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Is she a leader, or just a stressed out bitch?,” asks Donald Trump. It’s good to see that The Donald hasn’t changed his misogynistic ways 😉 More often than not Trump drives me absolutely crazy. He’s such an egomaniac and slightly delusional which makes watching The Apprentice painful. Truth be told, he reminds me an awful lot of a former boss, so perhaps it’s some unresolved issues I have 😉 I know I should really breakup with Celebrity Apprentice, but I simply can’t. What can I say? I’m a glutton for reality television punishment.

The All-Stars season of Celebrity Apprentice is still a couple of months away, but NBC unveiled the first trailer to wet our appetites. The clip begins with a few of the returning celebrities (can you believe they agreed to come back???) jokingly discussing how their respective firings have impacted their lives. It then shows scenes from the upcoming season. Not surprisingly, a few of the heated arguments are shown. That’s how they suck you in.

The most anticipated showdown, for me, is between La Toya Jackson and Omarosa. Janet’s older sister looks ready to fight and send the bitch packing!!! You go Miss Thang. That alone, along with seeing how cray cray Gary Busey is this time is why I’ll be tuning in on March 3rd. Check out newly-released promo below.

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It’s New Beginnings On The Mindy Project

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It’s a new year and with it comes new beginnings. In this case, new episodes for one of my favorite freshmen sitcoms (The New Normal being the other). Even when The Mindy Project isn’t at its best, Mindy Kaling herself brings it on home. That woman is so dang adorable. What’s not to love?

Last we saw our OB/GYN heroine, she found out her boyfriend Josh was two-timing her. When she discovered this at her Christmas party, all hell and hilarious mayhem ensued. With a new year upon her, Mindy, like most of us, decides it’s time to start anew. She enrolls for a “beginners” aerobic class and has an encounter with a potential new love interest in the elevator. Not as cute as Josh, but it’s a rebound guy so it really doesn’t matter 😉

Kaling isn’t the only one trying to spice things up. On the Tuesday, January 8 episode we meet Mindy’s brother for the first time. He’s currently in college, but informs big sis that he wants to drop out and pursue a rap career. LOL. Obviously, this will freak out Mindy. Check out the recently released promo for the episode titled “Mindy’s Brother” below.

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