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What’s Swiftmas you ask? The first-ever event last year found Taylor Swift hand-picking gifts for a few very lucky fans. She even delivered them in person. The entire thing was captured on film and edited into a mini-documentary.

Being the pop culture aficionado that he is, Ryan Murphy chose to incorporate Swift’s giving ways on the upcoming Halloween episode of Scream Queens. But obviously, with his signature dark twisted take on things.

Instead of your typical gifts, Chanel Oberlin, played deliciously by Emma Roberts, gives her social media followers creepier presents. From cruel notes to faux bloodied body parts, the sorority president goes all out. Check out the first ever Chanel-O-Ween celebration below.

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Just when you thought Taylor Swift couldn’t get any whiter, she proves us all wrong. The girl has that whole awkward white girl dance thing down pat 😉

The 25-year-old singer, joined by her girl squad crew HAIM, played backup singers and dancers to Nelly during Swift’s concert stop in St. Louis. Seriously, it’s beyond cute that the four ladies executed choreography to “Hot In Herre” and had a blast doing so. I don’t normally share videos of Swift’s surprise concert guests, but this one was just too good to ignore. Check it out below.

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Believe it or not, Todrick Hall actually pays homage to someone else than Disney princesses or Beyonce. Shocking news, right? The 30-year-old MTV star instead directs all his adoration and talents to Taylor Swift.

Much like the treatment he gave Queen Bey for that phenomenal tribute, Toddy clones himself to cover Swift’s catalog as a quartet. Not only does he craft an impeccable mashup, but he does it with killer arm choreography as well.

Naturally, once Swift saw this, she gushed online. “I honestly can’t believe what I just saw. This amount of talent in one person has me speechless. I heart @toddyrockstar,” she tweeted. T-Swizzle then invited Hall to her show in Kansas City, Missouri. Check out the epic tribute below.

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There are Swifties and then there are hardcore Swifties. Ryan Adams certainly falls in the latter category.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter just released his Taylor Swift tribute album, covering all of her 1989 tracks. The idea apparently came to him when he was going through a difficult time in his life last year, he revealed to Pitchfork.

Taylor Swift, who’s no stranger to praising those who cover her material, is a fan of Adams’ LP. When asked which cover was her favorite, she revealed it was a tie between “Blank Space” and “How You Get The Girl.” The 25-year-old pop superstar added,

“They’re not cover songs. They’re reimaginings of my songs, and you can tell that he was in a different place emotionally than I was. There’s this beautiful aching sadness and longing in this album that doesn’t exist in the original.” Swift via Pitchfork.

Check out all his reimaginings below. Like Taylor, I agree his “Blank Space” is killer, along with “Style” and “Bad Blood.”

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Summer isn’t officially over for a few more weeks, but for Billboard, it’s finito. The publication only looks from Memorial Day to Labor Day to determine the official song of the season.

This year, that honor goes to OMI for his inescapable hit, “Cheerleader.” Pretty impressive, given the fact the single was released years ago but received a second life thanks to a killer remix by Felix Jaehn.

The Jamaican artist is the third rookie to earn the prestigious title in the past four years. Then-newcomers Iggy Azalea (“Fancy“) and Carly Rae Jepsen (“Call Me Maybe“) won in 2014 and 2012, respectively. Robin Thicke, the veteran, took the spot in 2013 with “Blurred Lines.” OMI’s hit has spent six non-consecutive weeks in pole position.

For most of the summer, it looked as if Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s Spring hit “See You Again” would win the title. The Furious 7 track topped the Hot 100 for 12 weeks and led Billboard’s Summer Songs chart for 13 of its 15 weeks. Alas, it was no match for the sun-filled charms of “Cheerleader.” Check out the Top 5 tunes of Summer below.

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By the time an artist releases their album’s fifth single, the accompanying music video is some low-budget affair that might incorporate concert footage. Not the case for Taylor Swift. The budget for her clips appear to be getting bigger and bigger. Her latest is a cinematic masterpiece.

Wisely, the 25-year-old has reunited with frequent collaborator Joseph Khan to direct. Taking inspiration from classic romance flicks like Out of Africa, The Notebook and The English Patient, T-Swizzle cozies up to super sexy Scott Eastwood to give those cinematic pairings from the aforementioned clips a run for their money.

The “Wildest Dreams” video probably won’t break the VEVO 24-hour record set by “Bad Blood” given that it doesn’t have an endless parade of famous friends, but it should do quite nicely. Swift is donating proceeds from the clip to the wild animal conservation efforts by African Parks Foundation of America.

As much as I adore any shirtless moment featuring Eastwood, the scene where Taylor wears that flowy mustard dress is my favorite. She looks absolutely stunning there. Watch the video below.

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Taylor Swift ended her final night at Los Angeles’ Staples Center with a bang.

Throughout her 1989 World Tour, numerous artists have joined Swift on stage, either to perform or to sashay down the runway during “Style.” But T-Swizzle outdid herself this time around. And I’m not talking about her duets with Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake either. Rather, it was another particular ‘friend’ that took the cake. Lisa Kudrow armed with a guitar surprised everyone with a duet performance of “Smelly Cat” with Taylor.

Are you kidding me?!?! Phoebe effing Buffay. I would’ve died had I been in the audience. I’m a huge Friends fan. Clearly, Swift is as well. Plus, it’s no secret Taylor loves her cats. She has one named Olivia Benson and another called Meredith Grey. Check out the epic performance below.

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Like she did with “Bad Blood,” Taylor Swift is using an awards show to premiere her latest music video. The 25-year-old debuts her “Wildest Dreams” visual this weekend at the 2015 MTV VMAs.

Once again, she teams up with director Joseph Khan who was behind her “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood” clips. Khan recently headed to Africa to capture footage for the video.

Swift debuted a short 15-second teaser for what will undoubtedly be another eye-catching video. Her leading man this time around is the manly Scott Eastwood who recently starred in The Longest Ride and will appear next in Suicide Squad. Swift sure knows how to pick her male co-stars. Check out the preview below.

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