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X Factor Fashion Battle: Britney vs Demi

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The X Factor’s highly-anticipated Season 2 premiere finally airs this week. Feels like forever since Simon Cowell announced Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were joining the show. Even though NBC is trying to thwart its success by airing a third episode of The Voice at the same time as X Factor’s premiere, I’m definitely checking out Brit’s debut and watching Christina Aguilera and company spin around in their swivel chairs later in the evening. It’s Britney versus Christina all over again.

Truth be told, I think three days of The Voice is too much. NBC is silly for airing another edition of the show so soon after the Spring edition and three nights in a row for the premiere week is overkill. Too much of a good thing, if you ask me. Remember the over-saturation of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on ABC back in 2000. I digress.

Since X Factor is finally here, I decided to pit the two new female judges in the fashion boxing ring against each other. Let’s face it, women are held under a magnifying glass with regards to their outfit choices. I’ve gone through Spears and Lovato’s wardrobe during the audition cities and posted them below, sharing my thoughts on who won the fashion crown in each city and gave an overall winner. See if you agree with my choices. If not, I’d love to hear where I went wrong ;)

vote on each fashion battle below

All the media attention has focused on Britney Spears’ debut on “The X Factor” when it returns for its second season on Wednesday, September 12. Based on the newly-released promo, it could be the much less-heralded Demi Lovato that might end up stealing the show. There were rumblings early on that the “Skyscraper” singer wasn’t afraid to butt heads with acerbic Brit judge Simon Cowell. Those rumors have been proven true as evident by the banter between the two in the new clip.

Lovato teases about Cowell’s bad breath, possible funeral attendance turn out, and being old and impatient. Surprisingly, they have great chemistry. Perhaps the producers noticed this too and that’s why they swapped Britney and Demi’s spots on the panel. Initially, Spears was seated next to Cowell for the first few audition cities. Given the amount of money Spears was paid compared to Lovato, The FOX show might get more bang for the buck with the 19-year-old singer, if she continues her playful rapport with Simon.

In another clip released by the network, the two new female judges chat about their judging styles. “I feel like my judging style is very subtle. I try to use constructive criticism,” the “Toxic” chanteuse says in the interview, but later is seen giving a sarcastic statement to another contestant, “I want to know who let you on stage.” Lovato, meanwhile, dubs herself a “happy judge” and claims that she’s “really, really honest.” Check out both videos below.

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Chris Rene Debuts “Trouble” Music Video

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With the new season of “X Factor” just around the corner, it only makes sense that one of the finalists from last season drop a new music video. Chris Rene made it all the way to the Top 3 with his combination of rapping and singing. His original track, “Young Homie“, made mild waves during the “X Factor” season, but failed to make much of an impact when the official music video was released months later. Rene is probably hoping his second single from his forthcoming album fares much better.

Trouble” is an easy-going reggae pop track and surprisingly pretty good. Here’s a fun little fact. It was co-written by former American Idol contestant Alex Lambert– one of the most robbed singers never to make it to the Top 12. The demo was shopped around and picked up by Epic records and given to Chris Rene to record.

Shot in New Orleans, the video shows Rene trying to win the affections of his lady love. As a side note, the woman is absolutely STUNNING, gorgeous actually. Given that his label is Epic, there are a lot of gratuitous Sony product placement shots. The clip could easily pass for a commercial instead of a music video. The track has already hit the Top 10 in New Zealand. I’m not sure if it’ll do well on the Billboard Hot 100 but it could make waves on the adult contemporary and R&B charts. Check it out below.

watch the music video after the jump

There is certainly a lot of build up for Season 2 of The X Factor in the US, mainly because Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have joined the judging panel alongside Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. There have been constant updates of Britney’s judging critiques, rumored walk offs, dramatic auditions, and more. Now that they have all the footage from all of these auditions, they’ve released a new promo with tons of juicy stuff to get you “X-cited”.

In the new clip, we see Britney asking someone who let them on stage, telling someone they’re hot, among other Britney bits. There’s also footage of someone being taken away on a stretcher, another in handcuffs, and of course the dramatic audition by the guy who Britney apparently sang a duet with way back in the day.

The Season 2 Premiere of The X Factor USA takes place on Wednesday, September 12 at 8/7c, on FOX. Enjoy the new promo below!

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A couple of weeks ago at the San Francisco “X Factor” auditions, Britney Spears was reunited with a former duet partner. Britney immediately recognized Don Philip the second he appeared on the stage. Now 32-years-old, Philip sang two songs with Spears back in 1999 when he was just 19. Philip had a recording contract back then, but walked away because he didn’t know how to face being gay. At his San Francisco audition, Don chose this time to come out to Britney. He told the judges the following.

“The secret I have is that I’m gay — and it’s the answer to everything,” Don stated. “It’s what’s held me back!”

Sadly for Don, he botched his audition and didn’t impress the judges with his cover of Beyonce’s “Halo“. Philip later posted on his Facebook the following in hopes that he’d get a second chance.

“Maybe simon [Cowell] will give me a second chance.. i was so exhausted could not sleep night before..and so scared to face britney thinking what to say.. Also i had been carrying this heavy burden..and i wanted to just let it all day it was brewing..and 4 hours of interviews..left my voice done.. Simon give me another the past xfactor winner.. i can do it.” – Don Philip

Philip recorded two songs with Britney years ago. “I Will Still Love You” appeared on Brit’s 1999 debut album “…Baby One More Time“, while the other was never released… until now. Philip posted his other duet titled “Say What” on SoundCloud. I wonder what Spears thinks about this oldie hitting the internet after all these years. Check it out below.

listen to “Say What” after the jump

Little Mix Release “Wings” Lyric Video

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One Direction, Cher Lloyd and Olly Murs are a trio of recent “X Factor” UK acts currently making waves on radio stations. Touted as “the next big thing” by British media, Little Mix is here with their debut single “Wings“. The quartet won the Series 8 of “The X Factor UK”, becoming the first group to win the singing competition. With boy bands making a comeback on the music scene, is it time for girl groups to do the same?

Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwal enlisted English trio TMS to produce their track. The music features drums, hand claps and beats reminiscent of Christina Aguilera circa “Candyman” era with a splash of Beyonce. While I like the beat and the verses, I don’t find the hook catchy at all. That shortcoming will undoubtedly hurt its crossover commercial appeal. It’s a solid debut, but I hope their next single falls in line more with their cover of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go” on the show. That’s when Little Mix won me over. Check out the lyric video for “Wings” below.

watch the lyric video after the jump

Relive One Direction’s Time On The X Factor

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Prior to Simon Cowell bringing over “The X Factor” to the United States, I didn’t pay much attention to the show. Sure, I loved Leona Lewis and “Bleeding Love” but other than that I wasn’t invested at all. After watching the first season of the American version, I caught the eighth series of the UK one where Little Mix won. Not only did I fall in love with them but also with the show.

With the success of One Direction around the world, I decided to check them out from their X Factor beginnings before becoming a global sensation. I have to give it to Simon Cowell and his team for making the band what it is. Based on their initial auditions and first group performance, I never would’ve predicted their meteoric rise. While adorable looking, they weren’t the best vocally and lacked that group chemistry. They definitely began to come together as the weeks went on. Just compare their group performance at Simon’s home to their X Factor Series 7 Final performances where they placed in third to Rebecca Ferguson and eventual winner Matt Cardle.

Say what you will about Simon Cowell, but he certainly has knack for picking talent and marketing them. Based on their initial auditions, I certainly wouldn’t have said yes to a couple of them. But somehow Simon knew together they would make millions. Back in 2008, Liam Payne, then 14, tried out and made it to Simon’s house where Cowell rejected him and told him to come back in two years. And come back he did. Now, Payne sings most of the lead parts. During the bootcamp round, Simon noticed Zayn Malik was missing from the dancing portion and searched for him. Zayn didn’t like to dance, but Cowell convinced him to give it a go. I think at that time, Simon had already decided he was probably putting Zayn in his boy band group. Otherwise, he would’ve kicked him out for his divo behavior.

watch all their X Factor performances after the jump

I have to admit, when Britney Spears’ name was being thrown around as a potential judge on the second season of “The X Factor”, I wasn’t a fan. Yes, I like Brit’s songs but having her judge a singing competition just didn’t seem right. I also feared that Britney wouldn’t be able to keep up with Simon Cowell’s barbs and handle the pressure of a live audience hanging off her every word. Could she formulate witty, insightful and constructive feedback on demand? Based on initial audio from the auditions held in Austin, Texas, I would say “yes”.

In several clips from the tryouts, Britney comes off as charming, likeable, playful and even hard-nosed in certain instances. From mispronouncing names, to comparing a contestant to Alvin and the Chipmunks, Spears sounds ready to play the game. At certain points, she even channels a former judge and utters Paula Abdul-isms. You know those “magical” and random comments Paula made infamous. Then at another time, she comes to the defense of fellow judge Demi Lovato when a contestant disses Lovato.

Who’s this new and improved Britney. If she keeps getting comfortable in her new role, I foresee Britney stealing the second season of “The X Factor“. Check out several audio clips below where Spears doles out the disses and praises.

listen to Britney critiques after the jump

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