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The Wanted Beg America To Show Them Love In New Video

In: Donovan, Music

If there’s one takeaway from The Wanted’s latest music video is that Max George looks fantastic in a cop uniform. Can you just imagine him handcuffing you? WOOF!!! He also looks great getting drenched with water while wearing a suit. Truth be told, George looks good in (and out) of everything. SIGH. I digress.

Minus the awful title, the man band’s new single isn’t half bad. I enjoy them slowing things down with a swooning orchestral ballad. “Show Me Love (America)” is the umpteenth promotional single off their upcoming third studio album, Word of Mouth, due in stores on November 4.

Seriously, what is up with that title? Are the boys frustrated the numerous follow ups for their breakthrough hit “Glad You Came” have all bombed big time on the Billboard Hot 100. Have they resorted to blatantly begging their US fans to show them love? Watch the Frank Borin-directed visual below and weigh in afterward.

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Ariana Grande continues to fashion her recording career after Mariah Carey. And for that I’m grateful. The mini Mimi just premiered the music video for her ballad “Almost Is Never Enough.” The cut is featured on The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack and will also be included on Ariana’s debut album Yours Truly due out in early September.

Grande once again shows off her powerful vocals in this beautiful and tender slow jam. It could easily fit in with any of Carey’s early albums. Just like her idol, Ariana loves to duet with male singers. This time, she teams up with The Wanted’s youngest member Nathan Sykes. Who knew Sykes has such soul in his voice? For a couple of moments there, I thought it was Brian McKnight on the track.

These two definitely make beautiful music together and if they’re not already a couple, they really should be. The two singers look at ease in the recording studio with one another and look adorable while engaging in playful teasing on the couch. Check out the video below which features them and footage from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

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The Wanted Party It Up In ‘We Own The Night’ Clip

In: Donovan, Music

The more I hear “We Own The Night,” the more I love it. Originally, I was tepid with their latest, but have grown to appreciate the track’s pop-folk sensibility. It’s Phillip Phillip’s “Home” with an anthemic hook and pop-dance beat.

For the visual, The Wanted head to your classic English pub where patrons of all ages visit. Watching the Frank Borin-directed clip made me want to book a ticket to the UK immediately. My favorite memories during my time there involved kicking it at some random cozy establishment, especially in the outskirts of the major cities. Watch the boys have a jolly good time below.

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The Wanted Own The Night On New Track

In: Donovan, Music

Justin Timberlake took back the night (from who exactly I’m not sure), but The Wanted are here to set the record straight… they own it. The British man band recently debuted a brand new track, “We Own The Night” from their forth coming album, Word of Mouth and I kinda like it.

While it doesn’t pack the same catchy punch as their breakout global hit, “Glad You Came,” it’s a very solid track. It has a pop-folk sensibility not previously heard from them. It’s Phillip Phillip’s “Home” with a pop-dance beat. Definitely not your typical fare. A wise move considering “Walks Like Rihanna” didn’t burn up the charts despite namedropping the “Diamonds” singer. As an aside, I’m surprised the RiRi track didn’t do better. Not that it was a masterpiece, but I thought teens and college kids would’ve eaten it up during the carefree summer months. Check out The Wanted’s latest below.

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The Wanted Are Drunk On Love

In: Donovan, Music

Recently, Max George revealed he almost drowned in a hot tub due to drinking copious amounts of alcohol. If not for a cameraman filming them for their E! reality show, he might’ve died. His band mate Nathan Sykes saw him go under but wasn’t strong enough to pick him up. Instead, said cameraman came and dragged his “wrinkled, naked body out of the hot tub.” Ummm, nice gig. Imagine holding a naked Max in your arms. Yummmm.

I’m sure George and his boys are still enjoying their booze but thankfully this time around they’re just drunk on love. The British man band recently released “Walks Like Rihanna” in Ireland and with it came an awesome b-side track titled “Drunk On Love.” Dare I say it, but it’s actually catchier than their Rihanna track.

Speaking of RiRi, clearly the Wanted are obsessed with her. Not only do they mention her in “Walks Like Rihanna” but a similarly titled “Drunk On Love” appears on the Bajan singer’s Talk That Talk album. Perhaps she needs to consider a restraining order on the group ;) Check out the British band’s latest track below.

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As if dropping Rihanna’s name in the song title wasn’t enough, The Wanted decided to parody boy bands from yesteryear to snatch some press. Anything to sell downloads I guess. If all the 90s references don’t parlay to YouTube views, band member Jay McGuiness’ “Gangnam Style” dancing might garner some clicks from those who still aren’t tired of PSY’s ubiquitous viral video. Seriously though, “Walks Like Rihanna” is the most random music clip ever, but I sorta like it. What can I say? Sometimes I’m in the mood for cheese.

The British man band chose “Bye Bye Bye” (‘N Sync), “I Want It That Way” (Backstreet Boys) and “Invisible Man” (98 Degrees) to mock, or pay homage, depending on your take. The clip begins with Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes and McGuiness having a video pitch meeting with a women who can’t sing nor dance, but can walk like Rihanna.

It’s good to see that Sykes participated in the clip before his throat surgery. Check out the video below. It sorta reminds me of Blink 182′s “All The Small Things” where the trio referenced their pop rivals at the time. Check out The Wanted’s latest below, along with all the original clips. Enjoy.

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“She can’t sing. She can’t dance. But who cares? She walks Rihanna.” The British man band just released the full-length version of their new single, “Walk Like Rihanna.” Produced by Dr. Luke, The Wanted declare they “stripped it back to pure pop.” I didn’t realize their previous sound was so cutting edge ;) The track was recorded before band member Nathan Sykes underwent vocal chord surgery. For now, he’s on an “unforeseen hiatus.” Here’s what their manager Scooter Braun said.

“We’re worried, but he’s in recovery right now and we’re being optimistic. Our prayers go out to him and right now we don’t know. We’re just waiting to see how he reacts to the surgery,” – Scooter Braun

The music video for the track will debut on May 7. It was shot in Los Angeles where the boys filmed their upcoming E! reality show premiering on June 2. Even with only a couple of listens, I already find myself singing the lyrics in my head over and over. Definitely catchy. Check out their new single below.

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Surfing around this lazy Saturday, I stumbled upon these three entertainment stories that I missed sharing this week. Instead of doing separate posts, I decided to bundle them all up. Enjoy.

While I wrote about Kellan Lutz’s new ad campaign, I neglected to share that the Twilight veteran landed a huge role. The 28-year-old has been tapped to play Hercules in the upcoming big budget action flick Hercules 3D.

Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2) is directing the film which begins shooting in Bulgaria in May. I expect Harlin to fully exploit Lutz’s Greek-like body. After all, he did direct The Covenant starring Steven Strait, Taylor Kitsch, Chace Crawford and Sebastian Stan. I’m sure I’m not the only homo who was in heat during those swimming scenes. Too much hotness for one film.

“It takes more than a good physique to portray the most legendary, mythological personality in history,” Renny Harlin told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent interview, “and Kellan has exactly that, personality. He’s not afraid to explore the strengths and vulnerabilities of the character, and he impressed me with his passion and heart.”

check out pictures of Trevor getting creamed after the jump and more

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