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The X Factor Season 3: Meet The Top 16 (Spoilers)

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As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t recapped the past couple episodes of The X Factor. The reason being, I didn’t want to pretend I didn’t already know who advanced. At the end of the last episode, the FOX singing competition revealed the Top 40 and which judge was mentoring what group. For those who love spoilers, I have the names of those who survived the Four Chair Challenge to advance to the live rounds.

Speaking of the new phase of the competition, I’m really looking forward to it. As much as I love the judges’ homes in previous seasons, this new twist looks like it’s going to provide lots of drama, emotion, and amazing performances. According to FOX, the singers will one by one sing for the judges. If their respective mentor likes what they hear, they can place them in one of the chairs. If all four chairs are occupied and an amazing performance follows, they can swap out one of the existing acts to make room. DRAMA. Check out the rumored Top 16 below, along with their audition performances.

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X Factor Season 3: Episode 4 Auditions

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Is it me or does this season of The X Factor seem more streamlined? There doesn’t seem to be as many awful auditions as in seasons’ past. While I know some enjoy them, I can do without. At this point, we’ve seen and definitely heard it all.

Check out Thursday’s auditions below. There’s a cutie in the mix that can do some serious damage if he improves. If you only have time to watch one, jump straight to Andrew Scholz. He’s not the second coming by any means, but at least he’s easy on the eyes.

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X Factor Season 3: Episode 3 Auditions

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The X Factor isn’t getting anywhere the amount of headlines it received the first couple of seasons, but I have to say this is the best season yet. Even without Britney Spears’ priceless facial reactions, the episodes so far have been entertaining with very promising talent. I’m definitely enjoying it.

If Simon Cowell and his angels pick the right contestants to make it to the live rounds, this season could yield the most viable artists to date. Everyone loves a rags-to-riches Cinderella story and this season certainly has it. The first week had more outstanding talent, but there are a couple acts who have potential in this episode. Check them out below.

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X Factor Season 3: Episode 2 Auditions

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Poor Simon Cowell. The X Factor’s third season is off to a rocky start with regards to ratings. Without the hype of Britney Spears, the premiere was way down when compared to last year. The show was decreased about 27 percent in viewers and 36 percent in adults 18-49. OUCH. Typically, the show increases as it reaches the live rounds. Hopefully, that trend continues otherwise this could be the singing competition’s swan song.

Even though The X Factor isn’t the ratings powerhouse as The Voice, I enjoy it much more. While neither have produced a huge star yet, Cowell’s show has at least done so with the UK version. One Direction, Leona Lewis anyone?

Just like yesterday’s post, I’m only going to discuss the acts that advanced. There’s really no point in talking about the trainwrecks. At this point, we’ve seen it all through 13 seasons of American Idol. While collectively yesterday’s talent was better, there were still a couple of standouts. Check them all out below.

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X Factor Season 3: Premiere Auditions

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Premiering with much less fanfare than the previous two seasons, The X Factor began its third season Wednesday night. To say expectations for the third season weren’t high would be a fair assessment. Perhaps, the lowered and realistic expectations will be much better for the show and Simon Cowell.

I wasn’t expecting too much from Paulina Rubio but she definitely surprised me. Sure her fashion choices were from a couple decades ago and a tad tacky, but she was adorable and her sometimes lost in translation critiques were endearing. If you count the words she spoke in coherent English, she already said more in this hour-long episode than Britney Spears did the entire year. Yup, I went there ;)

With regards to Kelly Rowland, I knew she’d do well. She fit right in with Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato on the panel. Not surprising considering she has a year under her belt judging the UK version. She was direct and blunt when she needed to be and sympathetic when it was called for. No unnecessary coddling.

Overall, I enjoyed the season premiere. The show seems to be making good on its promise to refocus on the contestants. I like the fact the episode jumped from city to city instead of just focusing on the auditions of a particular one. I was even more grateful, that only one “awful” audition was included in the mix. Next time, I’m hoping for none. Check out the auditions that received four “yeses” below.

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With September around the corner, the networks have begun promoting their Fall programs. FOX is going full throttle and just released preview clips for all their returning shows including Glee, The Mindy Project, New Girl and The X Factor which are the ones I’m looking forward to the most on the network.

Darren Criss takes the helm for his show’s vid. He talks about the show’s upcoming two episode tribute to the Beatles and his possible reunion with Kurt. As you recall, the season ended with a bit of a cliffhanger with Blaine holding a ring box in his hands.

Not surprisingly, Simon Cowell is front and center for The X Factor. With two lackluster seasons under his belt, a lot is riding on this year. If ratings continue to decline, this could very well be the show’s last. Hopefully, the chemistry between his “Angels” gel much better than his previous two judging lineups.

If you want your first look at James Franco on The Mindy Project, be sure to watch the show’s preview. For all you New Girl fans, Zooey Deschanel and crew tease which girl Schmidt picks. Check out all the videos below.

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The Ultimate X Factor UK Video Mashup

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OMFGGGGG! This is absolutely amazing. To celebrate a decade of the X Factor, the UK show has created a wicked mashup highlighting the biggest acts from the reality singing competition. From it’s first bonafide superstar Leona Lewis to Series 9 winner James Arthur, the clip perfectly showcases the range of talent the show has discovered. Other acts included in the clip are Cher Lloyd, Alexandra Burke, Amelia Lily, JLS, Joe McElderry, Little Mix, Misha B, Olly Murs, Union J and of course One Direction. Hope I didn’t miss anyone out. It really is a sensational video. It’s a definite must watch.

American Idol should really consider doing the same to promote its upcoming thirteenth season. Can you imagine a video mashup with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks, Fantasia, Phillip Phillips, Daughtry and countless other Idol alums. It would be epic.

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The first two teaser promos released by FOX featured Simon Cowell and his angels during the auditions getting sassy with each other and contestants. The latest X Factor Season 3 clip is all about the new lineup having fun and to warn us to expect the unexpected. What is this? Big Brother? Julie Chen, someone’s stealing your Chenbot lines ;) What next, Mario Lopez saying “but first” during the live telecasts?

The new promo shows Paulina Rubio, Kelly Rowland and Demi Lovato getting their groove on to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ epic “Can’t Hold Us.” It also includes returning host Mario Lopez and the big boss Cowell mugging for the camera. At the end, all five of them come together and serve their fiercest model pose. Check it out below.

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