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It’s no secret that my silver fox crush is Andy Cohen. I can just picture us in bed talking about the Housewives til dawn 😉

Instead of pranking his fans, the 46-year-old personality decided to celebrate April Fool’s Day in a different way. He revealed his Top 5 favorite shirtless moments on his talk show, Watch What Happens Live.

Hunky supermodel Tyson Beckford and the bartenders of Vanderpump Rules made the cut along with Below Deck’s Kelly Johnson. Speaking of the latter, have you seen his leaked naked selfie? His ‘below deck’ is equally as impressive as his ‘upper deck.’

Check out the compilation below. The top pick might surprise you. It definitely did me.

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Meet The Vanderpump Rules Cast

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Have you seen the promos for Bravo’s new reality series, Vanderpump Rules? It’s like The Hills but with a den mother. All the action takes place at West Hollywood’s SUR lounge which is short for “Sexy, Unique, Restaurant”. In charge of the horny incestuous bunch is none other than Real Housewives of Beverly Hills goddess, Lisa Vanderpump. By far and away the most popular woman on the 90210 edition. It’s no wonder Andy Cohen is taking a gamble at a spinoff featuring his pink-loving Giggly-nurturing prized cow.

If you’ve been watching Season 3 of RHOBH, you’ll recognize a few of the faces. The network has slowly introduced some of them in hopes you’ll tune in to the premiere of Vanderpump Rules on January 7 @ 10pm.

So far we’ve meet Scheana Marie, the man-stealing tramp who slept with Brandi Glanville’s ex-husband Eddie Cibrian. Also introduced was Stassi Schroeder who received a scolding from Lisa for mouthing off to one of the restaurant’s biggest customers. We also saw a glimpse of Stassi’s boyfriend Jax Taylor who also works at SUR. They’re not the only couple working there. Young attractive 20-somethings all working in the same place. I smell major drama. Check out the entire cast and their bios below.

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