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What’s the opposite of a sausage party? Taco fest, clam bake? Whatever the term is, that’s exactly what the third season of summer staple, Bachelor In Paradise< /em>, is looking like so far.

Jared Haibon is the sole male announced as part of the cast. Obviously, more men will follow and fingers crossed that uber volatile Chad Johnson, on the current season of The Bachelorette, is one of them. Love him or hate him, he makes for riveting television.

Among the women revealed so far, most are Ben Higgins’ rejects. Most notably, Jubilee Sharpe and Lace Morris are included. Not surprising, given both dominated the early part of Season 20 with their antics.

Bachelor in Paradise returns Season 3 on Tuesday, August 2. Check out the partial cast list below.

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Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher began her quest for true love this week on the premiere of The Bachelorette Season 12. Is it me or does is look pretty damn obvious who she’s already fallen for? Thank God, I have Jordan in my fantasy pool 😉

Meanwhile, the OG JoJo, of “Too Little, Too Late” fame, pops up in the latest Bachelor spinoff- The Millennial Bachelorette. Before you get too excited Bachelor Nation, it’s not a real show, but rather a new Funny or Die spoof. The 25-year-old singer makes a special, and humorous, cameo in the clip.

The actual leading lady, though, is Keke Palmer who’s on the hunt for her one true, non-exclusive, soulmate. “Get ready for a summer full of unmet expectations and poorly communicated feelings, this season is definitely gonna hurt,” the video description states.

Check out the clip below. At long last, we finally have a non-white leading lady, albeit for a parody, but still, it’s a start.

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“We don’t solve problems, we point cameras at them,” says Shiri Appleby in the first trailer for UnREAL Season 2.

And it’s exactly lines like that which made the Lifetime drama such enjoyable watching. Expect even more ruthless manipulation from Constance Zimmer and Appelby as they attempt to deliver another exciting season of the show-within-a-show, Everlasting.

For its sophomore run, UnREAL is going where no Bachelor season has ever gone before. A black suitor played by B.J. Britt will be the leading man this time around. I can’t wait to see all the digs the show takes at the expense of ABC’s popular dating show for its lack of diversity.

UnREAL returns to Lifetime on Monday, June 6. Check out the trailer below.

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ABC loves to spin-off The Bachelor. There’s been Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise and of course The Bachelorette. Not to mention all those special one-off Bachelor wedding specials. If the powers-that-be are looking for a new idea, might I suggest an entire series based on this last group date. No lie, I could watch this all day long and still laugh my head off.

While in the Bahamas, Ben Higgins took a few of the remaining ladies for an experience they won’t soon forget. They headed to an uninhabited island of Big Major Cay dubbed affectionately “Pig Beach.” It’s not known how the pigs arrived there, but local lore suggests that they were dropped off by a group of sailors who wanted to come back and cook them later. Whatever the reason, these piglets are there now and are a major tourist attraction.

Watch the girls interact with these animals as they offer up some treats. The brunette chick named JoJo had me howling when she found herself surrounded by a few of the bigger pigs. Her freakout is hilarious! Check out the clip below.

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Ben Higgins Officially Named As The Bachelor

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Bachelor nation, meet your Season 20 Bachelor.

It’s not exactly earth-shattering news. Though, props to ABC and Chris Harrison for trying to trick us with that stunt on After Paradise. Perennial runner-up Nick Viall sat with Harrison discussing his quest for love. After a quick exchange, Viall left the couch and along came Ben Higgins.

Higgins was the clear front-runner the second Kaitlyn Bristowe let him go. He was a fan favorite all season long. The only thing that was potentially preventing him from getting the coveted spot was his age. At 26-years-old, the software salesman is one of the youngest Bachelors ever. Season 5’s Jesse Palmer was also 26. Both are five years younger than the average Bachelor age of 31.

Even though he’s on the younger side, Higgins comes off very mature and level-headed. In fact, he reminds me of another well-liked recent Bachelor- Sean Lowe. He was only two years younger at 28 and he’s only one of two to walk down the aisle from the men’s side of the franchise.

Are you happy that Ben H. got the slot over Viall, Ben Z, Josh Murray and other rumored candidates? Personally, I was hoping Chris ‘cupcake’ Strandberg would get the gig. The dentist is beyond cute. Check out a couple shirtless pics of Ben below.

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It always fascinates me how many people secretly love watching The Bachelor franchise, especially which celebrities love the guilty pleasure. Who knew Sean Penn was such a STAN!!!

When producers of the ABC dating show revealed the Season 11 twist of two Bachelorettes, both Anna Kendrick and shockingly, Penn, chimed in. They echoed most viewers sentiments, hating the twist and believe fan favorite Kaitlyn Bristowe should’ve received the gig hands down over Britt Nilsson.

Reality Steve who has a near-perfect track record of spoiling the results, has uncovered which lady was voted in by the 25 suitors. During the Live After The Rose special, it was quite clear Kaitlyn was everyone’s choice, with slight boos heard when Britt’s name was announced. But would horny single men feel the same or was Kaitlyn merely loved by women. Find out the results below and another surprising twist.

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Adorable puppies and a shirtless Scott Eastwood. Sign me up!!!

You thought those crazy women on The Bachelor were vicious. They have nothing on these bitches. These canines have their claws paws out.

On the next season of The Bachelor, Eastwood tries to find a new best friend. Naturally, the 28-year-old shows off his toned physique in the process. Which adorable dog gets a rose, or should I say bone? Maybe it’s a cat instead. Shocking twist anyone? Watch the Funny or Die clip below.

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Fall In Love With The Bachelor This Juan-ary

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Just in case you didn’t get the memo, the alphabet network has officially dubbed the first month of 2014, Juan-ary. At long last Bachelor nation, we have our first promo of Juan Pablo as ABC’s glorified florist. It has everything you’d expect from the dating show- crazy girls coming out of the limo, crying fits and of course, shirtless moments of our first ever Latin Bachelor. Caliente.

In addition to beginning Juan Pablo’s journey for love, ABC has plenty of Bachelor-related programming for the entire month. Things kick off with The Bachelor: Countdown to Juan Pablo on Sunday Jan 5 with the actual premiere the following day. For the next three Sundays, the following specials will air: The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes; The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories which will give updates on our favorite couples; and The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding. The latter will be the first live televised wedding of the dating franchise. Check out ABC’s first promo for Season 18 below.

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