Fashion: Bold Colored Pants

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I normally am not that adventurous when it comes to colour in my wardrobe but this season I am considering adding some splash of color with bold colored shorts & pants. Whether it be red, yellow, blue or mint (which Lady Gaga predicted in her “Marry the Night” video) it’s all a matter how you adapt it to your existing style.

I am gonna start by getting a bright blue pair and possibly ease myself into brighter colors like yellow or red. I will keep the pop of color to a minimum by pairing them with neutral colored tops in white, gray or black at night.

So hang up those khakis and try this new trend. Check out the video below and take the poll below. Will your booty be bright this summer?

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Fashion: Trend Alert! Harem Pants

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I haven’t seen many women wearing harem pants in North America but I sure did see a lot of them in Europe, specifically Barcelona. I’m not quite sure what to make of this Spring ’09 trend as it was never attractive on MC Hammer and I can’t see how it would be attractive now… specially on women. Anything saggy just doesn’t sit well in my books. I think just like leather pants, only models & celebrities can pull them off but in real life they just look ridiculous on normal people. This is a type of trend you have to commit to and truly make it work from head to toe. It is not something you can throw on with a t shirt and go grocery shopping in. I don’t know how long this trend will last but I’m sure glad the dresses over pants trend is kaputz! Guys, don’t even think about harem pants!

How-to wear Harem Pants…

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