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I’ve discovered a new brand of undies and swimwear and already, I know I like them and I haven’t even tried them on. But I know I need to get a pair. m8mate swimwear, underwear and loungewear hails from the Ukraine but what makes them so special?

Each pair is handmade. “About 6 years ago one of my friends showed me the advertisement for the men’s underwear – those pictures were really striking… I could hardly resist the temptation to do something of the kind,” explains the company’s biography. “As it turned to be, sewing is far from easy though too interesting. In addition it gives me a chance to express my creative side in photography, too.”

The company name is interesting too as they describe the word “mate” as a prejudice-free pal. I like that. In their latest photo shoot, these sexy boys try to grasp the last kiss of summer, lounging by the pool in some royal colored suits. It’s a little tough but try and look past those rippling six packs and check out the product.

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Who’d You Rather: Thomas VS Bachtel

In: Totally GAY!, Tyrell

It’s Wednesday. Halfway through our work week and ready for a pick me up. This week’s very sexy Who’d You Rather feature debuts two new faces to These male models definitely know how to show off their assets.

Bryan Thomas is a personal trainer and certified nutritionist hailing from Philadelphia who works part time as a fitness, print and underwear model. With looks like that, he should really think about modelling full time. His tight body is definitely a product of how hard he works on his fitness. I think I’ve found my new gym motivation.

Tyler Bachtel is also a personal trainer and meal planner hence why I thought these two would be a great pairing. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California but hails from Dublin, Ohio, His Italian heritage definitely gives him that sexy edge. I love his abs. Check out the boys’ photos and features below and then, cast your vote.

Photos of the men and your vote after the jump.

For their last ad campaign, Modus Vivendi showed us the evolution of man. This time around the underwear brand celebrates Greek heritage with arousing portraits of twelve traditional occupations shot in mythic locations around Greece. From winegrower, woodcutter, stablehand and everything in between, model Mihalis Thomaidis shows off boxers and briefs from the company’s new line.

The name Modus Vivendi, translated as “lifestyle“, or “way of life” reflects the design and manufacturing approach for each product. It is not just a simple product, or just a brand but also a lifestyle. All items are produced in Greece and created by Greek designer Christos Bibitsos. Check out images from their Ancient Greece ad campaign below.

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A couple days ago, I wrote about the latest Andrew Christian video where Colby Melvin goes on a cute and very sexy date with Brandon Brown. In honor of National Coming Out Day, Colby shared his coming out story with our friends over at The Underwear Expert in a short video. Naturally, he’s laying in his underwear on the bed as he shares his story.

I hope those of you that are still in the closet did find some support and inspiration in some of the stories that were shared yesterday on National Coming Out Day. Colby did have some struggles when coming out, but he shares his perspective on what matters. “Being gay doesn’t change anything about you. Being gay is like having blonde hair, having brown hair, having brown eyes, having green eyes,” says Colby. “It’s just another part of you.”

Check out the video below.

Watch the video after the jump…

Most of the the Andrew Christian videos are more like underwear models gone wild, but in this new video, two of the models give us a glimpse into their budding romance. The date seems to be going well and couldn’t be any more romantic, but then something happens that changes everything.

Here’s how they introduce this video: “For the first time since Andrew Christian started making these viral videos, a model turned the tables on the production staff. The drama that ensues made it impossible to even finish what was supposed to be a romantic date night video. Out of respect for both Colby Melvin and Brandon Brown, Andrew Christian asked both of them for permission to show the ‘Fortune Cookie Fiasco.’ Both models have agreed to let the fans watch the video.”

Watch the conjured up “reality show-esque” drama unfold in the NSFW video below.

Watch the NSFW video after the jump…

Not too long ago, we share with you a video featuring some of your favorite Andrew Christian models on a Roadtrip. Now, Part 2 of this Road Trip has been released and it’s worth checking out… in the privacy of your own home. That’s write, this video is definitely NSFW.

Set to the tune of “Thinking About It” by Salme Dahlstrom, the boys are up to no good once again. It starts off with Colby Melvin and his boyfriend (Brandon Brown) in the bathtub, but soon Quinn Christopher Jaxon jumps in and puts his booty in the front of the line. From there we see some pranks going on the hotel room, as well as Jason Medina getting ready. After that it’s red carpets and go-go dancing for these hard-working hotties.

At the end of the day, they all snuggle up in one bed…skipping the portion of how they all got there and what happened before they fell asleep ;) We can leave that to our imagination. The other models found in the video include: Johnathan Meyers, Cory Lee, Vladimir Shmygol, and Cory Frederick. Enjoy the NSFW video below!

Watch the NSFW video after the jump…

If there’s one thing we gays know about, it’s underwear. Most of us know what looks good, what doesn’t look good, what is appropriate for what situation, and when it’s time to toss them away. Many straight guys do not have this gift, or simply haven’t tried making the switch from unflattering cheap stuff, to a pair that is much more comfortable and flattering in all the right places.

In this video, it’s Davey Wavey to the rescue! “Doing what I can to make the world a better place – one pair of straight boy underwear at a time,” he says. He first asks a bunch of women to describe their man’s underwear. The responses are pretty much two great big thumbs down. He then has a hot straight guy over and has him drop his pants to see what the guy is wearing: baggy, cartoon boxers. Wavey has him change into some sexier aussieBum briefs and gets him to come out and show them off.

Enjoy the video below and share what brand/style of underwear is your favorite in the comments! Have you ever had a boyfriend with bad underwear? Share your story in the comments for that too!

Watch the video after the jump…

WOOF. Like seriously, WOOF. If you thought Thom Evans‘ previous photos were hot, be prepared to sit at your desk for awhile after checking out these photos. Trust me, you’ll have a big ol’ boner for several minutes trying to calm yourself “down” after seeing these steamy pics. There should be a law against looking this damn finnnnnnne.

The former rugby player shows off his perfectly sculpted body for F.Tape’s Obsession series celebrating masculinity. If they keep picking hot guys, celebrate away. Photographer Daniel Jaems captures the 27-year-old’s manly essence. Snapped in black and white, the sexy Scot wears underwear by Emporio Armani, D. HEDRAL, Hom & Ralph Lauren. One of these brands needs to sign Thom to an exclusive modeling contract. He fills out the briefs in all the right places… and then some ;)

“Thom has one of the best bodies in the industry, perfectly proportioned, so this shoot was an ode to him and his athletic physique.”

Evans’ girlfriend Kelly Brook sure is one lucky gal. Imagine running your hands all over this perfect specimen every night. It’s surprising that Thom only recently signed with Select Model Management after experiencing a rugby career-ending injury. He’s a natural in front of the camera. That said, he hasn’t completely left athletics. He’s currently training to become a sprinter, and hopes to compete in the next Olympics. He definitely earns a gold medal in my books. Check out more sizzling photos below.

check out the photos after the jump

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