the one that got away

I totally forgot how much I love this song and how good this music video. Over a year ago, Katy Perry‘s “The One That Got Away” music video was released and only just now has the unseen director’s cut been leaked/released.

The original video is just under 5-minutes, while this one is about 7-minutes long. There’s an extended opening scene and extended ending in this version that’s worth checking out. As you may recall in the original, Perry plays both the young and old version of herself in this video. We see flashbacks of her falling in love with the man of her dreams (played by Diego Luna), while cutting back to a present day “old lady” version of her.

As I mentioned when writing about Katy Perry being honored as the Billboard Woman of the Year for 2012, Katy has the ability to inspire and she does such a fantastic job of telling stories through her music and really connecting with people through her music. This video and song was a perfect example of that.

Watch the video after the jump…

Some say this may Katy Perry’s last ditch effort to make her mark by hitting 6, #1 singles from the same album on Billboard. Some say she is re-releasing the track to capitalize on the publicity of her divorce with Russell Brand. I say it’s a beautiful, stripped down version that the song truly deserved.

Today, Katy has released a stripped down, acoustic version of her latest single, The One That Got Away featuring a raw vocal edge from Katy that we rarely see. Accompanied only by guitar and what sounds like a cajon, Katy passionately sings the lyrics to a song that rings some serious meaning into her life at the moment.

Could this version of the track give Katy the push she needs to garner herself six number one singles on Billboard? Who knows. Despite the controversy, I am loving the sound of this track and think you will too. Give it a listen below.

Listen to Katy’s stripped down single after the jump.

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