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Book Review: Water For Elephants

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I love the Holiday season, if for nothing else but the opportunity to spend a few solid days curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace at my parents’ house. As I’ve mentioned in previous book review posts, I love when people recommend books to me. I love the opportunity of connecting throughout the story with the person who initially introduced me to the book and chatting about the character development, the current section that I’m reading and watching their excited faces light up as they recall the exact moment I’m reminiscing.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to finish reading two books that I absolutely adored. The first, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle written by, recommended to me by none other than my best friend in literature, Oprah. There’s something magical about her selections as I’m sure she has the world of writers knocking down her door to have her read their books and mention them on her show. Surprisingly, this isn’t the novel I want to discuss. The second novel I finished (in record time as I refused to put it down) was Water for Elephants written by Sara Gruen.

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Behind the Cast: Dan the Book Lover?

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It always takes people by surprise (or most of them it seems) to learn that I am an avid book reader. It’s a rare time indeed to find me without something readable on the go. Currently, I’m focusing on one of many of Oprah’s recommendations; The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. I’m only a short way in and already I’m gripped – the ‘man’s best friend’ plot line of a man and his love of dogs is sure to rip my heart out along the way.

I’ve already done a few book reviews focusing on those particular pieces of literature that were rocking my world at the time (or shortly after finishing). I’ll repeat myself here, I’m Not Myself These Days by Josh Kilmer-Purcell is a must read for any gay man and it made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list! Mainstream gay literature is still a relatively new concept (to me at least) and Kilmer-Purcell has managed to break through with amazing success. His second book recently hit shelves as well, Candy Everybody Wants, and I would recommend it as a nice follow up even though the stories are completely unrelated. The style of his writing will captivate you, I promise.

My reason for writing this blurb about books (instead of just writing one myself) is a recent conversation I had with my south-of-the-border friend, Alex, and his interest in borrowing a few books from the Dan C International Library. Not only do I love reading, I am somewhat obsessed with owning and loaning books out to people. My goal is to have a HUGE library in my house one day. Moreover, I love the joy I get from simply discussing a book that I’ve lent out with whoever is borrowing it at the time. Sigh, it sounds nerdier when I type it believe me.

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