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Handler vs. Hilton: Twitter Fight

In: Celeb Gossip & News, Patrick

You know, I didn’t think Chelsea Handler did a bad job hosting the 2010 VMAs at all. You know what was worse? Rihanna singing live with Eminem. The set was good, the singing was bad. A lot of people are saying Handler sucked and that it was a bomb, but I think she did a pretty good job! Lindsay Lohan? Lady Gaga house on her head? The black elephant in the room? Give her some credit! At the end of the day, it was the highest rated VMA’s since 2002 and she was the first woman since Roseanne bar 16 years ago to host the show – so good for her!

The man with no muzzle on his mouth, Perez Hilton (who has been a guest on her show before) wrote on his blog that he thought she sucked and a back & forth ensued that I found quite entertaining. I think Handler gets the last laugh.

Check out the back & forth after the jump…

Ok, so on September 5th, 50 Cent made the following statement, and now the gays are mad.

“Perez Hilton calld me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. wasnt his but still made me feel better.“

Yes, that was absolutely terrible of 50 Cent to say and I hope he doesn’t get away with this. It was coupled by a picture of two gay running from an angry mob. Violence and promoting hate is never okay. That being said, I don’t think that Perez Hilton is innocent in this. I don’t think that it’s right that Perez can say whatever he wants about everyone, like really mean stuff, and then get immunity with a “I’m Gay, you can’t touch me” force field around him. It’s cause and effect. If Perez is spreading hate, then the response will be hate. It could be said that since Perez, who is openly gay, that he is a poor gay role model and doesn’t represent the gay community well. He hates on everyone, then pulls the gay card as needed. He didn’t learn from hating on BEP which got him a Black Eyed punch as a result?

Check out 50 Cent’s Tweet & Pic after the jump…

Time for another video of me reading Tommy D‘s tweets out loud – because it’s fun and I enjoy doing it, haha! Tommy isn’t afraid to share his opinion and thanks to Twitter, he can share it with his followers with the push of a button. Sometimes they aren’t even opinions, but rather observations or thoughts that he decides to publish and of course when you read texts, tweets, or Facebook status’ aloud, they are always more entertaining.

Enjoy! Love ya, Tommy!

Video after the jump…

Adam Lambert, the winner runner-up of American Idol Season 8, just released a new EP of “If I Had You” dance remixes. The EP features remixes by Jason Nevins, Robotronic, Dangerous Muse and Morgan Page. The Jason Nevins version has been on repeat on my iTunes library all day long. All can be purchased exclusively on his official site.

In addition to dropping his new EP, Lambert launched a special “Glam-up Contest“. He’s encouraging fans to put together awesome glamorous outfits complete with glitter and makeup for a fan contest. Once you’ve put together the perfect outfit, tweet your photo to @adamlambert and include the hashtag “#glamphoto“.

Adam Lambert will picking the winners himself. One lucky individual will receive the grand prize which consists of a special, autographed surprise item from Glambert. Hmmm, I wonder what that could be. Don’t procrastinate too long, the contest ends on September 15, 2010. For more details regarding Adam’s “Glam-Up Contest“, head over to his official site.

listen to the “If I Had You” Jason Nevins remix after the jump

I just realize this morning how I hadn’t written about anyone from The Hills for a while – how quickly we forget about them now that the show is done. With that, I thought I’d see what they were up too. Heidi Montag is missing the old days, having updated her twitter yesterday with a sentimental tweet with a shout out to her old “friends” Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridige. Both disapproved of Spencer Pratt, the guy that Heidi essential lost her soul and identity too, and now that the relationship is over, she seems to be reaching out.

If she’s watching old episodes, I wonder if she can even recognizer herself, considering the dramatic plastic surgery and loss of personality she went through as her relationship with Spencer progressed. Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge haven’t responded to her Twitter message (at least not publicly). No tweet about missing her family though.

In reference to her divorce with Spencer, Heidi recently told People Magazine:

“This has been a heartbreaking experience to go through, and it’s not that I don’t love Spencer, we just want different things in life…We’ve been together almost five years — there are assets to divide, work to be discussed, and we share our puppies.”

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Desperate Housewives Cast Ante Up

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Thanks to Eva Longoria Parker, we have our first unofficial cast photo for Desperate Housewives’ Season 7. Longoria posted the impromptu photo-op on her Twitter account. Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Longoria and new cast member, Vanessa Williams took a break from filming to pose for the above photo.

Looks like Williams is fitting quite nicely with the ladies of Wisteria Lane. I guess making the transition to the mean streets of Fairview from the cutthroat world of Mode Magazine should be an ease. Williams plays the character of Renee Perry, an old college friend and rival of Lynette. Normally a new character at the beginning of each season is the main focal point of the season-long mystery, but not in Vanessa’s case. She will have a secret but NOT the main story for the season.

view another pic from the set

Amanda Bynes: Clearly Non-Committal

In: Donovan, Movies

WOW, that didn’t last for very long. A month ago, former child star Amanda Bynes made headlines for announcing her early retirement. She tweeted she was retiring from acting because it was no longer fun. I guess during her month-long hiatus, the 24-year-old former actress rediscovered the fun again.

In another tweet a few days ago, Bynes called off her self-imposed retirement with the simple “I’ve unretired”. Seven minutes later, she followed that with yet another tweet promoting her upcoming movie, Easy A. Even though she announced her intent to return to acting, she hasn’t scored a new role nor currently filming a movie. Was her “retirement” part of some grand mastermind plan to promote her film all along?

Amanda Bynes co-stars with Emma Stone in the upcoming teen-flick revolving around, what else… sex and gossip. The film is scheduled to hit theaters September 17, 2010.

Lauren Conrad & Whitney Return For Finale

In: Donovan, TV Shows

Don’t get too excited yet. Yes, Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are reuniting with their former “The Hills” frenemies, but only for “The After Show“. Boo. You never know though… that could all change. Hills fans have been waiting for months and wondering if Conrad would step in front of the MTV reality cameras one more time. A rep for the show confirmed to MTV News that LC and Whit would be making an appearance on the live show after the series finale.

Hills producer and creator Adam DiVello first broke the news on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Tuesday. He confirmed the duo plus the entire cast will be on hand to bid adieu to the show.

“It will be a big party,” he added. “We have some stories being paid off in the finale that I think the viewers will find pretty exciting. Everybody’s coming at peace with the stories we’ve been following. I think a few of them definitely found happiness and found what they were looking for.”

“It will be an exciting ending,” DiVello promised. “We definitely have a couple of surprises up our sleeve that the cast don’t even know about!”

find out what Audrina, Kristin, Whitney said after the jump

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