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Jockey Goes Sexy For European Ad Campaign

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Perhaps it was ignorant on my part, but I always though Jockey was your Dad’s underwear (no, not that daddy, but you’re biological one). I had no idea the American manufacturer had transformed it’s image. It’s far sexier and more modern than I remembered. At least the European division is.

The following images are from an ad campaign recently released across the pond. Jockey is certainly trying to sell that all-American image with its new promotional artwork. Check out the visuals below and be sure to let me know Who’d You Rather after… the blond or the brunette?

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ES Collection: 2013 Swimwear Ad Campaign

In: Donovan, Fashion, Totally GAY!

The Spanish brand never fails to impress with their marketing material. Once again, they’ve corralled an army of hot European studs to front their 2013 swimwear ad campaign. Ayman Siblini, Adrián García, Acorán Montesdeoca, Jose Eduardo Moreno are just a few of the stunning studs who posed for photographer Joan Crisol.

With its Mars-like landscape of beautiful mountains and volcanoes, the island of El Hierro was chosen as the location. Just in case you’re wondering, it’s part of the Canary Islands (an Autonomous Community of Spain).

ES Collection was founded in 2006 in Barcelona and has become a worldwide respected brand of swimwear and underwear since then. Check out the result of the company’s trek to the beautiful island. You won’t be disappointed. It’s muy caliente. It’s never too early to start shopping for your beach summer wardrobe.

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It’s about time Calvin Klein got in the Super Bowl game. With Tom Brady and the Patriots not battling it out in the big game, nor an underwear-clad David Beckham strutting his stuff in the commercials, there’s definitely a void in the eye candy department. Enter CK with their brand new “CONCEPT.”

Diet Coke’s new commercial became a viral sensation earlier this week, thanks to the hotness that is Andrew Cooper. I’m sure the underwear brand is hoping a similar effect occurs with their leading man, Matthew Terry. The 21-year-old model with a Greek god-like physique is the star of Calvin Klein’s Super Bowl campaign introducing their new line, Calvin Klein Concept. The new underwear will feature “360-degree seamless technology construction.”

Terry’s full-length clip will air in its entirety on game day, but a 16-second teaser has made its way online. Based on the preview, CK’s first foray in Super Bowl advertising will put Beckham’s H&M undies clip last year to shame. Matthew is beaucoup HOT. Check out the video below.

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Eros is the Greek God of lust and love which symbolically represents sex, male virility and passion. That description couldn’t be more fitting for Australian brand 2EROS. Their apparel is designed for men looking for sexy and luxury designs. The company just unleashed their brand new Black Label underwear which definitely falls in line with their mission statement.

Conceptualized by Aussie designer Jason Hoeung, Black Label underwear is a new luxurious collection made with the same wicking fabric as their popular Jock series. Whether you’re a boxer-brief man or simply a brief one, these new pieces with their clean lines and metallic waistband will appeal to you. The woven emblem in the center almost gives the underwear a dressy superhero vibe. Who doesn’t love something fashionable to hold up your “utility belt” 😉 Check out their new line below.

PS. If anyone knows the model’s name, I’d appreciate it. I definitely feel he’s a candidate for one of my weekly features- Model Behavior or Man Crush.

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Holy friggin’ hotness. With his Greek god-like physique, it’s only fitting I share this video of Mikey Rannelli this Sunday. It is the day of worship after all 😉 The MINT Management-represented male model steams up photographer Marco Ovando’s lens, among other things 😉

With every turn, every tug of his Baskit underwear and smoldering look into the camera, your body temperature will rise. I can only imagine how scorching it was in the boiler room where all this took place. Jericho’s “Weekend Players” serving as the soundtrack to the clip doesn’t help to cool things down either. Cold showers were definitely needed by everyone after this shoot. What I wouldn’t have given to assist in whatever was needed *wink* on set.

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The sexy former Scottish rugby player, Thom Evans recently signed on with D.HEDRAL, an underwear and swimwear brand, as the face of the brand…or shall I say the “body” of the brand. Woof! He’s in their spring & summer 2013 ad campaign and certainly gets the job done! The photos were shot in Greece and Evans looks hot, hot, hot.

We’ve featured the 27-year-old several times on Homorazzi in the past and have even had him as a Sports Stud. He looks incredible in all of his photos and this new spread is no exception. Kelly Brooks (a British actress, model, TV presenter, etc.) is one lucky woman!

“I’m excited to be fronting my first fashion campaign since signing with Select Models last year and am really enjoying the challenges that modeling and acting brings,” Evans said. “Similar to being a sportsman, the industry demands discipline and structure. You get out what you put in.” Check out the photos below!

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Looking at these images made me reminisce over Brian and my trip to Italy a couple years back. One of the things I regret most from my time it Italia was not venturing to Tuscany and hitting up Florence. Instead, we headed over to Venice for one of our day trips from Rome. It was a bit underwhelming to say the least. That said, I’m sure I wouldn’t have seen guys as hot as Fabio Mancini cavorting around in their underwear in the Tuscan countryside had we taken the train to Florence- or as they, Firenze.

The Italian model is front and center of C-IN2 clothing’s latest ad campaign. Snapped by famed photographer Rick Day, Mancini smolders in the brand’s wide range of underwear styles using the beautiful landscape of Italy as a gorgeous backdrop. Check out Fabio below in numerous photos as he shows off new colors and styles from C-IN2, including Pop, Prime, Zen, Core and Grip.

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Usually, our Andrew Christian posts have to do with a sexy video (of which there are many), but this time we thought we’d share some of the fan questions the designer recently answered & posted.

We met Andrew Christian and toured the head office and manufacturing facility when we first started the site a few years ago. Between then and now, Andrew Christian’s business and popularity has skyrocketed and not only is he known for his underwear, but also for his sexy models and videos.

In the interview, AC talks about his favorite underwear, how he selects models, if he would ever model, and if he believes the Andrew Christian brand has negative or positive effect of the overall body image of gays. Check out his responses to these questions and more below.

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