Initially, I was turned off by Pia Mia. I know she can’t help it, but I found her name borderline annoying. Silly, right? Anyway. Despite my attempt not to like her, the 19-year-old singer won me over with her Chris Brown-assisted single, “Do It Again.” She’s followed that up with an even more fantastic offering.

If you like “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, you’ll love “Touch.” Since the track was co-produced by BLOOD, the same person who assisted Skrillex on The Biebs song, it’s not surprising both tropical house-tinged tracks sound quite similar. In her case though, the summery vibe is fitting given her exotic heritage.

For the accompanying visual, the diva from Guam chose to film in Australia. Wise decision given her previous track charted quite well Down Under. Pia looks great in the Dave Meyers-directed music video, but the choreography is a bit pedestrian. Doesn’t really matter though, because “Touch” is sensational. It’s my new obsession. Check it out below.

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Touch: TV Premiere Review

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For those of you out there that missed the recently premiered TV Show, ‘Touch’, on Fox starring Kiefer Sutherland (most famous for his recent role as Jack Bauer in the TV series 24, and starring in several films including The Lost Boys, and one of my personal favorites A Time to Kill), you don’t know what you’re missing! Thankfully I’ll be giving you a chance to check out the show a little later in the article; but for now, you have to read about the premiere and my opinion first!

The show, from the same creator as Heroes, has an incredibly unique premise, yet stays true to the vein of work that Sutherland typically dabbles his feet in. Keifer plays the roll of Martin Bohm, a widowed father of his only son, Jake, played by David Mazouz, who suffers from autism and has been mute since birth. Sadly, his wife died in the North tower of the World Trade Center during the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and Martin (Keifer) has struggled to support his family and connect with his son. The most heart-breaking symptom unique to his son’s type of disablement is human affection and having anyone touch him sends Jake into a panic attack. Naturally, this simple trait makes it that much harder for Martin to bond and connect with his son. On the flip side, the young boy has always demonstrated an incredible knack for numbers and solving mathematical problems and codes.

What is unknown to everyone else around Jake is that he can actually predict events that are going to happen, based on simple human connection and logical sequences, but has no way of communicating his knowledge to anyone that can help him. Sounds a bit far fetched? Perhaps. When you watch the pilot episode, you’ll see the science behind it and if you’re anything like me, you’ll think a little bit differently about the world we live in.

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FOX Unveils Its 2011-2012 Primetime Schedule

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Today was Fox’s turn to unveil its 2011-2012 schedule at this year’s upfronts presentation. The upcoming season is a huge one for Fox. Not only are two highly anticipated series finally making it on air (Terra Nova and X Factor), but the network is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It’ll commemorate this milestone with a star-studded retrospective special airing on Sunday April 1. It’ll feature Fox’s biggest stars from both past and present paying homage to the network.

Overall, Fox picked up nine new shows. Five of which will premiere in the fall, while the remaining four will debut midseason. Obviously with new shows coming in, room has to be made to accommodate the brand new shiny hopefuls. Gone are “The Chicago Code,” “Lie to Me,” “Breaking In,” “Traffic Light,” “Human Target.”, “Running Wilde”, “Lone Star”, “The Good Guys” and “America’s Most Wanted“. None of them are too surprising with exception to the latter.

The criminal catching series has been on the network since 1988 and still garners over 5 million viewers on Saturday. Pretty impressive for a dead television night. However, with the production costs increasing, producing the show no longer became viable and thereby canceled. That said, the show will return with four specials throughout next season. With over 1000 episodes and equally as many captures underneath its belt, it’s ironic the long running show won’t make it to FOX’s 25th milestone year.

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