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Wannabe on top? I know Adam gave it a try for Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, but the real wannabes take over our screens on CTV May 26th. Mark your calendars because Canada’s Next Top Model is back for cycle 3!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE the catfights almost as much as the catwalks. And the best part is NO TYRA! Seriously, I can’t stand her. She’s so over the top look at me and my guide to inner fierceness bull shit. More modeling, less TYRANT. Cannot wait for this new cycle to begin! And what makes it even more must-see TV? Mike Ruiz, woofy photographer and Canadian sandwich extraordinaire has been added to the panel of judges. Nigel Barker, you just got owned!

Today, the cast list got leaked. I think I’m going to root for Ebonie because her mamma can spell.

Check out the rest of the wannabe models

I Only Have One Photo In My Hand…

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They’ve had various photo shoots, live events, and eliminations; it’s now down to the final 9, and our very own Adam is one of the finalists! This is the 2nd Annual, Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, and last year’s winner- Aaron Ursacki- will be passing on his title (his tiara- let’s call it what it is!) Thursday, April 2nd at the Grand Finale at Celebrities Night Club.  

Now, for a moment, let’s pretend I’m Tyra [insert dream music- fade to…]

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antm-12-1-ring-rosie Just google ANTM recaps and you’ll get pages and pages of results.  What makes our recap more unique? The quick answer… hopefully a lot of things.  For starters, I know we all sit at home judging Miss Banks and her craziness and yell at those amateur models who don’t know broken down doll.  I mean it’s Cycle 12 people.  Research. Research. Research.  So we’re going to put our money where our mouth is and try to emulate some of the best photos with our spin on it.  Obviously we don’t have the locations, resources and money that BANKABLE & The CW have but we’ll try our best.  So here goes nothing.

During last week’s episode, we saw the self-proclaimed Goddess of Fierce (who’s been at it for apparently 2752.7 years) pluck 13 girls from obscurity to compete in this year’s sham to find the next top model.  IMHO the girls who end up losing have more legitimate modelling careers than the winners with exception to Danielle – Cycle 5.  Overall it seems like an interesting crew filled with your token farm girls, token cause of the season (this year it’s burn victims ya’ll) and token bitches – HELLO SANDRA.  Personally, I’m glad they’re back in NYC for this season.  I find It gives the show more credibility – not that it has much.    So far my early front-runners are Allison (Bug Eyes), Fo (Freckles),  Amiat (Big Fro) and Celia (Old Blond) which means they will all crash and burn.

Here are a couple of pics from our ANTM – Reliving your childhood photoshoot.  Who did it better?  Tyrant or Homorazzi?


PS:  My fave line of the night was from Celia: “Tyra. This woman is amazing.  She’s an entity.  She’s a force. She’s extraterrestrial” LMAO

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