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Emblem3 Look Hella Cute In Debut Music Video

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Forget Chloe! Drew Chadwick is the one that I want. When the broad-shouldered member of Emblem3 appeared on The X Factor, I found him so douchey, I couldn’t stand him. He’s probably still as douchey, but it’s amazing what a little scruff and a striped tee instead of his go-to tanks can do for a boy’s image. Because now, he’s smokin’ hot. Simon Cowell, you’ve done good 😉

If you weren’t a fan of Emblem3 before, you probably won’t be after checking out their music video for “Chloe (You’re The One I Want).” It’s tailor-made for their teeny bopper fans and lecherous old men like myself. I kid. I’m not that old 😉

The Ray Kay-directed clip features the Huntington Beach trio fooling around in their glitzy dressing room while “beige” girls are ignored/teased by the mean girls in alternating vignettes. In the end, the less-than-popular girls get their revenge as they’re the ones to join Emblem3 on stage, while those snooty bitches get turned away by the bouncers. Check out the clip below.

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Britney Spears and‘s music video for their Lazy Jay-produced “Scream & Shout” track will be unveiled this coming Wednesday, November 28, first premiering on The X Factor (which airs on FOX 8:00-10:00 pm ET live/PT tape-delayed). The video, directed by Ben Mor, will be available for viewing on VEVO immediately following the west coast broadcast.

The first preview has been released as part of a promo for this coming week of The X Factor. As you can see in the photo above, Britney looks feisty in her sexy black outfit and funky hair-do. Of course it’s a very short clip, but of course we’re used to that from Brit.

Regardless of it being a super short clip, it’s exciting to get a little taste of what to expect from the upcoming video. As the lyrics go, “It’s Britney, bitch!” Enjoy the preview below.

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Why Did X Factor’s LYLAS Change Their Name?

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If you caught the first live show of The X Factor this season, you know that this season’s manufactured girl group, LYLAS, was forced to change their name for “boring reasons” as Simon Cowell explained. Those boring reasons were legal issues stemming from another group already staking claim on the name. Guess Cowell didn’t want to get into another huge legal battle like he did to keep One Direction’s name.

The girl group formerly named LYLAS are now going by 1432 which stands for ‘I Love You 2‘. LAME. Maybe third time’s a charm. Try again ladies. This time make sure the show does its due diligence before revealing the new name publicly.

So who are these little-known LYLAS? The name is actually an acronym for “Love You Like A Sister“. As it turns out, the first LYLAS are actually sisters. In fact, they’re Bruno Mars’ sisters. The quartet hasn’t released an album yet but have a recording deal. In addition, the quartet have signed a modeling contract with Robinsons department stores. Just in case you’re wondering, they don’t look like Bruno Mars with long hair. In fact, they’re stunning. Check them out below, along with a piece by ENTV detailing name-gate.

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The X Factor has been a lot of fun this season so far, and with the live shows just around the corner with Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian as judges, there’s a whole lot more in store.

This week, the judges released videos as mock election-type campaigns against each other. In Simon’s, he targets Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and L.A. Reid. In the video, he says all of them are pushy and then takes a jab at their credibility by saying Britney Spears is “flirty“, Demi Lovato “crosses boundaries“, and that L.A. Reid is “suggestive” with both men and women. He suggests that those three judges refuse to remain impartial while judging. The video wraps up with emphasizing how amazing Cowell is and that America deserves a judge like him. “I’m Simon Cowell and I approved this message,” he says at the end. Watch the silliness below.

Find out what the other judges had to say about each other in their campaign videos below.

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CeCe Frey has definitely been one of the stand out stars from Season 2 of The X Factor so far. At first, she was made out to be a villain, with her cutthroat attitude and disregard for the other contestants. After the last episode, she’s determined to open herself up more and be less guarded.

In the last episode, Demi Lovato, who had previously said she had a girl crush on CeCe, said that CeCe need to work on her attitude because sometimes it borders “unlikeable“. I sure didn’t like CeCe at first because of it. That comment was a big wakeup to CeCe and from then on she became focussed on showing more vulnerability and not just hiding behind her animal prints. I’m looking forward to seeing how she evolves… if she gets the chance. Check out the spoilers as to who made the Top 16 here if you are interested).

Today, I came across to music video covers she did: One for Katy Perry’s “Part Of Me” and the other for Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night.” The latter is the strongest in my opinion, but check them out below. I’ve also included her “Sexy And I Know It” audition from the last episode.

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There is certainly a lot of build up for Season 2 of The X Factor in the US, mainly because Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have joined the judging panel alongside Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid. There have been constant updates of Britney’s judging critiques, rumored walk offs, dramatic auditions, and more. Now that they have all the footage from all of these auditions, they’ve released a new promo with tons of juicy stuff to get you “X-cited”.

In the new clip, we see Britney asking someone who let them on stage, telling someone they’re hot, among other Britney bits. There’s also footage of someone being taken away on a stretcher, another in handcuffs, and of course the dramatic audition by the guy who Britney apparently sang a duet with way back in the day.

The Season 2 Premiere of The X Factor USA takes place on Wednesday, September 12 at 8/7c, on FOX. Enjoy the new promo below!

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I have to admit, when Britney Spears’ name was being thrown around as a potential judge on the second season of “The X Factor”, I wasn’t a fan. Yes, I like Brit’s songs but having her judge a singing competition just didn’t seem right. I also feared that Britney wouldn’t be able to keep up with Simon Cowell’s barbs and handle the pressure of a live audience hanging off her every word. Could she formulate witty, insightful and constructive feedback on demand? Based on initial audio from the auditions held in Austin, Texas, I would say “yes”.

In several clips from the tryouts, Britney comes off as charming, likeable, playful and even hard-nosed in certain instances. From mispronouncing names, to comparing a contestant to Alvin and the Chipmunks, Spears sounds ready to play the game. At certain points, she even channels a former judge and utters Paula Abdul-isms. You know those “magical” and random comments Paula made infamous. Then at another time, she comes to the defense of fellow judge Demi Lovato when a contestant disses Lovato.

Who’s this new and improved Britney. If she keeps getting comfortable in her new role, I foresee Britney stealing the second season of “The X Factor“. Check out several audio clips below where Spears doles out the disses and praises.

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If FOX and Simon Cowell were looking for fireworks when they hired Britney Spears for the second season of “The X Factor“, they certainly got what they wished for. On her first day on the job, Britney was involved in a feud with a fellow judge and also walked away from the panel at one point. Drama, drama, drama.

Firstly, let’s discuss a disagreement with Britney and fellow freshmen judge Demi Lovato. In an audio obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, the two female judges butted heads regarding one of the contestants. Naturally, it was over a boy. Not just any boy, but a 14-year-old singer who Spears thinks could be bigger than Justin Bieber. Demi starts off by critiquing the boy.

“I think that you have a great voice and your tone was great,” Lovato, 19, says. “But, I don’t really know where you fit. I don’t know what’s going to set you apart from other musicians who are boys. So, I think you just have to find out what makes you special and what separates you from all the other teenage boys in this industry.” – Demi Lovato

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