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Here we go boys and girls. Cycle 13 is here! Mini models have invaded and Tyrant is gonna change the world with a little help from Jesus Christ… or at least a girl named Amber who is full of Christ’s love. Where do they find these people? Read all about it in Homorazzi’s first recap of this epically petite Cycle.

If you’ve read some of my rants building up to this glorious day, you know I’ve given Tyra Banks a rough ride for her decision to cast only girls under 5’7”. She must’ve heard me because she spent the first five minutes of the show giving us a passionate voiceover defending the move. In her own words, Tyrant is out to “change the standards of the modeling industry”. Give it up gurl. The fashion industry left you behind years ago. Snap.

Too mean? Never. Not when she pulls lame ass shit like naming it Le Cycle 13. They’re PETITE… get it? Ugh. If that wasn’t enough, we spent the next five minutes listening to Tyrant do the introductions in a heinous French accent that was more crazy-voodoo True Blood witch lady than Paris runway model.

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The other day I wrote about how Labor Day felt more like New Years Day than New Years itself. To kick off my new year, I decided to wake up earlier and start working out. Over the past year, I’ve gotten really lazy and haven’t been to the gym. Anyway, I digress.

Since I was up at an extremely early hour, I was able to catch The Tyra Banks Show season five premiere on the east coast feeds. The much ballyhooed premiere would feature GASP Tyra showing us her real hair. Ya’ll ready for it. Trya began the show talking on a cell phone while sitting on a bench. This would be the lead up to what eventually would be a Broadway style dance number. Oh Tyra. After the number, we finally head to the studio where we finally see Tyra’s real hair.

Wanna check out Tyra’s real hair, it’s after the jump. Click here for that and a clip from the premiere.


The ladies of The View finally did IT. Nope, not kissed and made up with former moderator Rosie O’Donnell but they finally took home the Emmy for Best Host(s) For A Daytime Talk Show. Since 1999 the daytime gabbers have been nominated for this category but have always gone home empty handed. Usually the next day, they could be seen griping about their loss during “Hot Topics”. They’ve often commented how with the five of them on the panel, there is bound to be one person you hate thus limiting the number of Emmy voters casting ballots for them.

Well last night during the 36th Annual Daytime Emmys, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Barbara Walters finally took home the coveted award. Funny thing though, NONE of them were on hand to accept the award. I guess they got so used to losing that they didn’t even bother showing up this year. HI-LAR-IOUS. Their win broke Ellen Degeneres’ four year winning streak and also broke their own Susan-Lucci-like losing streak. Congrats ladies.

Check out host Vanessa Williams’ hilarious opening number after the jump


Ashley, Bianca, Brittany, Courtney, Erin, Jennifer, Kara, Laura, Lisa, Lulu, Nicole, Rachel, Rae and Sundai!

Learn those names, study these faces. Get ready for the invasion of the Mini Models on September 9! Tyrant has revealed the 14 (OMG 14!) wannabes competing to become America’s Next Top Never Gonna Model Model. One of the girls is only 5’3”! I’ve got a feeling Cycle 13 is not so much a modeling contest as it is an audition for various CW teen dramas. Oh well. I cannot wait to start ranting at Tyrant. I’m gonna go out on a limb and call Courtney (OMG she’s a Cheer Instructor), Jennifer and Rae as my faves.

Check out the pics!

Age: 22
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois (currently Brooklyn, New York)
Occupation: Artist
Height: 5’6″
Age: 21
Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina (currently Washington, D.C.)
Occupation: Student
Height: 5’7″

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Top 10 Black Supermodels

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Former top model, Naomi Sims, has lost her battle with breast cancer yesterday (August 4, 2009) at the age of 61. Who is Naomi Sims and why is this newsworthy? Miss Naomi was considered by many to be the “first black supermodel” for appearing on the cover of Ladies Home Journal in November 1968. This was remarkable considering women of color were barely featured within pages of mainstream magazines let alone magazine covers. Sims modeled for “IT” designers of her time like, Halston & Giorgio di Sant’Anglelo and appeared on many covers including Cosmopolitan, Life and New York Times. In fact the covers she graced for Life (1969) and New York Times (1967) are on display in the Metropolitan Museum’s “The Model As Muse” exhibit. When she retired from modeling, she started a multi-million wig-making business that focussed on the needs of African-American women. She even parlayed her career into the publishing world as well by authoring several books discussing modeling, health and beauty. Though the fashion industry has come a long way from when Naomi Sims first broke down barriers, they are still far from equal. Even in this day and age, women of color have often been not equally represented from runways to magazine covers and to major cosmetic campaigns. In honor of Naomi Sims, I have counting down my Top 10 Black Supermodels of all time.

Let the countdown begin…


10. Alek Wek
Hailing from Sudan, Alex and her family fled their chaotic village and relocated to the United Kingdom. It was at an outdoor market in London where she was first discovered. She first sparked attention when she appeared in Tina Turner’s “GoldenEye” music video. Since then she has been featured on major ads for Clinique, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan to name a few. She also hasn’t forgotten about her music video roots and can be seen in Busta Rhyme’s “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” and Janet Jackson’s “Got ‘Til It’s Gone” video. Since a model’s career is very short, Alek has recently turned to designing handbags, writing books and humanitarian rights- she has worked on the U.S. Committee for Refugees.

Who’s my favorite supermodel? Click here to find out.

ANTM 13 Update: Mini Models and Media Whores

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Shit. I love Top Model, but sometimes I feel like Tyrant (AKA Tyra Banks) is determined to ruin the original concept. Recent cycles of America’s Next Top Model have been meek parodies of a once great show. Remember when it was actually about modeling? Remember when being “editorial” was actually a winnable trait? Sigh. Remember when Tyrant actually gave a shit about the show and actually participated in the process beyond the panel? Will Cycle 13 be doomed by Tyrant’s force fed artificial dramz or will she learn from the success of Mr. Jay’s latest Canada’s Next Top Model outing by going back to basics?

Sadly, it looks like Tyrant has chosen to keep moving the show further into the realm of bullshit. Cycle 13 doesn’t start until September 9, but we already know enough to worry. Firstly, the cast is made up of a bunch of mini models (5’7” and under) with zero chance of ever working a real runway. Secondly, she’s decided to bring in a couple of reality TV media whores into the mix as guest judges. WTF. What do Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian have to do with being a top model?

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Daily Gossip: Friday July 31, 2009

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Tyrant Moves To The Upper East Side
Our favorite faux drag queen, Tyra Banks, makes her bootylicious way to the Upper East Side to guest star in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl. Sources say that she’ll be filming scenes with Hilary Duff, who also joins the cast as a guest star this season. Tyra hasn’t had a straight-up acting role since guest starring in American Dreams in 2004. I wonder if Tyra will end up wearing Gossip Girl’s signature headbands that she often dogs when the ANTM models wear them at panel. Will she or won’t she? It’s the question all of America is waiting for. That and how badly she’ll suck in the episode. LOL. God, you gotta love Tyra and all her media-whore ways.


Time Your Peeing Right
Ever been in a theatre watching a movie and then all of a sudden you have to PEE? What to do? You sit there, fidgeting and trying to hold those fluids in while waiting for a lull in the movie so you don’t miss anything integral. When you get back you ask the ever important “What did I miss?” question to your friend and they say, “We just found out Darth Vader is Luke’s father”. To which you reply, “Oh SHIZZ”. To avoid this problem from ever occurring again, a site (http://www.RunPee.com) was created to help with this anxious guess work. The site tells you how long you’ve got and even summarizes what you’ve missed. The site which was launched last year even has a convenient iPhone app as well. The 42 year old creator, Dan Florio, got the brilliant idea while watching the three hour plus “King Kong” remake in 2005. Is a site like this useful or just a fun gimmicky distraction? If I had to pee, I think I’d waste time looking at my iPhone app to see when I can pee but hey that’s just me. I’m funny that way.

Click for more: Oprah’s Bomb Scare, Seinfeld Reunion, Black Eyed Peas Breaks Record


Wannabe on top? I know Adam gave it a try for Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, but the real wannabes take over our screens on CTV May 26th. Mark your calendars because Canada’s Next Top Model is back for cycle 3!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE the catfights almost as much as the catwalks. And the best part is NO TYRA! Seriously, I can’t stand her. She’s so over the top look at me and my guide to inner fierceness bull shit. More modeling, less TYRANT. Cannot wait for this new cycle to begin! And what makes it even more must-see TV? Mike Ruiz, woofy photographer and Canadian sandwich extraordinaire has been added to the panel of judges. Nigel Barker, you just got owned!

Today, the cast list got leaked. I think I’m going to root for Ebonie because her mamma can spell.

Check out the rest of the wannabe models

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