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One of my favorite movies growing up was “The Goonies,” and I even remember having it as the “featured movie” at one of my birthday parties. Definitely one of those 80’s classics with the accompanying 80’s child stars, such as Corey Feldman. The movie even had the infamous Anne Ramsey (Throw Mama Off the Train) as Mama Fratelli. She was one lady you didn’t want to mess with.

The most entertaining character of the film with his “Truffle Shuffle” though was hands down “Chunk,” played by Jeff Cohen. He was the awkward, loud mouthed, big-boned kid who was never without his chocolate bars.

I came across an interview he recently did with Yahoo about his life since being a child actor and what his current profession is. “Puberty was the main culprit in ending my acting career. I went from being kidn of this chunky little kid to looking different and I was really bummed because I loved acting,” he says in the interview. Check it out below…he got cute!

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“Goonies Never Say Die”. Now they’ll never have to in this AWESOME new collector box set. “The Goonies” is easily one of my favorite childhood movies of all time. I love it so much, I want one of these posters in our entertainment area. Over the years, I’ve watched it several times and every time I do, it without fail brings me back to the magic of the first time I saw it. If you’ve never watched the movie, it’s about a group of kids who find themselves on a once-in-a-lifetime treasure hunt. Along the way they encounter a family of bumbling criminals who are intent on capturing them. The family adventure classic is a swashbuckling good time and has twist and turns around every corner with a couple of booby trap surprises.

The Goonies (25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition) isn’t just your average DVD box set. Just like the movie itself, it comes with a bounty of goodies. Not only do you get the movie in a newly remastered version, but you get extras valued more than the doubloons in the movie. Well, at least to this uber fan, they are. Without hesitation, this was an easy choice to include in our “2010 Holiday Gift Guide

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37 Posters: A Must Have For Movie Buffs

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Are you a movie buff? Looking to decorate your barren white walls? If you answered “yes”, you HAVE to check out these wicked posters. Designer Jerod Gibson, created a line of movie posters called 37 Posters which celebrate some of the most quotable films. The Madison, Wisconsin-native is brilliant for creating these.

Famous quotes are layed out in typography within an iconic symbol, related to that film. For instance, “The Big Lebowski” quotes are within the confines of a bowling ball, while “Fight Club” is in the shape of the infamous soap bar and the Millennium Falcon houses memorable “Star Wars” lines. The posters range between $25-$35. If posters aren’t your thing, the images can also be purchased on laptop or iPhone skins or even apparel.

To browse through 37 Posters’ online store, click here. If you want to become a fan of his work, head over to his FB FanPage.

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