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I’ve watch “America’s Next Top Model” since the very first episode and seen it all. Out of all the stunts, gimmicks and shenanigans the show has thrown at us, nothing has shocked me more than this latest behind-the-scenes drama. Judging panel shakeups are nothing new. Janice Dickinson and Paulina Porizkova both left in a mysterious cloud of drama, while others left “amicably”. That said, ANTM Cycle 19 is going to look drastically different when it returns in the Fall. So, who’s leaving and joining the likes of Twiggy, Andre Leon Talley, Nole Marin, Kimora Lee Simmons, Beau Quillian and Eric Nicholson? Remember those last two? I didn’t and had to literally Google them to refresh my memory.

With Cycle 18 drastically dipping in the ratings, it’s not surprising producers are looking for a way to rejuvenate the veteran reality series. The season premiere for the “British Invasion” cycle was down an astonishing 45% in the coveted 18-49 demographic for the season premiere. Given those numbers, the powers-that-be are looking for a major makeover, or should I say TyOver, ShakeOver or what other Tyra feels like calling it next cycle. Have the producers finally realized that Tyra has dug her once-addictive series to the ground? Is she the one leaving? Find out below.

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ANTM 18 Episode 8 Preview Pics: Wassup, Kitty

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First and foremost, welcome back Rich. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I missed your Intoxibella powers of ANTM recapping. Now that Debbie downer girl-next-door Kyle is gone, we’re left with seven girls competing for the “career-making” ANTM prize. As a side note, in a post-elimination interview, Kyle revealed she’s pregnant and expecting her first child in November. Congrats to her fiance and her.

For the first time the Brits have a one woman advantage and based on next week’s pictures they stand a good chance of keeping the upper hand. Episode 8, titled “Georgina Chapman“, has the girls heading to a casting call for a fashion show. Marchesa founder Chapman is on hand along with a few designers to judge the remaining girls on their catwalk fierceness. I have to say, minus Seymone, they all look like legit working models on the runway.

At next week’s photo shoot, the girls live out every Japanese girl’s teenage dream. They pose for a Hello Kitty-inspired photo shoot complete with couture gowns using the cartoon pussy. Given that it’s not conventional attire, as expected a few of the girls have problems working the heavy and awkward clothing. Check out a few pics from next week’s episode below. If you want an early peek at all the pictures, be sure to head to our ANTM Cycle 18 Gallery.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant continued along her quest to strip any of the show’s remaining credibility by forcing the wannabes to sing and dance to Lisa D’Amato songs about pot ledoms and booty tooching. Then, she had the audacity to boot AzMarie, one of the most unique and talented models the show has had in years. Why? Because she was good and she knew it. She was too good for Tyrant’s gimmicky nonsense. Tyrant loathes independence in her wannabes. So… poof. Gone. There weren’t even any photos last week. There was no modelling… just shtick and a new low for Tyrant. Can she bounce back? Will she wake up to the fact that she is killing this show and driving its committed fans to the drink? Only 8 girls remain. Who will be the lucky girl eliminated tonight so they can go and start their ACTUAL modelling career?

Hey folks. Sorry about last week’s recap. What a week to miss. You’ll be happy to know that I was in Puerto Vallarta sunning myself on the beach, drinking too much tequila and hanging out with scores of super woofy men. The bad news is I missed an epic episode. I’m almost glad I didn’t recap it… as you can tell by my intro I am still pretty damned pissed about what happened. I knew it was gonna be bad because Dan, Nic, and other friends were hitting my Facebook wall ranting about it. What a sad, depressing, and disappointing spectacle that was. And to lose AzMarie like that. Such a waste of an actual talent. Tyrant… this one goes down with Lauren Brie’s boot and Whitney’s win. Just awful and wrong. Here are some more adjectives… just for fun… lame, transparent, manipulative, and egotistical. Don’t even get me started on the booty tooching crap. Just because your booty is getting bigger, does not mean booty tooching is an actual thing.

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Apologies for no ANTM recap this week. Our resident expert Rich is in Puerto Vallarta sipping on some margaritas and conducting his own gay “Easter Egg Hunt” *wink*. It’s a good thing he missed last night’s show because it would’ve driven him crazy, specifically Tyra. She was in fine form with her over-the-top’ness and indulgent tutorials. Really, did we need a master class on all the various types of booty tooching. That said, at least I now know the international sign language for “smizing“. You never know when that’s going to come in handy.

I half debated doing a recap, Rich even asked me to, but I know I couldn’t even come close to his fiercely real intoxibella powers of recapping. He is pretty awesome at doing them. We need to think of an intoxibella name for him. That said, I had titles for my potential recap all raring to go including, “It’s All Fun And Games Til A Teddy Bear Loses Its Ear” or “No Booty Tooching For You“. Instead of a recap, I’m going to combine my thoughts on last night’s episode with my weekly preview pics for next week’s. So, here goes nothing…

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ANTM 18 Episode 6 Preview Pics: Becoming A Pop Star

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Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud. Who does girl groups better, the Brits or the Yanks? I’m sure we’ll find out on the next episode of “America’s Next Top Model“. For next week’s challenge, the girls are divided into two teams to create and record music videos. On paper, you’d think the US girls have the upper hand. But as witnessed in the All-Stars cycle, you can never count anyone out. Who knew Allison Harvard would produce a killer creepy video? Boy, was Lisa D’Amato pissed.

Fittingly enough, joining the judging panel this week are Jessica Sutta and Nadine Coyle from the Pussycat Dolls and Girls Aloud respectively. I have no doubt both ladies will dole out sage girl group advice, especially my girl Sutta. Love that woman. Also handing out her expertise will be Tyra Banks. Judging from the preview photos, she’ll be joining them in the dance studio. We all know Tyra has an extensive background in singing and dancing, right? Can’t wait for this episode which will undoubtedly provide a lot of laughs. Catch a few pics of the girls getting their groove on below.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, Tyrant finally delivered a proper photoshoot that let us see which models were really starting to pull away and which were soon to be cannon fodder. AzMarie and Laura seem to the frontrunners for Team Yank while Catherine and Sophie are leading the charge for Team Brit. Unfortunately, we did have to endure another challenge about branding because as we all know being America’s Next Top Model isn’t about modeling, it’s about being a ridiculous brand. Ahem Angelea. Ahem Lisa. Thankfully, Candace and her forced lip pout were sent packing. And this week, the wannabes are off to CANADA for Toronto Fashion Week. Welcome to the land of beavers ladies! How many god-awful Canadian stereotypes will be thrown in our faces? Will Tyrant end every sentence in “eh”? Only 10 girls are left. Who will be eliminated tonight?

Okay second paragraph is all ‘bout Canada tonight. For you American readers, here are some things you need to know about this Canadian. 1 – I do not say “aboot”. I’m from Vancouver; we talk like Californians, not Scottish/North Dakota hybrids. 2 – I do say “eh” and “sorry” WAY TO MUCH. Sometimes thank you and sorry come out in the same sentence. “Oh, excuse me, thanks, sorry”. 3 – I have never seen an igloo in person, but I did play hockey. 4 – I absolutely think curling is an awesome sport and more people should watch it on TV. 5 – I absolutely think Cary Rae Jepsen needs to be the next big Canadian artist to make it in the USA. “Call Me Maybe” is so the song of 2012. And yes, you should call me, maybe.

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So long Candace, it was nice knowing you… SORTA. With habitually Angry Face eliminated, the girls head up North for Toronto Fashion Week. Candace must’ve been pissed when she found out she just missed out on a free trip to Canada. Oh well, I’m sure the ANTM production team brought back some maple syrup as a consolation prize.

In Toronto, the remaining ten girls go on casting calls to book modeling jobs. A go-see challenge already? Does this mean that some girls won’t participate in the runway shows? God, I hope so. This past week, the girls quickly turned on Kyle when she received positive feedback from the focus group. Can you just imagine the drama that will ensue from the girls who aren’t book? You have to check out the picture of AzMarie on the catwalk. Andro-Genia sure is looking like the one to beat this cycle. FIERCE.

For this week’s photo shoot, the girls wear foilage while being covered in maple syrup. Sounds like a sticky situation, right? Based on the final outcome, it was all worth it. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Check them out below. Joining the judging panel this week is model legend Beverly Johnson. This former supermodel was the first black woman to grace the cover of American Vogue back in 1974. Johnson made it on my Top 10 Black Supermodels list that I wrote a few years back. Definitely read it, if you haven’t done so already.

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Previously on America’s Next Top Model, the sh*t hit the fan. Seriously, what else can I say? I could go on about Tyrant’s ongoing attempts to brand the wannabes (this year as superheroes), or I could jump right into the crazy that was Louise losing it at panel, calling Kelly Cutrone rude and vice versa, freaking out in tears, storming out, and quitting. Her picture was gorgeous, but it wasn’t enough to shut the judges up so she tried to shut THEM up. It didn’t work. Louise’s sudden departure spared the rest of the girls from elimination and there was some serious crap to choose from. I’m looking at you Alisha and Eboni. So what drama awaits us tonight? Will we finally get a normal photo shoot with some actual quality? Will Tyrant give someone a lame speech about branding? Only 11 girls remain. Who will be eliminated tonight?

So, the other day I was reading some interview Tyrant gave about how the character she portrays on ANTM is just a character and that she’s actually more like the person from her talk show. She wants to go back to the “magic” of Cycle 1 and pull back from her “character” that has developed over the last 18 Cycles. Interesting… right? I’ve been yelling at her for years… all the way back to Cycle 3 or 4 to do this! Is she finally listening? Did the Angelea debacle finally let her see the light? Did she read my article on how to make the show great again? I sure hope so! Read it here. Here’s another little thought for Tyrant to chew on… she, nor her character, are what makes this show great. The amazingness comes from modeling in interesting photo shoots and the models themselves.

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