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In my obsession with Jessie and the Toy Boys, I had come across a little IMDb page that lead me to believe that front woman Jessie Malakouti had another trick up her sleeve aside from her upcoming full-length LP. Titled This Is How Rumors Start, the same name of her upcoming album, Jessie and her Toy Boys are releasing a web series that explores what appears to be the story of how Jessie and her Toy Boys came to be.

In the first episode titled Push It, we open with Jessie donning a french maid outfit covered in blood and a pink wig. Her 80’s style pink cell phone rings and we listen in as she talks to one of her Toy Boys asking if she had completed something… cut to plastic water gun covered in blood. Was this the murder weapon of choice?

Cut to Jessie in the studio in London, England recording vocals for her track Push It. The producer behind the board stops the session to yell at Jessie and tell her she is crap. If she can’t learn to take vocal direction, she will be dropped. Jessie is then coaxed by two of her Toy Boys (one with more angelic tendencies, the other more devilish) to help her decide what her next move should be? Check out the first episode of the new series below.

Watch Episode 1 of “This Is How Rumors Start” after the jump.

It’s no secret that Jessie and the Toy Boys is one of my favorite music obsessions. Her debut EP Show Me Your Tan Lines has had so much play on my iPod and her single Let’s Get Naughty is one of my favorite weekend anthems. I am literally dying, waiting for new music from this blonde bombshell. Okay, maybe not dying but I really want to hear some. Boom! My wish was granted when I saw that a new song potentially on her first full-length album This Is How Rumors Start had leaked.

The track is called Marilyn and it’s a little bit of a slower track than we are used to from the electro-pop singer. The lyrics ring out “Marilyn, why’d you die young? / Were you running? / Were the rumors true?” While the track may be on a more serious tone for the singer, it doesn’t stop the 80’s-style synths from bubbling through sticking true to her solid pop sound. Hopefully, this one of many solid tracks on the upcoming 2012 LP release. Check out Marilyn below.

Listen to “Marilyn” after the jump.

I have been anticipating the release of this video for a very long time. As I wrote about a few weeks back, I fell in love with Jessie And The Toy Boys when they stopped by Celebrities during the Femme Fatale Tour stop in Vancouver. After chatting with her, I knew she was here to take over the pop world. After watching her small club set, I couldn’t help but be entranced by her lyrics, her synths and of course, her style. One song that stood out for me was the club thumping track, Let’s Get Naughty and today, it’s found it’s release on iTunes with a sexy video to boot!

Directed by Don Tyler, the blond bombshell shows us what the naughtier side of her music can do. In various scenarios, we see Jessie with her male mannequins which slide effortless into scenes where her male dancers are grinding their way to pure seduction. Notable some of the best moments are when Jessie and her full crew of dancers take to the dark floor and bust out some sick choreography courtesy of Bobby Newberry.

The video comes to an exciting close when a police officer arrives to arrest Jessie Malakouti for postering her logo and tagging the walls. However, once the leather bound gal is in cuffs, he turns her around to unzip the face portion and reveals that it’s just a female mannequin. Love it. No doubt that Jessie will continue to push the envelope as we hear more and more from her. Check out the naughty video below. “All my hoes, touch your toes.”

Check out “Let’s Get Naughty” after the jump.

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