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Is T-Boz Channeling Honey Boo Boo?

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Did you watch the premiere of Tionne Watkins aka T-Boz’s new reality show the other day on TLC? If you didn’t, here’s a brief rundown. Totally T-Boz is a four-part series chronicling her attempted comeback and her plans to reinvent herself. The 42-year-old R&B singer discusses her life since the death of TLC member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes which includes a divorce, raising her 12-year-old daughter Chase, a brain tumor which robbed her of her speech, sight and hearing, along with her ongoing battle with Sickle Cell. Girl has had it rough since TLC was in its hey day chasing “Waterfalls.”

As an aside, how is it possible that both T-Boz and Chilli haven’t been able to realize solo albums since Left Eye’s death? Yet the deceased singer has a couple to her credit, including one posthumous one. Given that the series is only four episodes long, I don’t think this comeback will amount to much. It breaks my heart a little because I was such a huge fan of hers, Left Eye and Chilli.

Perhaps, it’s the effects of the brain tumor or another ailment, but Watkins seems a little off on the show. Either that, or the network encouraged her to act a little cray. At times I thought I was watching an older African-American version of Honey Boo Boo. This wasn’t more evident than during her meeting with producer Bangladesh. Just watch the video below as Bangladesh tries to figure out if T-Boz is really serious with her career. Apparently, he’s been burned by her before. Check out the clip below.

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TLC: Top 5 Songs & Music Videos Ranked

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Today, April 25, 2012 marks the ten year anniversary for the passing of Grammy award-winning TLC group member Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopes. To celebrate her legacy and the music that she made along with Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, I thought it would be great to highlight my Top 5 favorite TLC songs and videos.

Before Lopes died, the girls were working on their fourth studio album, ‘3D’ but were having some problems. Lopes wanted to go solo and recorded her first album Supernova, but it didn’t perform well enough overseas and was never released in the U.S. She died in a car crash while filming a documentary in Honduras, which was later be released as ‘The Last Days of Left Eye’ in 2007 on VH1. The death was hard on the music community and the world alike, with so many TLC fans worldwide. After a year hiatus, T-Boz and Chilli decided that they should finish the 3D album. The first single from album was “Girl Talk,” which I loved, followed by “Hands Up” and “Damaged”.

The singles from ‘3D’ can’t be compared to the success that the girls had from their first three albums. Needless to say, my Top 5 songs & videos are from those albums. Enjoy the blast from the past and vote for your favorite TLC song below. Just a note, one of the songs doesn’t have a music video.

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Celebrity Apprentice Returns with a Vengeance!

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thedonaldA new season of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice commences on Sunday, March 1st at 9/8:00pm Central with a 2-hour premiere. This time, in my opinion, there are actually some “celebrities” and I must say it is quite a diverse ensemble to say the least. Here are a few familiar names you’ll see this season:
joanrivers1Joan Rivers – Recently wrote a book called, “Men Are Stupid And They Like Big Boobs”. She’s more well known for her candid Red Carpet interviews and commentaries, as well as her jewelry, cosmetics, and other random things she sells on infomercials. Joan is 75 years old, but with as much plastic surgery she’s had, it appears the walking wax museum is frozen in time. Oh, and HER DAUGHTER is on The Apprentice this season too! Should be interesting.
dennisrodman1Dennis Rodman – Yes, for real. This former contraversial vegetarian NBA star is stepping back in the spotlight – although apparently they are going to need a bigger spotlight cuz brother looks likes he’s been eating too much Tofu! Just because you’re not in the NBA doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise! Wonder if he’ll prove to be MVP for his team, or will he leave thinking FML?
tomgreen1Tom Green – Here’s one for Canada! Drew Barrymore(who couldn’t “bear-anymore”)’s ex was raised in Canada’s capital and made a name for himself in the extreme / weird comedy genre. Let’s see if Freddie Gets Fingered Fired or Hired by The Donald.

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