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We’re taking the day off today, so we decided to repost some of our favorite Christmas-themed posts from this and previous years.

A couple days ago, I wrote about Daniel S., the Andrew Christian Modelling Contest winner who was just in LA for a three day underwear/swimwear shoot. One of the projects he was a part of was the Andrew Christian Holiday Video which has just been revealed.

In the video, the boys shake their booties (and occasionally lip sync) to a “Hey Santa!” by Mr. Vegas Man. In contrast to some of the more recent AC videos, there is no real theme or storyline to this one, just the boys dancing around in their underwear with Christmas music playing in the background. The most entertaining of the bunch was Jason Medina, but Daniel S. was also quite nice too look at 😉 Even the gay Hugh Hefner, Andrew Christian himself joins in at the end to dance with the boys.

Given that the video is NSFW, I’m pretty sure all of these boys have made the naughty list – but in this case, it’s naughty in a good way! Enjoy the video below!

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Back in September, Andrew Christian announced at modelling contest that would award one hottie a trip to Los Angeles to appear in photo and video campaigns as well as a $1200 cash prize. The winner has since been chosen and sexy Daniel S. from Mexico City has already completed his first big shoot.

While in LA, the Andrew Christian crew took him out to The Abbey in West Hollywood for dinner, a drag show featuring Vicky Vox & Rhea Litre, and on his last night, to Stripper Circus at Here lounge. Outside of the nightlife he was exposed to, he himself was “exposed” with three jam-packed days of sexy photoshoots. The first day was underwear, the second was the new 2013 AC swimwear collection, and the final day was the Andrew Christian Holiday Video which comes out this week. In the video, he lip syncs to a traditional Christmas song. The AC blog says, “All the other models were practically melting watching him do his best while shaking his butt and dancing.” As a result, he’s getting featured a lot in that video.

Check out the newest addition to the Andrew Christian family below and stay tuned for the Christmas video sometime this week.

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I love a good ad campaign and this new commercial from Le Slip Francais definitely falls into that category.

Shot and edited in a way to resemble a commercial from the ’50s or ’60s, the commercial features a woman who places two eggs on one side of the table, and two on the other. Hmm, I wonder what these are supposed to represent? She then shows us two different pairs of men’s underwear. The first is your basic, unflattering “not so tighty” whitey. The other is a sexy and more flattering pair of Le Slip Francais. She lays each of the undies of the two pairs of eggs. As you can see in the photo above, there’s also a hammer on the table

I don’t want to spoil what happens next, so you’ll have to watch the commercial below to find out what happens. The ad agency responsible is BETC Paris. Enjoy!

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School is in session for the naughty boys from Andrew Christian in a just released video titled “After School Special“.
In the video, the Andrew Christian boys are in trouble once again, but they are not going to let detention keep them away from going to White Party 2013.

While sitting in their desks, after Pandora Boxx (who plays a nun) sniffs some glue and leaves the room, the boys get up to anything and everything, but when the coach with whom they have detention with enters the room, he has them all lined up against the wall in nothing but their AC underwear (or jockstraps), which is what the attire is anyway at this sexy school. When the boys continuous bad behavior has their detention time extended by the coach, they take matters into their own hands and tie up the teacher so they can get on their way to White Party.

The song playing in the video is by Kwanza Jones and is called “Supercharged.” She performed it at White Party in Palms Springs last year and we got to meet her as well! Watch the sexy, NSFW video below and hope to see you at White Party 2013!

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Colby Melvin Lets Loose New York

In: Fashion, Patrick, Totally GAY!

One of the standout stars in the Andrew Christian model world is definitely Colby Melvin. We’ve written about him quite a bit on Homorazzi with all of the sexy shenanigans he gets up to in LA. This time, however, he has taken on the big apple and brought some of his naughtiness to New York in a new photo shoot.

Our friends at The Underwear Expert have shared with us some of the sexy photos from this recent photo shoot they with photographer Aydin Arjomand. In the shoot, Melvin gives The Naked Cowboy a run for his money, posing throughout the city in nothing but his AC undies. Along with him is the fabulous drag personality Rhea Litré. “Colby has a lot of energy on his own but hanging with Rhea took it to another level, I just had to keep up,” explained the photographer. “I think it was really great for him that he got to sight see and do some fun underwear modeling at the same time.”

The photo shoot took this underwear entourage to Times Square, the New York Public Library lions, Central Park, and even the Bethesda fountain. Check out some of the photos from shoot below!

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Will Wikle, the sexy former Big Brother houseguest, is going to be hosting what is being dubbed the largest underwear party in the world later this month: DWorld Underwear Party. Event coverage is being done by our friends at The Underwear Expert and a sexy new promo video has been released to promote the event.

The NSFW video below is titled “The Missionary Position” and stars Will Winkle and Jake Andrews. It’s all about temptation and sexual desires, as Winkle is alone in his hotel room, wrestling with his fantasies and whether or not to act on them. After a while passes, he caves and heads to a nearby room where Jake Andrews and three other guys (only wearing underwear) are waiting. Things get hot & heavy…real fast in the dimly lit room. I can only imagine what will be going on at this party!

The event is taking place at Rebel Nightclub in New York City on November 21, which happens to be the night before Thanksgiving. I guess you can say some guys may be getting stuffed two nights in a row – wink ;)! DJ Lina, Johnny Dynell and DJ Joe Gauthreaux will be keeping the crowd moving from 11pm – 4am. Check out the sexy NSFW video below and if you’re in NYC, you know where to be on November 21!

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A new video that launched today, “Leaves Changing, Bodies Blooming,” introduces viewers to C-IN2 Clothing Co’s new selection of colors for its Fall/Winter 2012 Collection that stays colorful and vibrant. The video was shot on location in Tuscany by fashion photography sensation Rick Day.

“The trend with Fall/Winter color palettes is typically to go darker and more serious. We know that C-IN2’s customers like to stay colorful and have our great underwear accent their wardrobe,” said C-IN2 founder Gregory Sovell. “It’s the age of jet travel, and somewhere in the world, the flowers are always in bloom. As Isabella Rossellini says in Death Becomes Her, ‘I follow the spring. I haven’t seen an autumn or winter for years.‘ That’s what shapes Fall/Winter 2012 at C-IN2.”

The Fall/Winter 2012 features new fall & winter inspired colors for each 7 of C-IN2’s groundbreaking lines of underwear: ZEN, now in Plum Wine, True Blue, Dark Emerald, Polar Rose, and Lemoncello, is a combination of Rayon (made from Bamboo) and Cotton fibers blended to give a special transmission of comfort. An update for 2012 replaces the leg bindings with microfiber elastics. The elastic leg tension is adjusted accordingly for the different styles. Check out the stunning photos from the collection as well as the sexy video below. In case you’re wondering, the awesome song playing in the video is “I Follow Rivers” by Wounded Rhymes. Enjoy!

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I’ve discovered a new brand of undies and swimwear and already, I know I like them and I haven’t even tried them on. But I know I need to get a pair. m8mate swimwear, underwear and loungewear hails from the Ukraine but what makes them so special?

Each pair is handmade. “About 6 years ago one of my friends showed me the advertisement for the men’s underwear – those pictures were really striking… I could hardly resist the temptation to do something of the kind,” explains the company’s biography. “As it turned to be, sewing is far from easy though too interesting. In addition it gives me a chance to express my creative side in photography, too.”

The company name is interesting too as they describe the word “mate” as a prejudice-free pal. I like that. In their latest photo shoot, these sexy boys try to grasp the last kiss of summer, lounging by the pool in some royal colored suits. It’s a little tough but try and look past those rippling six packs and check out the product.

Check out more photos after the jump.

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