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It’s another double elimination on The X Factor. If the FOX show factored in iTunes sales like The Voice, Jeff Gutt, Restless Road and Alex & Sierra wouldn’t be in any danger of leaving. Gutt hit #5 on iTunes rock chart, Restless Road peaked at #2 on the country chart and Alex & Sierra topped iTunes main singles chart. Their “Say Something” cover even bested A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s original version.

Even more impressive is the fact all the downloads were live performances and not studio ones like The Voice releases. Sufficed to say, it’s the best showing for any performance ever on The X Factor. Could that be enough for FOX to renew the show? It certainly makes things more interesting.

In other non-eliminated happenings, Little Mix and Emblem3 engaged in a battle for X Factor supremacy. While the Emblem3 guys are decent eye candy, they were no match for the sassy quartet from the UK. From their vocals to their choreography, everything was tight. I absolutely love these girls. If you haven’t purchased their latest album, Salute, you should (UK release only). It’s EVERYTHING. They’re a modern day All Saints meets Destiny’s Child with a dash of En Vogue realness.

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Once again, there’s a double elimination on The X Factor this week. Previously, we bid adieu to Lillie McCloud and Josh Levi on Thanksgiving Day. Who will follow in their footsteps? I have a couple of acts in mind, but as we saw last week, anything can happen. On the agenda tonight, a diva number and unplugged one were required from each act. Who delivered and who faltered? Watch below.

Before we get to the performances, can we briefly talk about Paulina Rubio? Not trying to insinuate anything, but she appeared a tad influenced by something tonight. She was a special kind of crazy and incoherent tonight. I loved that Simon called her out at the end of the show by reading wacky ramblings she wrote down during the show. “Puppies love balloons…” What was up with that?

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X Factor Season 3: Thanksgiving Results Show

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While I appreciate original programming on Thanksgiving night, it must suck for the crew, judges and the contestants, especially the latter. For the rest of their lives, getting voted off will by synonymous with Turkey Day. At least they can drown their sours away by overindulging on turkey and cocktails. That’s my go-to remedy 😉

The filler moments tonight included performances from both Demi Lovato and Michael Buble. Love Demi, but if the judges had to critique her vocals, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Pitchy, pitchy, pitchy. I love that the other guest performance was a non-Yankee. Since Buble already celebrated Thanksgiving last month (as we do in Canada) he had no holiday familial obligations this week. BTW, he gave the BEST vocal of the night by far. Without further ado, find out who were voted off on tonight’s show below.

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The X Factor: Top 8 Do Big Band

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What a difference a 25-piece orchestra makes. The X Factor finally delivered a night where I didn’t feel like tuning out halfway. Apparently, the contestants sing on pitch much better with a live band. For the most part, the Top 8 performed solidly. No one truly stunk up the joint, making it a bit harder to rank the remaining acts. Check out the videos and my rankings below.

On a side note: How interesting is it that all the judges each have two acts in the competition still? I thought for sure Paulina or Demi would’ve been wiped out by now like Cee Lo Green is on The Voice?

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Being that it was British Invasion week, naturally Simon Cowell coerced his biggest discovery to perform on the results show. Perhaps having One Direction on The X Factor might stop the ratings bleeding. After all, they have already sold 35 million copies in their relatively young career.

I have to say Liam, Harry and Zayn are looking pretty fine these days, especially the latter. The beard really suits him. Louis on the other hand needs to ditch his lame attempt to grow facial hair. He looks like a Three Musketeers reject from some high school production. Check out their performance below, along with the double elimination results.

Side note: The highlight for me on tonight’s episode was Mario dishing out “por favor” to Paulina. The Latina popstar was taking her sweet ass time deciding on who to send home. In all fairness, maybe she didn’t understand the gravity of situation until Lopez served up some espanol 😉

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Overall, I thought X Factor Season 3’s Top 10 performed solidly as a whole tonight. They ranged from relatively tolerable to pretty good with only one being a borderline hot mess. What a difference a week makes? Maybe it’s my lowered expectations or the fact I was slightly distracted with household chores that did the trick. Whatever the reason, tonight was somewhat enjoyable.

Once again it’s a double elimination this week. How about a triple one next week? Let’s get this season over and done with. Check out all the British Invasion Week performances below.

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X Factor Season 3: Top 12 Results Show

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I wouldn’t say Thursday night’s results were shocking, but definitely surprising. I can’t believe the truly awful acts advanced, let alone escaped the bottom three. Instead, the ones that were cut were actually acts that didn’t make me cringe whenever they performed. What was America thinking? Check out all the results below, the Save Me sing-off and performances by Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony.

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Can we just stick a fork in it, because The X Factor is done. I don’t even know why I’m still covering it. With dwindling ratings and mediocre talent when compared to The Voice, the FOX show is on major life support. Even Simon Cowell looks disinterested with the outcome. It’s the same look he had during his last season on American Idol. Dare I even say, he’s embarrassed sitting on the panel. I would be too, if these are the best twelve acts from the auditions. With that being said, the only performances I can stomach are usually Cowell’s groups. Smells like sabotage to me.

Thankfully, producers are expediting things by having a triple elimination this week. After last week’s technical mishap, one act was immediately cut before the performances. The unlucky one to get the boot was Carlos Guevara. At least America is getting it right. He’s horrible.

Too bad viewers weren’t in charge of song choices and everything else. Perhaps, the X Factor could be saved. Nah! Nothing can do that. Oh well, let’s get to the performances.

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