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Adam Lambert Joins The X Factor

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Ever since there were rumblings years ago that American Idol producers were contemplating filling up the panel with former alums, I’ve wanted to see Adam Lambert judge a singing competition. Today, I finally get my wish. Albeit a different show but still.

The 34-year-old singer is heading down under to join The X Factor Australia for the show’s eighth season. The “Ghost Town” singer will sit alongside Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian. A fourth judge will be revealed at a later date.

“I am very excited to join X Factor in Australia and am looking forward to helping people shine their brightest,” the singer told the Daily Telegraph in an interview.“Australia has always been one of my favorite places to tour. The Aussies I’ve met are so kind and good humored – so the thought of getting to live in Sydney is exciting.”

Though he was never a full-time judge on Idol, Lambert stepped in once for Keith Urban during the auditions and proved he could hold his own, providing valid and constructive feedback. Will you watch Lambert on The X Factor? Sound off below.

X Factor Alum Gives Penis Pump Demo

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Maybe he should’ve tried out for the XXX Factor instead. Ellis Lacy certainly has the equipment to stand out 😉

I wanted to post this earlier in the week, but usually save the more salacious posts for the weekend. This one certainly qualifies. Definitely NSFW.

23-year-old Navy Weapons engineer auditioned last series with a cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity.” He has an alright voice but it’s his talents below the belt that has everyone tuning in. Over five million views have been amassed since he uploaded his penis pump review.

If you’re curious about his singing voice or his before/after pump results, check out both clips below. Proceed with caution. Flopping peen ahead.

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Cyrus Villanueva is the reigning winner of The X Factor Australia. He was mentored by Chris Isaak and is the second in a row of Philippine heritage to win the competition, after 2014 winner Marlisa Punzalan. Apparently, Aussies love them some talented Filipinos. Who knew?

The Season 7 winner, who now goes only by Cyrus, recently released his debut single titled “Stone.” I actually quite like it. It’s not bad given the speedy turnaround after winning the show. Check out the accompanying visual below which shows him tickling the ivories, taking a dip in the pool and hitting the town with his lady love. I predict big things for him.

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Fleur East Debuts Funky ‘Sax’ Music Video

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On the current season of The X Factor UK, Simon Cowell is the first judge with all his acts eliminated. Definitely a far cry from last year when the acerbic British judge’s acts place first and second. To be fair, none of his Over 25s for Series 12 can hold a candle to Series 11. Talent is not nearly as strong.

Fleur East, who snagged the runner-up spot in 2014, recently released her debut single. Wisely, her team crafted a single in the vein of her X Factor breakout performance. “Sax” definitely has the attitude and funk of “Uptown Funk,” albeit a poor man’s version but still upbeat and fun. The hook is sassy, beyond catchy and naturally filled with sexy sax moments.

Directed by Colin Tilley, the accompanying visual is a colorful affair with East rocking a bold wardrobe. Girlfriend certainly loves her bright vibrant hot pants. Give the music video a view below. There’s plenty of energetic choreography.

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Adele Teases New Music

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Hallelujah! It’s about time.

With exception to her James Bond soundtrack contribution “Skyfall,” it’s been a whopping four years since Adele released a new album. It appears her highly-awaited third studio LP is on the horizon. The 27-year-old shared a snippet of new music during this weekend’s The X Factor UK.

The 30-second commercial featured the British songbird singing as song lyrics flashed on the screen. There was no mention of a release date nor a song title. It was just Adele gracing us with her heavenly voice.

Check out the teaser below, if you haven’t already. She’s back and better than ever.

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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the bullying controversy surrounding The X Factor New Zealand. Natalia Kills and her husband Willy Moon faced major backlash after their scathing remarks towards a contestant. Widespread condemnation from viewers, fellow judges and celebrities for their actions dominated social media this week. Not surprisingly, they were fired and the married couple fled the country.

If their intention was to generate press, mission accomplished. While the world now knows their names, sadly, I think they’ve committed career suicide with their antics. Don’t see them ever recovering from this.

With only days til the next live episode, I’m sure producers had a difficult time finding replacements. How many established musicians are immediately available and have several weeks of free time to attend the tapings? Find out who’ll sit on the panel below.

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HOLY FILLER BATMAN. With no “Save Me” songs this week, Mario Lopez draaaaaaaagged out the results. No lie, it took until half way through the show before Lopez announced the first person to advance. Up until then, there was an extensive recap of the previous night’s performances and a group number. For the latter, the Final 4 teamed up to cover “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. Find out who was eliminated below.

Before we get to the eliminations, congratulations to Alex & Sierra for having three tracks on iTunes Top 20 list. “Little Talks” and “Gravity” peaked at #14 and #2 respectively, while last week’s epic “Say Something” cover still sits at #9. Ironically, the original version held down the top slot. Props to Jeff Gutt as well for hitting #5 with his “Hallelujah” rendition.

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It’s do or die time for Season 3’s Top 4 acts. Which act will fall just short of making The X Factor finale next week? Surprisingly, it’s a tougher prediction to make. After stealing the show with their chart-topping “Say Something” performance, Carlito Olivero, Jeff Gutt, and Restless Road raised their game to take on Alex and Sierra.

Had you told me at the beginning of the season that Jeff and Carlito were still in it while Demi Lovato’s girls were all gone, I would’ve called you crazy and asked you to share whatever you were smoking.

I love how Demi acknowledged the fact she was the first (again) to have her team completely wiped out. If Simon loses one of his acts tomorrow, then all the judges will have a shot at still winning, with Demi not invited to the party once again. I’m shocked Paulina has anyone left, let alone the fact it’s Carlito. Without further ado, check out all the performances below.

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