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Transgender models have appeared previously on global versions of the Top Model franchise, most notably Isis King on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 and ANTM: All Stars. None of them, however, have ever walked away with the title. That is, until now.

Over 640,000 Dutch viewers tuned in this week to witness Loiza Lamers make history. The 20-year-old stunner won Season 8 of Holland’s Next Top Model, becoming the first transgender from the Top Model franchise to do so. Loiza later took to Instagram to thank her fans.

“Dear all!!! Thank you for all your votes sweet comments and support. I am so very happy with everything I got to experience. Thanks thanks thanks!”

Born male named Lucas, Lamers underwent surgeries when she turned 18. When the former hairdresser entered the competition, no one knew of her transgender status. As the competition went on, Loiza decided to tell her story a few weeks before the live finale.

Check out her winning moment below, along with photos from the cycle’s photoshoots. Congrats to Loiza for making history.

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Vogue Reveals Top 10 Models For 2012

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Nothing will ever come close to the Supermodel Era during the 90s, but I feel a renaissance with models becoming household names is upon us. Personally, I say bring it on. I was a huge fan of Linda, Christy, Naomi and Cindy back in the day.

Vogue recently released their annual list of the fashion industry’s Top 10 female models and I thought I’d share it with you. I’m sure I’m not the only modelizer out there who might enjoy this. With regards to how Vogue determined which girl made the list is beyond me. I’m sure it had to do with who landed on the most editorials and covers of the publication’s various international editions. Check out the list below. I’m sure you might recognize a couple of the names.

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Parody: Tyra Banks Nightline Interview

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I’m obsessed with ABC news magazine shows a la “Primetime,” but I rarely watch “Nightline.”  So, like a sign from God and Jesus above, I just happened to tune in on September 8. 
I was half-watching in bed while my Ambien kicked in, and then the interview started getting good.  Cynthia McFadden does this amazing voiceover right before the stare-off explosion where she says, “One Might be forgiven for suggesting that the real star, cycle after cycle, is Miss Banks, herself.”  I died.
To see Tyra, whose entire shtick is about being real, unwittingly reveal her phoniness and come unglued so easily, was downright shocking (and hilarious).  
I transcribed the best parts of the interview for my website and, on a whim, asked my friends to film the interview with me playing both parts.  I just went off the transcript and ad-libbed the rest. 
I lost respect for Tyra and gained a new found respect for Cynthia McFadden.

Click here to check out the spoof

I Only Have One Photo In My Hand…

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They’ve had various photo shoots, live events, and eliminations; it’s now down to the final 9, and our very own Adam is one of the finalists! This is the 2nd Annual, Vancouver’s Next Gay Top Model, and last year’s winner- Aaron Ursacki- will be passing on his title (his tiara- let’s call it what it is!) Thursday, April 2nd at the Grand Finale at Celebrities Night Club.  

Now, for a moment, let’s pretend I’m Tyra [insert dream music- fade to…]

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