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With September around the corner, the networks have begun promoting their Fall programs. FOX is going full throttle and just released preview clips for all their returning shows including Glee, The Mindy Project, New Girl and The X Factor which are the ones I’m looking forward to the most on the network.

Darren Criss takes the helm for his show’s vid. He talks about the show’s upcoming two episode tribute to the Beatles and his possible reunion with Kurt. As you recall, the season ended with a bit of a cliffhanger with Blaine holding a ring box in his hands.

Not surprisingly, Simon Cowell is front and center for The X Factor. With two lackluster seasons under his belt, a lot is riding on this year. If ratings continue to decline, this could very well be the show’s last. Hopefully, the chemistry between his “Angels” gel much better than his previous two judging lineups.

If you want your first look at James Franco on The Mindy Project, be sure to watch the show’s preview. For all you New Girl fans, Zooey Deschanel and crew tease which girl Schmidt picks. Check out all the videos below.

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Things are looking pretty good for The Mindy Project. In the past couple of days, the FOX sitcom has managed to book two remarkable guest stars. As a fan of the comedy and of these two actors, I’m even more stoked for the show’s second season. Hopefully, the underrated comedy can bring in more viewers to stave off cancellation.

Oscar nominee James Franco has signed on for a two-episode arc starting on the season premiere airing Tuesday, September 17. His character Dr. Paul Leotard is a charismatic and popular doctor who replaces Mindy (Mindy Kaling) at Shulman & Associates while she is in Haiti on a volunteer mission. A former professional fashion model, Dr. Leotard radically altered his career goals after he accidentally walked off a runway at fashion week and was saved by a pregnant woman. From that day forward, he devoted himself to helping pregnant women and immediately applied to medical school. Find out who the other new addition is below.

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Chloe Sevigny Lands A Sitcom Gig

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I love me some Chloe Sevigny. Ever since she made her film debut as an HIV positive teen in the controversial film Kids, I’ve been a fan. Her recent credits include appearances in Big Love, American Horror Story: Asylum, Portlandia and Hit & Miss. In the latter she played a transgender assassin. FIERCE.

What I love most about Chloe is her ability to switch seamlessly no matter what she’s doing. From earning an Oscar nomination in Boys Don’t Cry, modeling luxury goods for Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton and Chloé, to performing unsimulated fellatio on Vincent Gallo in The Brown Bunny, the 38-year-old actress has done it all. Most actresses wouldn’t have been able to rebound after giving a onscreen blowjob, but not Chloe. She’s resilient.

Now, she’s giving comedy another try. The actress made her television debut back in 2004 on Will & Grace. Sevigny just signed to appear in at least three episodes of this sitcom. Find out which one below.

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FOX Renews Four Shows For Next Season

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If you’re enjoying all the twists and turns on The Following, you’ll appreciate this bit of news. FOX renewed the freshman hit for a second season. The show started off strong and has held it’s audience week after week. When adding DVR playback, the serial killer thriller is averaging 11.7 million viewers and a 4.0 rating in the coveted demographic. Once again, The Following will air only 15 episodes instead of the usual 22-episode order most shows receive on the big networks. Shorter seasons are all the rage these days. Just look at the success of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy over on basic cable.

I have to admit, I was worried the show wouldn’t be able to sustain the action and quality found in the pilot. Every Monday night, they have proven me wrong and continue to surprise me with new plot twists. Coincidentally enough, this past weekend a few friends of mine were discussing how much we love the show, specifically the “gay couple.” We all felt a little guilty for rooting for Nico Tortorella and Adan Canto’s characters. What sane person roots for serial killers? Apparently, if they’re cute… we do ;) Find out what other shows FOX gave renewal notices to below.

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Upcoming Guest Stars On The Mindy Project

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New Girl, The New Normal and The Mindy Project are all back from their respective winter breaks with brand new episodes tonight. Halleloo. I need a good laugh today. To commemorate its return, I thought I’d share a picture of Allison Williams‘ (Girls) guest appearance on tonight’s show and breaking casting news of a major movie star heading to the FOX sitcom next month.

On the February 19 episode titled, “The One That Got Away,” we find our favorite gynecologist heroine reuniting with a former flame named Sam. The two reminisce about their time at Jewish summer camp (LOL) and begin to rekindle their summer teen romance. Rumor has it, Sam was her first kiss. Can’t you already hear one of Katy Perry’s songs playing in the background. Find out who’s playing Sam below. Here’s a hint. He’s played a super hero in a major motion picture in the past couple of years. Find out who below.

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It’s New Beginnings On The Mindy Project

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It’s a new year and with it comes new beginnings. In this case, new episodes for one of my favorite freshmen sitcoms (The New Normal being the other). Even when The Mindy Project isn’t at its best, Mindy Kaling herself brings it on home. That woman is so dang adorable. What’s not to love?

Last we saw our OB/GYN heroine, she found out her boyfriend Josh was two-timing her. When she discovered this at her Christmas party, all hell and hilarious mayhem ensued. With a new year upon her, Mindy, like most of us, decides it’s time to start anew. She enrolls for a “beginners” aerobic class and has an encounter with a potential new love interest in the elevator. Not as cute as Josh, but it’s a rebound guy so it really doesn’t matter ;)

Kaling isn’t the only one trying to spice things up. On the Tuesday, January 8 episode we meet Mindy’s brother for the first time. He’s currently in college, but informs big sis that he wants to drop out and pursue a rap career. LOL. Obviously, this will freak out Mindy. Check out the recently released promo for the episode titled “Mindy’s Brother” below.

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When The Mindy Project is on its game, it’s friggin’ hilarious. Even when it’s off, Mindy Kaling saves the episode with her charming self. Even though the critically-acclaimed sitcom hasn’t resonated with viewers and become a breakout hit, FOX is behind the show. It recently gave it an expanded full-season order of episodes- two more than the usual.

Personally, I think the cast is on the bigger side. The need to trim down the fat so they can focus on the characters that work. Looks like producers of the FOX show agree with my sentiment. They are tinkering with the cast and getting rid of one completely and demoting one to recurring status. Have any ideas on who they are? Find out below.

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Hot damn, I think I found my pick of the season and we’re only two episodes in. As much-talked-about new series like Revolution, The Mob Doctor and Partners blow it IMO despite bigger star names and budgets in their cast/crew/creatorship records, the little comedic engine(/ingenue) that could- The Mindy Project staring Mindy Kaling- is absolutely killing it. I know we’re very, very early in the season (literally episode 2 for most of the new shows), but that’s how this game of television is played and most don’t get a second, third or fourth chance to survive the ever-daunting chop block. Just like the exec big wigs, I’m a split-decision guy and I’m ready to announce that as of last night’s episode, The Mindy Project is the one to watch.

My original review of the premiere of this puppy was all thumbs up athat one of my favorite characters of the iconic US take on The Office was starting up her own show with her unique brand of 20/30-something female humour. Without re-hashing the themes and motive of the show (again, check out my original article for those deets), I will focus on this newest episode as post pilot we get a slightly less boy-crazy and desperate Mindy with a bit more wit and backbone which is heavily welcomed, offering us a protagonist with a relatable perspective and purpose. She is the smart, sassy everywoman of today. And, she’s f-ing hilarious as hell while being her.

Click through to read the rest Episode Two’s Review

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