there’s one problem. When he’s wearing the underwear, he’s not naked. So, he changes that.

In my fantasy, Todd Sanfield is actually filming Godfre in this video and after filming is done… Anyway, enjoy the video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

It feels like all of the underwear brands have been busier with photo shoots and videos than ever before right now. Today, we’ve got two hot behind the scenes videos for a photo shoot by N2N Bodywear for their 2012 campaign. The two sexy models you’ll see in the videos are Kaylan Morgan and Julian Naderer.

Not only are the videos great stimulation for your eyes and your….(ahem), but also for your ears. The song playing in the background of the first video is “Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix)” by Calvin Harris and in the second, “So This Is Goodbye” by William Fitzsimmons.

You may have seen those HOT pictures of DWTS’s William Levy wearing VERY revealing underwear… well, that was a shoot for N2N Bodywear, so we all have them to thank. Enjoy these behind the scenes videos below!

Check out the behind the scenes videos after the jump…

In just a few short days, Gregg Homme unleashes its new worldwide video ad campaign. Once again, they’ve tapped male model Thierry Pepin to become the centerpiece for their videos. Speaking of which, I’d like to tap that Thierry. Soooooo sexy. In anticipation of the campaign’s launch, Gregg Homme Underwear has released the “Most Outrageously Sexy Trailer… Ever!” as they put it. I don’t know about the sexiest ever, but it certainly raised my temperature.

In previous videos, we’ve seen Pepin getting frisky in an underground parking lot and chic boutique hotel. This time around, we’re getting a bit more intimate look- in his private quarters. We’re shown shots of Thierry walking around his apartment wearing just Gregg Homme underwear, of course. White ones to boot. Unbeknownst to him, he has several admirers checking him out from across the building. Watch the video and see who he hooks up with.

watch the sexy trailer after the jump

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