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2013 is shaping up to be the year of the comeback. First, Destiny’s Child released a brand new track titled “Nuclear” to perform at their reunion at this year’s Super Bowl. Then Justin Timberlake dropped “Suit and Tie“, his first single since 2007. Side note: It jumped 80 spots on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this week to No. 4. Congrats JT. Just yesterday, Boyz II Men announced they were touring with New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees for a boy band super tour. Now, it’s only fitting the best-selling girl group of the 1990s returns to the fold.

The two surviving members of TLC are getting back together for a new single to celebrate Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ life and the 20th anniversary of the group. Until that reunion track drops, we have a solo effort by T-Boz to tide us over. If watched T-Boz’s four episode reality show, Totally T-Boz, you saw her juggle motherhood, her health and her career.

The 42-year-old R&B singer just dropped her brand new single, “Champion.” The inspirational track hopes to uplift spirits of those who have fallen on hard times. Dealing with sickle cell herself, proceeds of the track will be donated to sickle cell and leukemia research. Check out the solid effort by T-Boz below. It’s has definite potential.

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Is T-Boz Channeling Honey Boo Boo?

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Did you watch the premiere of Tionne Watkins aka T-Boz’s new reality show the other day on TLC? If you didn’t, here’s a brief rundown. Totally T-Boz is a four-part series chronicling her attempted comeback and her plans to reinvent herself. The 42-year-old R&B singer discusses her life since the death of TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes which includes a divorce, raising her 12-year-old daughter Chase, a brain tumor which robbed her of her speech, sight and hearing, along with her ongoing battle with Sickle Cell. Girl has had it rough since TLC was in its hey day chasing “Waterfalls.”

As an aside, how is it possible that both T-Boz and Chilli haven’t been able to realize solo albums since Left Eye’s death? Yet the deceased singer has a couple to her credit, including one posthumous one. Given that the series is only four episodes long, I don’t think this comeback will amount to much. It breaks my heart a little because I was such a huge fan of hers, Left Eye and Chilli.

Perhaps, it’s the effects of the brain tumor or another ailment, but Watkins seems a little off on the show. Either that, or the network encouraged her to act a little cray. At times I thought I was watching an older African-American version of Honey Boo Boo. This wasn’t more evident than during her meeting with producer Bangladesh. Just watch the video below as Bangladesh tries to figure out if T-Boz is really serious with her career. Apparently, he’s been burned by her before. Check out the clip below.

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