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Fall television is just around the corner, and can we all shout a collective “hallelujah“. I’m so tired of summer television and ready for the networks’ new offerings and returning favorites. In the past few days, several casting announcements have been made pertaining to a few of my favorite shows. Most notably a “HUGE” recasting announcement on ABC’s Revenge. Without further ado, let’s get a crackin’.

First up is NBC’s most underrated comedy, Community. When the Greendale Community College gang returns, they’ll have to deal with a former Cylon. For all you Battlestar Galactica fans, you know what I mean. Former model Tricia Helfer has inked a deal for a guest starring role on an early episode of the show’s fourth season. Helfer will play a rabid “Inspector Spacetime” fan that Abed (Danny Pudi) meets at a show convention.

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Battlestar Galactica fans, get ready to geek out because I am about to show you a BSG reunion that you could have only dreamed about at night. A TV pilot for a show called 17th Precinct was shopped around to NBC this past pilot season. It featured some of your favorite BSG stars including Tricia Helfer, Jamie Bamber and James Callis. The show also features a pretty promenant star by the name of Stockard Channing.

Ultimately, NBC decided to turn down the pilot that was being described by some critics as “Harry Potter for grown ups”. It’s really too bad considering that the concept is absolutely fresh and unique, unlike anything that is currently on NBC’s current roster.

The concept of the show was based in the future city of Excelsior. The police force doesn’t use classic forms of investigation but instead result to magic to solve their mysteries. The team proceeds to help the city combat spells, hexes and the like. In the end, we learn that a rebel group from the past is trying to stop the magic from continuing. Check out the full pilot below.

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