Willam is back with her 10th EPISODE of Willam’s Beatdown. She is one busy drag queen! Wearing her sexy yellow racing outfit, Willam is all revved up and ready to go in this one.

As the video kicks off, an annoying YouTuber dressed as a crazy pirate gets the beatdown for various reasons. Next up is a guy giving his grandma a drag queen makeover – it’s quite the transformation. My favorite part of the episode is when she takes on a YouTuber named JLoveTalk. In the particular video in question, the girl talks about how penis size matters to girls while twirling her hair and sounding like a total idiot. She goes on to explain how it has to “fit the puzzle” and also gives her two cents on penis size for black men and asian men.

The episode wraps up with androgynous YouTube star, named Miles Jai. He does his makeup while Willam does her usual bitchy critique. The twist here is that she’s actually in the studio in person after her beatdown and gives Willam a hard time as payback. Watch the new episode below.!

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YouTube Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong

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A new video by a YouTuber named Tori Locklear that has gone viral over the past few days is just the perfect material for Willam’s Beatdown (and a new episode comes out later today… check back here for that).

Tori Locklear is one of the many people on YouTube who like to offer beauty tips and tutorials, despite their limited knowledge or lack of any formal training. For Locklear, this video was supposed to be about how to curl your hair… but things didn’t go as planned.

Thankfully, regardless of what happened, she decided to share the video and that’s what YouTube is all about. It goes without question that the video would have never receive the attention it has had the procedure gone as planned. Watch the video below to find out what happened. One person who commented on the video wrote this awesome play-by-play of Locklear’s reaction: “1:09 shock and denial, 1:11 pain, 1:24 anger and bargaining, 1:26 depression, and? 1:42 acceptance.” Enjoy!

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It’s an all new episode of Willam’s Beatdown! In this episode, Willam takes us around the world from the buns of Sweden (or Russia) to the tanning beds of Canada! Willam covers husbands getting made up, Gregory Gorgeous learning phonics, and Barbie doll private parts!

The first clip is from itsjudytime and in the video, she does the makeup of her very, very whiny husband. In the second, Canada’s Gregory Gorgeous is back to talk about tanning beds (which he can’t seem to articulate) and self tanners. He is one interesting character. Following that, we see Lilith Moon who is talking about buns & braids. She seriously looks like a vampire – what’s with her scary eyes!? Lastly, Michelle Phan is back to teach people how to look like a plastic Barbie doll.

As you can see from the photo above, Willam is pretty in pink in this episode. Of course it’s her real hair. Wig? She’s not familiar. Enjoy the video below!

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Former RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Willam Belli is back with Episode 3 of her new web series, Willam’s Beatdown, which is in association with The Stylish. If you’ve watched the first two episodes, you must be as excited as I am that the third one has finally arrived after a holiday delay. If you don’t know what the concept is, Willam says it best: “I watch videos and I’m gonna teach you how to be better… through the faults of others.” If you missed the first two episodes, I’ve also included the links to those below.

This week, Willam takes on the princess of YouTube beauty videos, Blair Fowler! Also on the chopping block are newspaper nails and Kool-Aid hair dye! Yeah, as you can imagine Willam has some fun with those. At the beginning of the video, Willam takes on a guy named Gregory Gorgeous who provides all sorts of makeup tips and Willam looks like she’s about to explode. LOL.

Watch the latest episode below, and be sure to watch the other two if you haven’t yet. Seriously, this queen is harsh…and hilarious. Enjoy!

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RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Willam Belli has just debuted a new web series in association with The Stylish called, Willam’s Beatdown and it is absolutely hilarious. No one comes out unscathed.

In this first episode, Willam takes his bruised knees and mascara wand to Jenna Marbles (who I LOVE), Blaire Fowler, Sawyer Hartman and more. She provides her own commentary to clips from their viral videos. One of these videos is a guy doing his girlfriend’s make-up and Willam insists that the warning signs are all there. “Yeah, you’re a whole different section of Craigslist,” she says.

In another video, Willam discusses a video by yuanx2liang that has a whopping 1.6 million views for “purposes not intended”. The women shows that you can achieve the same results that a vibrating mascara brush provides by… vibrating your face as you apply it. Yes, vibrating your face… and she proceeds to demonstrate. I’m sure you can only imagine what Willam had to say about this. Watch the hilarious video below. I wonder what types of viral videos Willam will be targeting next – YouTubers beware! Enjoy!

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For the past few days ago, America has been outraged at the end result of the Casey Anthony trial. With overwhelming evidence showing that she killed her own daughter, Casey Anthony was found not guilty on all counts other than lying to authorities. She literally got away with murder…murdering her own child. Then went out and partied. Disgusting.

Anyway, makeup helps to make everything better, right? Well, “Michelle Fan” always thinks so. Recently, I posted this hilarious video where Michelle shows you how to get “The Maria Shriver Look“. Well, Michelle is back at it again, this time, helping women achieve “The Casey Anthony Look”. With her step by step advice, you’ll get a killer look that will allow you to get away with murder – literally. Watch the hilarious Second City Network video below.

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