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The X Factor US: Top 5 Results (Discuss)

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Before we get to tonight’s results, can we just praise the awesomeness that is Lenny Kravitz. The 47-year-old rocker opened the show and performed a couple of his songs including my personal favorite, “Are You Gonna Go My Way“. The former Mr. Lisa Bonet definitely still has it.

The other performer of the night was Mary J. Blige. She looked stunning in a white dress. That being said, didn’t she look like she was in some sort of illuminated jail cell when white lights surrounded her? For a split second, she could’ve been cellmates with General Zod in “Superman II“. Side note, how bling’d out was that microphone. I can’t sing worth a lick but Papa likes it and wants one.

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This week’s recap is going to be quick and dirty. I just got home after an early screening of “New Year’s Eve” and have to power through a few posts before going night night. Plus there’s “Revenge“, “ANTM“, and “Modern Family” to watch still.

The show began with recapping last week’s shocking results. They sure are milking it aren’t they. Simon, who’s still bitter, promises the other judges “game on” this week. He was all talk in the end. He never really threw anyone under the bus. That said, he gave a couple of great zingers at Nicole Scherzinger’s expense. I wonder if it’s all for show, or if he really can’t stand the former PCD.

Tonight, the remaining five finalists sang two songs each. The first being a dance track and the second was supposed to be the Pepsi Challenge. Due to some technical difficulties, which we were never privy to, the viewer voted songs will be postponed til next week. Instead, the contestants have to sing their “save me” songs. With less than a day to prepare, the mentors and singers scramble to get the job done. See how they all fared below.

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The X Factor US: Top 7 Results (Discuss)

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Before we get to tonight’s results, I just wanted to quickly chat about the latest “X Factor” judging rumor. Did you hear that the powers-that-be are contemplating swapping Kelly Rowland and Nicole Scherzinger for next season? Obviously being a huge Kelly fan, I’m in favor of this. Nicole has a better sales track record across the pond and vice versa for Kelly here in North America. Plus, I haven’t been super impressed with Scherzinger this season so I’d welcome the change. If they don’t do a switcheroo, I’d be up for Cheryl Cole coming back also.

Speaking of Cole, doesn’t it seem like Simon Cowell is pushing a UK agenda on “The X Factor“. He’s brought over Steve Jones and the aforementioned Cole, albeit a short stay. Then Jessie J performed a couple weeks ago and tonight UK rapper Tinie Tempah did his thing. Not that I’m complaining because I love London and UK pop music, but just noticed the heavy Brit presence.

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Even though Michael Jackson suffered severe burns from filming a Pepsi commercial, the pop singer continued to work with the soda company for many years. Considering a Pepsi ad is part of the grand prize, it’s only fitting songs for this week’s performances are from Michael’s extensive music catalogue. Covering such iconic songs could either yield fruitful rewards or sink your ship. How would the Final 7 fare?

For every David Cook “Billie Jean” moment, there are numerous trainwrecks. With another double elimination this week, pressure is at an all-time high. The only way to secure safety is to become one of the Top 4 vote-getters. A very tall order considering the singers left. You definitely don’t want to be in the bottom three to sing for your life and be at the whim of the judges.

If that wasn’t enough pressure, most of the Jackson clan was in attendance to watch the performances. Randy, Tito, Randy and matriarch Katherine Jackson along with Michael’s three kids sat back and hoped no one butchered their beloved Michael’s legacy.

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The X Factor US: Top 9 Results (Discuss)

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Let’s just jump right into the action this week. Seriously, tonight’s results show flew by. Every week should have Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars’ performances along with a double elimination. Clarkson performed “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)“, while Mars sang “It Will Rain” from the “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”.

Kelly Clarkson “Stronger” Performance

Kelly, as usual, blew it out the park. My only complaint and suggestion is that she think twice about her wardrobe choices. IMHO, it was a little too tight and shiny. Someone looks like they’ve been inside Christina Aguilera’s closet. My man Bruno also fared well. I just wished the graphics on the huge screens would’ve been images from Twilight and beautiful shots rainfall. Perhaps that was too literal for the show given the song’s lyrics and background.

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The X Factor US: Ranking Top 9 Performances (Video)

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Welcome to “X Factor Gives Back“. Didn’t last night’s “Giving Thanks” show seem awfully similar to American Idol’s Inspirational Songs week for their fundraising “Idol Gives Back” specials? It definitely did for me, without all the 1-800 numbers to donate monies. Given that it’s Thanksgiving this week, the theme was appropriate.

Since the contestants dedicated their song choice to the ones they were most thankful for, I thought I’d take this opportunity to say what I’m thankful for (X Factor related). I’m extremely thankful the producers decided to eliminate two acts this week. Let’s get rid of some of the dead weight and kick this show in to high gear. At least the ones voted off will get to spend Thanksgiving with their families this holiday weekend. Plus they get to take advantage of all those Black Friday sales.

In honor of the feel-good schmaltzy vibe of the show, I’ve decided to follow the old adage of, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all“. You’ll only read positive feedback from me and I’ll try to stay away from the negative. Try, being the operative word. Don’t worry, this is a one-week special. By the time the turkey comes out as poop, I’ll be back to giving both good and bad feedback. Check out all of this week’s videos below.

The Performances

Rachel Crow

Song: I Believe by Yolanda Adams

Great song choice. Loved this song from “Honey” starring Jessica Alba. Rachel is probably the sole female left in the competition that can sing both uptempo songs and ballads equally as well. I admit, her package had me choked up. I’m sure plenty of viewers felt the same way. She’s not going anywhere.

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The X Factor US: Top 10 SHOCKING Results

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My jaw is still literally on the ground. Tonight’s results totally threw me for a loop. Before we get to it, let’s talk about how much of a tool Steve Jones is. While he hasn’t received the warmest welcome across the board, I’ve held off jumping on the anti-Steve Jones train… until now. I thought I’d give him a few weeks to find his groove. Sadly, I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

During last night’s show, I thought he made a gaffe with the amount of musical acts remaining, but ignored it. Tonight on the results show, I know 100% he screwed up. At one point, he talked about the impending elimination and said that there would only be eight acts left. UMMMM, OK? Last I counted, there was ten acts and no double-elimination in sight. Time to head back to Grade 2 Mister.

From what I hear, he also messed up during the interview with Rihanna as well. The “We Found Love” singer had to perform SLASH lip sync twice, during yesterday’s taping of her performance, since Simon and producers didn’t want to use the first Q&A. I honestly don’t think Steve Jones is going to make it to Season 2. Anyone else agree?

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“Rock” invaded the “X Factor” stage this week and yielded some interesting results. I used air quotes around rock due to a couple of questionable song choices by the judges. Apparently, reggae is considered rock in one of the judge’s eyes. Is it me, or is “X Factor” starting to look and sound like “American Idol“? I already find myself in my usual Idol doldrums at this stage of the competition. The theme weeks definitely add to that dilemma. The show really needs to do something to step out of Idol’s shadow. And I’m not talking about implementing a cheesy boxing ring à la “The Voice“. Enough about that, let’s get to the performances.

Last week, Paula once again found two of her acts in the bottom two? Why does America hate groups so much? Because I know the public loves Paula. Hopefully, Abdul isn’t three for three this week. Not only is she an insightful mentor, but I love me some Lakoda Rayne. Check out how they fared and the rest of the Top 10 below. At the end of the post, I ranked all the acts. See if you agree with my rankings and post your own.

The Performances

LeRoy Bell

Song: We’ve Got Tonight by Bob Seger

Is it sad that I know and love this song. I love me some Bob Seger. LeRoy did him justice, but it was sorta of a snoozefest. With two groups already gone, didn’t you feel the judges minus Nicole were throwing him under the bus. I predict a Leroy elim coming soon. He went first plus received negative feedback. “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. I sense it’ll be for LeRoy Bell. How ya like my Ernest Hemingway reference? BAM.

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